Master’s Degree in Real Estate: Student Testimonials
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Master’s Degree in Real Estate: Student Testimonials

– So, I was looking for a program that allowed me to keep
my job during the day and study at night so I can kinda supplement what I’m doing working on day to day in
the real estate industry. – The Georgetown program is
different than other programs because it has their professors
working in the real world. – These instructors are
actually doing the work that we wanna do. – You can actually get, I think, a better understanding of the
whole subject you’re learning because of the people in the classroom. – So, I’ve been able to build
my professional network, you know, tremendously. – You have students of all backgrounds. Architecture, civil engineering, law. – The hotel industry, the property management industry, certainly leasing, and finance. – Finance is the common thread that runs across all real
estate development projects. – A building block of finance courses has helped me process the
finance world of real estate. – It’s done a world of good for my career, and I’ve had two promotions
since I’ve been in the program. A lot of it, I attribute to Georgetown. I just attribute it to my more focused knowledge in real estate. – It’s gonna be a lot of work, but if you’re hungry enough to do it, then you will succeed. (upbeat music)

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