Maui, Hawaii Airport Terminal – From A Hawaii Real Estate Agent
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Maui, Hawaii Airport Terminal – From A Hawaii Real Estate Agent

– Welcome to the Maui Airport. If you want to save time and headache next time you come to the Maui Airport be sure to watch this whole video, because I’m gonna give you some tips you probably won’t hear anywhere else. (boom) If you’re new to the channel we’re all about teaching you everything you really need to know
about Hawaii and real estate, but you just don’t find on the listings. Hey, be sure to watch this
video to the very end, because I’m gonna pull off
the Maui Airport challenge that almost got me arrested. Two most common questions I get is is there free WIFI? And the answer is yes,
right here oggfreewifi. And is there a Starbucks? And yes, there is one in the baggage claim and there’s also one upstairs at the passenger gates. Hey aloha guys, Eric West here with I’m a real estate agent
here on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. And I want to be the first to welcome you to the most awesome place
I think you’ll ever come in your whole life. And guess what, we’ve got a
brand new renovated airport here in Kahului. But I want to be the first to welcome you. You are going to be surrounded by water, surf, sand, sun sets, some of the best restaurants, dining, luaus, zip lines, surfing, ah. (chuckles) It doesn’t end. Maui is amazing and I am so
stoked that you’re coming. Get excited and I’m
gonna give you a couple of tips that I think are
gonna make a huge difference when you come to this airport and when you leave from this airport. And let me be the first to present you with a lei. Aloha. (plane engine roars) Aloha everybody, so my first tip has to do with rental cars. Why, because it’s the first thing you’re gonna probably
do when you get to Maui. In a rental car, you’re gonna
end up right here, okay. And you see that the signs all say the next step is to go
to the shuttle service. So when you go to the shuttle service it’s gonna be right behind the building and it’s gonna take you over to the rental car companies buildings. The rental car companies get backed up, like really backed up. I’ve had people tell me that it took hours to get their vehicle. I have a friend of mine that works at the rental
car company and I said, hey what’s the work around? She said, if you are a club member with each respective rental car company then you can bypass those lines and go straight to your rental car. So hopefully that tip saves you. Do whatever you got to do to get that club membership
before you get here. And that way you don’t
have to stand in line, you go right to your rental car. What’s the first thing
you’re gonna want to do when you get to Maui
besides get your rental car? Well a lot of people will
go straight to Costco and that’s cool, I do recommend that. If Costco is open, in
a previous video I made I gave you the hours of
operations for Costco. So make sure you planning
to land so you go to Costco and don’t have to go
all the way to Kahului. But if you’ve got time, I recommend you go to Kanaha Beach Park. Get straight to the
water, that’s my thing. Go to the water, jump in. Or at least take a look around. It’s a beautiful, beautiful park. It is located literally
like less than a minute from your rental car place. And it’s just amazing. And it’s the number one windsurfing spot in the entire world. So you get to watch some wind surfers, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful park. Go for a walk stick your toe in the water, get some pictures, you know. You don’t realize what a
gem is sitting literally, the time I’ve been talking to you I’m already over at Kanaha
Beach Park, there it is. And you can see all the cars that are here because its a very popular beach for windsurfing and kiting. But anyway, check it out. That is my number two tip. Aloha guys. The sooner you get out of the Maui Airport the sooner you can get out here. This is what matters. Woo hoo! Okay number three. Now this is for you staying
on the West side of Maui, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua. And it has to do with when you leave. And I wanted to put this in the front part of this video because I know some people don’t watch till the end of the videos, but this is really important point. If you’re staying on
the West side of Maui, it is critical the day of your departure that you watch the traffic like a hawk because if there’s even the slightest, teeny, little accident the traffic is gonna back up and you’re gonna miss your flight. I’m just telling you, it is a bottleneck. And you just never know
what’s gonna happen. So my number one recommendation actually is just plan on spending
the day in Kahului and come three, or four,
or five hours early. Go to Kanaha Beach Park
that I just mentioned. Go to Iao Valley and take a hike, but just leave the West side early. Cause I’m telling you so many people get caught and they miss their flight because they get caught in a traffic jam. And they happen often and
they’re usually around three, or four, or 5
o’clock in the afternoon anyway without any kind of accident. But certainly if you’re
on that side of the island make that last day a super early departure so that you don’t get caught missing your airplane
flight because of traffic. What’s the next tip for Kahului Airport? Well it’s to go to Costco. And it is literally right down the street. So right as your leaving the airport you can not miss Costco, because its basically the first light that you come to, you take
a left, and there it is. So jump in there, grab your groceries. You don’t really need a cooler, anything like that to get to your hotel. I would just by your
groceries, pack them up. And as your pulling out of Costco your gonna see there’s some
food trucks right there so if you’re hungry believe it or not that’s a great place to eat. Or even Costco’s got
some pretty decent pizza and stuff like that. But if you’re not into Costco
food, I totally get it. But the food trucks, right
when you’re pulling out by the gas station by Costco you’ll see some food trucks right there. (speaking in foreign language) That means really good food. Final tip for the Maui Airport. When you’re getting ready to go back home. I know. So sad. But when you’re getting
ready to go back home you’re gonna have a Maui hangover anyway. You’re gonna be like waking up somewhere in another part of the world, you’ll be like wow, is it really over? But don’t give yourself a real hangover. So I always advise people don’t drink the last day you’re on Maui because most flights are overnight. You’re not gonna get a good night’s sleep. You’re not even gonna wake up. I wouldn’t drink anything other than water the last day on Maui. And also, just a couple of
little kind of minor things. They don’t sell gum at the airport. So if you like to chew gum
like I do when I’m flying, they don’t sell it there. They just go oh, the maintenance
guys can’t handle it. It’s like really? You can’t buy gum. So bring your gum, don’t bring any fruit because they’re gonna confiscate it. So if you want to ship a
pineapple back, do that. But you can’t bring it in
your carry on or luggage. The last thing would be just come back. You know, come back. Plan your trip now, get on
it because everything books, and it’s more expensive
the longer that you wait. And certainly, if you’re around the island look me up, I’d love to meet. And if you’re looking for any real estate I’d love to help, aloha. If you found this helpful,
please smash that like button, subscribe, and share. I love to share everything
there is to know about Hawaii, but you just
don’t find it in the listing. Aloha. You know, a lot of people ask me Eric why do you make all
these YouTube videos? Just kind of general
information about Hawaii. You’re a real estate agent, why aren’t they all about real estate? Well you know what, my heart
is really in helping people. I’m so passionate about this state and I just feel like if
I can give you one tip, one piece of information
that points you closer to Hawaii and helps you
have a better time here. Whether I sell a house, or a condo, or a piece of land, that’s
really insignificant to me in terms of helping people. But certainly, if you’re
ever are in the market to buy a piece of land, or a condo in the state of Hawaii I’d love to help. And that same spirit of helpfulness and this concern to make sure that you know everything you need to know to make a wise decision that’s there in my real estate career as well. So aloha, I hope you have a great day. (light music) Okay, I just completed the
Maui Airport challenge. But I want you guys to know that I don’t endorse it, I don’t encourage you to do it. But if you’re gonna do it, don’t park on the side of the road. There’s a little part down here I call waterfall parking. No sign there says waterfall parking. And then you park there and
you climb up over there. But anyway, it was fun. I just decided what the heck. But yeah, don’t park on
the side of the road. You will get in trouble for that. It doesn’t say don’t
stand under the waterfall, but it does say don’t park. And the question of the day. Any question that you whether
you’re on Maui already or you’re coming please hit
me in the comment section. I’d love to answer any questions you have about your stay here on Maui. And certainly if you’ve
already come and gone please share with us
some of the insider tips that you have for the viewers out there that can make a huge
difference on their vacation. Aloha.


  • Charles Hopkins

    Hey Eric… I'm going to be showing up with about 20 grand. Hopefully that will be enough to get some sort of a foothold but I'll bet the cheapest smallest scrub piece of dirt on Maui costs 100000 + acre LOL

  • riversdirect

    Eric, your channel is a hidden gem. Thanks for all the great info. I lived in Hawaii for a year a while ago and visit all the time now. Your info is so useful and accurate. Possibly the best Maui info on YouTube. I’d love to say hi next time I visit. Aloha.

  • adam alfarsi

    Some slightly incorrect information here. Costco isn't always the first light you come to; it depends on which way you leave the airport. Thanks to recent construction, they've really messed up the roadway surrounding the airport. And the shuttle operators rarely seem to know what's going on. What is accurate is about leaving the westside early. The slightest accident will back up the one way road for hours.

  • Doyle Dean

    Hi Eric, Here's something I learned the hard way. I sent my wife in to handle the car rental and waited outside with the kid. We had some fun watching the chickens. But after two hours I became concerned. So I went inside to find out what was going on. Wifey was sitting in a little waiting area with a bunch of other folks. "WTF?" I asked. "They're running a credit check." I rent cars all over the country. I have NEVER had one run a credit history. So, finally we're at the counter finishing up and I asked why we needed a credit report. A: BECAUSE wife had given them a DEBIT card. Bottom line – don't try to pay for your car with a debit card. The transaction would have taken less than one minute vs 2+ hours. Nobody bothered to tell her that at the rental agency. BTW I rent from Kihei Car Rental now. Really nice people. Thanks for the tips.

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    I love Maui. We first visited Hawaii back in April 2016. My older sister got married over there, but she has been to Hawaii before since like November 2006. She been visited Maui like about 4 times. We been to Maui once.

  • Christopher Schmitz

    Hey Eric. Great tip about the rental cars. Here's another one, if you're waiting an hour+ for your car, go back in and ask to speak to a manager. Tell them you want an hour credit for the wait. They'll give it to you. After all, the contracts usually state an hour fee that they'll charge you if you're late. Point out that part, and they'll give it to you.
    Also, for people taking their first trip, they need to remember that unlike the mainland, they need to be checked into the airport 2 hours before their flight, not 1 hour.

  • Christopher Ryan

    Charles lindberg said that mankind should not pursue jet aviation because of the environmental consequences, he spent his last year's there on Maui. You have been successfully brainwashed into believing that it's okay to violate mother nature's air space.

  • wes side

    I went through baggage check with pineapple and was fine. They took capri suns and food pouches for my kids but he specifically said you can take the pineapple on.. weird! I parked in that first isle you drove down when we hit Costco. Great tips, great vids, mahalo..

  • Tomas Natsidis

    Hello! I like your Video very mutch. I have one question about surfing. I saw on the end of this Video one amazing place, good for beginners. Where is this?

  • Heather Stich

    Thanks man! You helped me with my last day plans in Maui!! So going to come to OGG area early and check out the park or hiking the valley 🙌🏼🥰 thanks again, Aloha

  • Jessica Holskey

    I appreciate you so much. Coming to Hawaii for the first time in July and it can get overwhelming just because you don’t know. Thank you so much to all in the comments as well. I’ll be looking into the airport challenge!! Lol, in just kidding.
    But I was planning to fly into west Maui. I’m staying at The Whaler. Is that not a good idea?

  • Kelly Ann

    Thank you for your videos. You seem like the nicest guy. I really enjoy watching your take on Maui. I took some of your advise recently, my first visit, and they were spot on.

  • grassblade63

    Mahalo Eric, great tip about the west Maui traffic. I have gotten tangled up in there. My tips, I guess, are that I rent cars from Maui Cruisers. I love having a beater car that lets me blend in with the local traffic. I don't have to worry about break-ins and people seem to treat me nicer. That, and my first destination after getting my car is usually Baldwin beach. It's often pretty uncrowded and it's on the way to Pa'ia. It's where I like to take my deep breaths and let to of all that airplane air and get back on island time.

  • Princess Sachiko Ikeda

    Your videos are AAAAMAZING!! Super helpful!!! We are visiting Maui in April. My bf is a real estate agent in Arizona and I'm taking the classes as well. My dream is to live in Hawaii. I know I belong there every since I visited Hawaii. Very interested in buying a house soon. if you have any available time to meet with us in April, please let me know.😊

  • RLSJC28

    I had too much to drink on my last night in Lahaina and I did not make it to the airport. I had to extend my stay and pay a change fee on my flight (and called in to my boss, and said I had food poisoning… LOL). I am too sick to even stand up plus, I am not even packed… so you are correct of not drinking on your last night before flying back….

  • groovyzoom1

    I just returned from Maui and if you need a rental car don’t go to the airport locations. Most places have secondary locations right up the street that don’t tac on extra fees or have long lines. You’ll have to pay for an Uber there (unless your hotel has a shuttle) but that cost is minimal compared to the extra fees and wait. The Hana Highway Entrprise also allows for after hours return which is super convenient.

    Also, if you’re like me and miss your flight but refuse to pay $200 to stay in a hotel just to return back to the airport the next day…believe it or not, the bathroom is the best place to wait the night out. They have cozy chairs and you’re inside away from the elements. I thought I was the only crazy one doing this but security says it happens all the time. Better yet…don’t miss your flight. I definitely learned my lesson. I was shocked how early they expected me to be there. I was anticipating it would be even more laid back with it being Hawaii but this is one place that they don’t have a relaxed attitude 🤷‍♀️.

  • David Philion

    Hi Eric. Thanks for the tip about the club membership with a car rental company. We arrive at 9:30 pm so hopefully it will be a quick process.

  • Miss Ronda

    Aloha Eric! Your informative videos have been so helpful. I’m looking forward to my first visit over Mother’s Day. Thanks so much.

  • o.c.bobbie

    I bought in on a time share 😢 I wish I hadn’t! I would love to buy a condo there! But I’m stuck with this time share! Crying the blues!

  • Joshua Hamilton

    you're awesome, been watching your videos since I got back from Maui, Maybe one day I buy from you! Keep it up!

  • vince palma

    Hey Eric, I have booked a flight to Maui in July. Your videos have been very helpful as to how I will be spending my time there. Thanks!! 🤙🤙

  • Jim Huffman

    Rental car info is changed now. Rentals are all in a new facility on the airport property. There is a shuttle straight to the facility.

  • A K

    Good point about leaving West Maui early morning due to the bottle neck on the road to Lahaina. Got to admit I love my "home away from home" on Maui. Kihei is my second home and love it. Great vids btw. Keep it up. A true Aloha spirit you share. Take care.

  • gloriafying

    Your vids are awesome! This and other videos have helped my boyfriend and I tremendously in preparation for our trip to Maui (staying in Kihei) in two weeks!!! We wanted to know if you have any tips on visiting waterfalls?! And if maybe renting motor scooter is a good idea?! Thanks for your knowledge of Maui

  • Francesca Faulkner

    Hey Eric, question about the road to Hana. If you do it counter clockwise we heard on 1 video that the town of Hana opens later and the roadside vendors close early as the crowds come thru. Is this correct?

  • J B

    Here’s your best airport tip: Don’t Rent a Car at the Airport. Rent one off-OGG property! Because you are charged $10/day CONVENIENCE CHARGE to rent a car at the airport. Where do you think funds came from to build that massive concrete rental car complex?! Read the fine print.. it might seem like you’re getting a good deal but once they add on all the taxes and service fees, you’re really not!

  • Roger Junior

    Aloha Eric! 💛 Guess it is time to create a new video about the Rental Cars! 😎
    Since there is a NEW RENTAL CAR CENTER and a Rental Car TRAIN ride too…

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