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Matterport | Changed Real Estate | San Diego Realtor

Hello everyone very good to see you. Today’s vlog entry is really intended for those professionals that own Matterport cameras and are Matterport service providers I think I have a really good idea, but first. Let me tell you where it came from. Last night I completed a video, and I keep using the word “changing”. Changing implies that things are in a state of progression. Well, the reality is is the market has already “changed.” I’m utilizing video, Matterport and address specific websites. My goal in having done that was to become even a larger real estate broker than I am, and I’ve already been in Realtor of the Year and California Champion of Home. So part of what I’ve done is, I’m going to say the philosophical approach to life. When I was a young man President Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? I think right now is the time to utilize that philosophy. And say what can we do for Matterport as a collective group of voices? I think there’s a lot more that can be done. I’m going to pitch something to Matterport that will not really cost anybody anything, and could promote each one of our businesses, and the knowledge of what Matterport brings to our community. I’m going to do everything I can to quit saying the word “changing.” And make it “changed” because the reality is anyone in San Diego in any price range of home not just the upper end can come and get Matterport, video and address specific websites. If you’re not following me on YouTube I welcome you to come and subscribe. I just did a live broadcast with another broker that utilized Matterport for a short sale. Now the strength of that is, the bank can see the absolute condition of the property and there’s no argument about whether the property was properly marketed. It’s a tremendous advantage and one that almost no one is using because we keep saying the markets “changing.” It’s changed! Please, I’m going to close this out with the last Matterport advertisement that I did, if you’re following me, and I utilize the word “changing” instead of changed, please call me on the phone and tell me to stop it because I really need to. We are “Changed.” I wish you the very best you’re a Matterport service provider and you can do anything. Enjoy these final two segments. One is only going be about ten seconds long, and it talks about the progression of a movement. It’s a small quote. The other is the video that I did to present my unique value proposition to the market I wish you all the best this will not be widely broadcast it will be an unlisted, here in YouTube, but I would really welcome you, if you’d like to be a subscriber to my channel. Thank you very much. When people come to my home for the first time they ask George why do you have mousetraps everywhere? And I said because I’m always looking for a way to make a better mousetrap. What you’re looking at is a hologram of Matterport 3d Dimensional tour like we use on every one of our listings. You can walk through the home literally in a virtual reality tour. Should you want to, and we don’t stop there? We also provide video and address specific websites for each one of our listings irrespective of cost. That’s why attorneys, financial planners and CPAs the most trusted people in your life will recommend that you have these services. And we don’t charge more for them if you have a few more minutes for us to talk please let’s get together!

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