Master of Property | RMIT University

Property is such a broad term People immediately think of a real estate agent, they
think of a piece of land, but it’s a lot more than that Yes it is the piece of land, but it’s all
the way through to selling land… redeveloping land, it’s the legal part of land The reason for selecting RMIT was
the practical nature of it You worked in groups, you worked with practical examples From an industry point of view, everybody that we
were involved with was from the industry… so it was a lecturer that took you on to a building site,
to have a look at how construction worked It was an engineer, it was people that had built
the MCG, people that had built AAMI Park When you get taught something from a Senior Manager,
from a CEO, that comes in as a lecturer… as someone who’s got 20, 30 years’ experience, you
really listen and you want to learn You take on board because it’s real Industry was absolutely critical, that was what made
the difference and why I wanted to study at RMIT Before completing my masters, I felt like I had plateaued
and there wasn’t a lot of opportunity there I had all the practical experience but didn’t
have the theory behind what I do… and to move and be able to advance and improve my career,
let’s get some formal qualifications The advantage of having formal qualifications means that
you can be considered for the next role It did help reinvigorate me as a person,
as a professional in the industry I can now have a lot more confidence in what I’m doing I’ve been taught it, I’ve shown it, I know
the theory as well as the practice So when you bring the two together, I think you’re unstoppable That’s the opportunity it’s given me

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