Mastering Real Estate Sales Objections

Hi Friends it’s Danny listen I just did
something that I’ve never done before or we’re about to do something we’ve never
done before as many of you know we have probably not
probably the best daily role play classes here at our company on a day to
day basis and today’s was so good and it teaches you specifically how to handle
tough objections that you get during the holidays and we deal with the objection
of cutting Commission we deal with the objection that you get when you’re out
selling let me think about it and the media talk to my wife first before we
meet we deal with it all and I recorded it and for the first time ever
I’m gonna actually put it here on the podcast so that you guys can all view it
it’s gonna be one of the best sales trainings that you’ve ever had so I want
you to go out and grab your pen and a notepad cuz you’re gonna want to take
notes and actually write the scripting out and write the words out word by word
the only problem with it is that it was recorded on our internet account so the
video isn’t the greatest quality but I’m sure you understand I don’t want to stop
that from giving you the information and I think you’re gonna really really enjoy
this week’s podcast as it’s going to specifically give you the training you
need to improve your ability to convert sales in 2018 for those of you that are
interested in getting access Day today every single day in 2018 so not only all
of our role plays but all of our meetings all of our trainings are
business planning events all of that I want you to go to there’s a program coming that I think you’re gonna get
very very excited about there’s a waiting page there go ahead and fill in
your information and as soon as the program launches we will be sure to
contact you right away enjoy this week’s podcast and please
share it with everybody in your office or anyone that wants to get better at
sales communication here’s what happens in two different occasions now you have
given the seller a question which you already know the answer to and they have
answered exactly the way that you want them to
answer do you understand the power behind this you’re basically leading
them in the direction that you want them to go right so we took them from which
is the most serious buyers to what’s most likely to happen to finally and you
do want to net the most amount possible don’t you and what will they answer
they’ll answer yes perfect when would be the best time for us to meet blank at
blank or blank notice how simple this is these are three simple steps that you
can take in order to manage an objection my question for all of you is the
following if you commit to changing your language patterns in 2018 I mean really
commit to it by the way what does the word commit me commit me is like I’m
gonna do it right it’s like committing to like going to the gym it’s committing
to making more money it’s good this means I’m gonna do it if you commit to
changing your language patterns in 2018 how much simpler will it be for you to
handle objections piece of cake piece of cake as a matter of fact does that
matter the objection you get if you are a master at changing and and using
effective language patterns it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter and if it
doesn’t matter the objection that you get and I’m showing you guys this
because I literally took this live and raw last week and I made scripts out of
it did it isn’t that what we did yes or no that’s the power that you want to
have guys that’s the power that you’re gonna have so how do you get that that
power I’m gonna tell you right now today at 11 o’clock we’re going to share with
you guys what it takes to go to cabo next year who is pissed that they’re not
going to cobble this year if you’re not pissed there’s something wrong with you
really no there isn’t let me tell you trust me there is if it
doesn’t boil your blood in your veins if it doesn’t if it doesn’t make smoke come
out of your ears if it doesn’t if it doesn’t really bother your
heart and soul that another human being in your life that he’s pissed just that
the fact that I’m even saying it he’s mad and he’s going to Cabo but you see
that’s what a competitor has yes or no a competitor has that fire within them
because what’s the option there’s no gray in life people there’s only black
and white I want you to really consider this there’s no gray in life there’s
only black and white so it’s either you see yourself as someone that can
legitimately go to Cabo next year or you don’t
it’s literally it upsets you I had a guy yesterday stopped me yesterday Henry
Hill by the way this is why in two years he’s done Henry has done what he has
done I had a guy stop me just yesterday Henry Hill says hey man I’m a what
happens if I’m eight thousand dollars short of cobble like he was like please
take me I go oh that’s no problem here’s a plan write it down you go the
following year when you make it because I want him to feel that he did I’m sure
he did right yeah money listen please listen you Anthony just said there’s a
reason why in one year all of Downey all of those see I want
you to listen to this there’s a reason why that’s the probably a great
indication why Henry went from eighty seven thousand dollars last year to two
hundred and two hundred and thirty five thousand dollars this year because the
guy wants to win and now he’s searching for a cash deal and now he’s gonna go
like sell his uncle’s house or something just to just to go to Cabo
you probably will you’ll probably sell in buy it himself even though it’s like
that has no equity in it just for the point of but listen guys if I could
encourage anything with you it’s it’s I want you to clarify your relationship to
winning clarify that because there’s no gray when it comes to
winning and losing it’s either you win or you lose
and when you can clarify that for some of you this conversation is upsetting
you it’s bothering you it’s getting it’s getting like it’s it’s really hurting
you and for others it may be inspiring you think about vision I posted the name
badges the thingamajiggy how did that all that stuff look it looks as low
we’ve been a coaching company for thirty years I mean that’s the quality why
because there’s no gray in life there’s either you win or you lose you have a
how much did it cost I don’t give a shit that’s irrelevant that’s irrelevant to
me I want to win I want to win at putting forth the best event that people
have ever gone to yeah but what did you lose money who cares I don’t care about
that I want to win because when you have long term thinking your relationship
with winning is everything it really really is who wants to learn right now
the difference between being people being stuck in this industry earning a
hundred 150 thousand dollars a year and people who go from 50 to 100 to 150 to
200 to 300 to 350 to 400 so who most along the difference right now raise
your hands is it different between their relationship with winning and losing
period I’m sorry because if you’re losing it just means
don’t take this the wrong way I want to piss you off a little bit it
just means you’re perfectly okay with losing that’s I mean it’s no I know I
don’t like losing no no no hold on hold on
you don’t like your nails getting all jacked up for the gala do you boo yeah
so what do you do about it why go get it done okay fellas you don’t
like your hair getting all ungroomed right so for the gala so what will you
do today or next week I’ll go get it done yeah why because I don’t want to
look that way okay great when you don’t want to lose that’s when
that will change you’ll start to find a way people for every question that you
have about business and life you’ll just find the way money you wanted to add
something Anthony says this is a thought that I’ve had in the past so Anthony
says you know this is a great right Anthony says you know I’ve thought this
in the past man I can’t even compete at that level or you know that that’s two
or three years away I can’t do that he says you can’t control that he says what
you read it right he says what you can control is getting better every single
day right or beating your previous best every single day I talk to more people
this time or you know I memorize the script a little bit better this time or
that you can’t control people I’m telling you today’s meeting I’m
gonna prove it to you I’m gonna show you people that have made the top 5 this
year that I’ve never made it before so we eliminate your doubt and your worry
we’re gonna talk about this we’re gonna talk about incomes that have changed
we’re gonna acknowledge that because I just want you to get once and for all
that there is nothing stopping you as a human being specifically as an agent in
this company who all we do is push you to be better there is nothing stopping
you from tripling and quadrupling your income and your possibility next year
only your relationship between winning and losing and how important it is right
now where did all this come from and by the way you got to all that on video were that all this come from it came
from this the foundation the foundation of your ability to feel like a winner in
the real estate industry is your ability to communicate in a powerful fashion
right Eddie think about this think about many of us who were brand new in the
industry why do you feel nervous because you don’t know cuz you don’t know what
you know you don’t know what to say so that’s a responsibility that’s like
Anthony says that’s something that you can control is your ability to
understand how to change your language patterns and make them stronger sound
fair so that’s the first one right yeah he
says this did you listen this is good this is good right I’m so proud of
Downey guy’s Downey has been like literally showing up strong they they
well Downey has been showing up strong throughout this this whole period so I
just want to give you guys props for that but um but Anthony says and this is
important this is important because we see this in our company we see this in
our company I want you to think about this we see the fact that for most
people once they finally make it they stop working on the things that got him
there and you can’t control if somebody has been in the game earlier than you or
has been learning earlier than you you can’t control any of that you know what
you can’t control what you do on the day-to-day basis you of course so Luis
says when you think about the past it kind of causes you to get a little bit
rest and when you keep thinking of the future it stresses you out so Luis says just focus on today and be
at peace and just give it everything that you got that’s exactly absolutely
right it could happen right now right so I just decided this was such a good
message I’m gonna make it a podcast okay so cuz i am recording this so i’m
not gonna give away all of our script right and i’m not gonna give away all of
our script as a matter fact i’m gonna stay here i’ll just use this one this is
this is one so everybody repeat after me mr. mrs. seller with Christmas and New
Year’s just around the corner I’ve gotta ask who’s a more serious buyer think of
the underlying now what just happened with the prospect who’s a more serious
buyer what did their mind go what’s coming next mm-hmm I have to answer
something so let me engage and be on my toes right someone who’s looking during
the summer or someone who’s out looking now during the holidays tell me okay
let’s practice that one again that’s a powerful question by the way could you
rephrase that question and use it in any objection that you get anywhere yes or
no yeah because there’s a there’s a pattern to the question isn’t there the
pattern is this right the pattern is look tell me with this and this and this
going on what do you think is this better or is this better there’s the
pattern right if a buyer Karen if a buyer wants to write an offer on a
property just think about this if a buyer wants to write an offer on a
property and they want to lowball the offer on the property couldn’t we use
the same patter yes or no yes or no mister missus buyer think about this for
a second pretend that you were a summer repeat
after me let’s pretend that you were a seller and you got three offers in front
of you what would you probably not pick the one at full price the one above full
price or the 115 ran below full price which would you not pick why it’s the
same thing I decided a different option mister mister seller when would you and
your wife typically be available together in the afternoon or the
evenings stop can be stumped about that stop for ever you want to go this one
thing will help you sell more next year you guys ready yes or no stop for ever
letting people get away with I need a check with my wife why do you do that what what’s your script tell me come on
let’s just put it out there right if we’re gonna do a podcast we’re gonna
let’s change people’s lives here cuz I know there’s millions of people that
struggle with this what’s the script the seller says oh you know what that’s
great really like what you’re doing I really like your flow but you know what
let me go ahead and let me check with my wife what’s the script okay I mean shit
you’re gonna say something you might as well say something that works yes or no
isn’t it a script right does it yeah I’ll tell you the script you get the
objection what’s the first thing that happens in the body anxiety oh here it
comes is that a script yes or no is that a
script yes or no that’s a pinche script you’re finishing the sets is for them in
your mind in your mind they start to say the words let me check with and you go
with your wife okay no problem this is truth people this is a truth that if you
learn to get around just this little baby thing it will
that your ability to sell to more people it’ll impact your ability to be more
efficient wouldn’t it it absolutely would so let’s change that if they tell
you that they need to check with their wife what are you going to say perfect
tell me when are you typically together at the same time afternoons or evenings
look what I just did I made them think well when am i
typically together with her is it in the afternoons or is it in the evenings will
they give you an answer yes how difficult is it to say no I’m going to
check on my summer let me tell y’all difficult it is absolutely impossible
right Trev it’s in park it’s impossible to answer a different
way when you pose it in that fashion what will they tell you they will tell
you evenings let’s say perfect now let’s bring it down a little bit smaller now
now we have the evenings yes guys we have the evenings perfect so now what
are the time frames within the evenings 6 7 8 right what if I don’t want to go
at 8:00 I give them two options 6 & 7 fantastic and what time typically works
best during the evenings repeat 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock what are they gonna
do and when they pick one what do you say repeat after me perfect my schedule
gets a little tied up how about I pencil you in at 7 p.m. tomorrow and if
anything changes please please just let me know that sounds fair right why do I
add that cuz it’s a mistake not to why don’t I add you in at 7 o’clock just in
case anything changes tell me what does that feel like so it’s not too pushy what happens is
you just threw them a softball you just you just did a little soft but you just
won like that and you asked them to hit a home run with it and give you another
objection I don’t know let me check don’t leave don’t let them lead you’re
always leading and that’s why at the end you throw in that sounds fair right and
why did I use the word fair cuz fair is not pushy fair is like right money fair
is like yeah yeah that’s fair yeah yeah alright yeah whatever can I teach you another one
this is gonna be the most valuable podcast these people I’ve ever heard by
the way for all you people we got more scripts we got more we got more but we
got like a bazillion of this stuff so if you’re watching join us at vision go to
Empire University comm check us out join the coaching program because it’s
costing you money to not be in it alright guys so gonna teach you another
one yes alright what’s another simple one that we get
stuck at oh I got it I’ll list but I’ll only list that 2% let’s let’s be honest
what’s the script first what happens with your body I need the money I need
the listing oh my god but what if I just put the sign up and if the sign goes up
then you know maybe I can get a buyer maybe I could make it up that way by the
way I had vision I’m going to teach you some information about social media
marketing I’m going to teach you some stuff that’s gonna blow your mind I’m
going to show you how people buy why they buy the decisions that they make to
buy the decisions that influence their ability to buy and I’m going to show you
essentially how your visibility on social media is either making it easier
or more difficult for them to buy from you and we’re gonna do a complete audit
of social media complete audit for you LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Instagram
everything! Guys ready for that…what if I were to tell you I don’t want to ruin it
but what if I were to say I’ll just leave you with this is it easier for
someone to buy from a celebrity or from you why kind of need to figure that out
don’t we and we need to learn to use whatever they’re using and make it
beneficial for us right that’s what we’re gonna learn that vision sound good
so 2% we’ll end with this one 2% mister missus seller let’s pretend you were a
realtor you had a hot buyer in your car and that buyer was qualified motivated
and had a check in hand isn’t that the same thing as mr. mister seller with
Christmas New Year’s and New Year’s Eve coming isn’t that three things yes or no
yes perfect and you had three homes to show that buyer one was offering 3% the
other was offering three and a half percent was only offer you think I’m
kidding look at my face yeah tell me which would you probably not show the
one for two percent what’s the magic word why cuz then they go like this they just dig the grave for themselves do you
think as a professional business person with goals and dreams and aspirations my
way if you don’t have goals and dreams and if you don’t want to go to cabo and
if you don’t want to improve life then this is not for you but do you think as
a professional business person someone that sacrifices every single day someone
that wakes up every single day someone that works hard for their family every
single do you think there is anything more
important for you in 2018 than changing forever your language patterns there’s
nothing more important people nothing more important and the beautiful thing
is that we are committed to helping you we’re committed to showing you the way
we’re committed you to to keep you’re not only giving you the words but the
words are one thing guys the the mindset and the belief system is another thing
so I just want to encourage you guys especially for those of you at entero
you have access to all of the scripts these next two weeks just freakin start
memorizing them like if not now when for those of you students a vampire you
you have access to all of them as well 2018 is gonna be an incredible year
listen to me listen to me and the other thing is and I’ll close with this 2019
we could see a shift in the market I don’t know about you but I can’t wait
for that that means we get to buy a lot of properties we’ve been waiting this
whole time I’m tired of waiting we get to buy a lot
of properties for us as salespeople who actually learn no language patterns we
get to it like we get to show our stuff off right now everybody’s a realtor your
mother your grandmother your aunt her neighbor
everybody’s a realtor right now but that’s when you get to show your stuff
off that’s when the pros actually step up that’s when the pros actually show up
that’s when the pros actually win and win biggest so 2018 you have to prepare
yourself you want the confidence to feel like a pro and you can make that happen
if you really really want to sound for everybody all right for those of you
that have joined us on the podcast thank you subscribe at
Check us out on the app follow us on facebook follow us on
Instagram and we will see you at the next MPIRE University event! Take care bye

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