MarketMinder 101: My Properties
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MarketMinder 101: My Properties

Welcome to MarketMinder 101, an educational
series where we cover powerful features in MarketMinder, AirDNA’s short-term rental
data and insights platform. Today, we’re going to learn about My Properties,
a tool that makes it easy for you to benchmark the performance of your Airbnb properties
against similar properties in your market. To get started, click on “My Properties”
in the “Benchmark” section of the MarketMinder navigation menu. First, copy and paste your Airbnb host url
in the bar above the orange button. To find your host url, sign into Airbnb, then
navigate to your profile page. From there, copy the url in the address bar,
then paste this url into the blank field in MarketMinder. Next, you’ll need to verify your properties
using each of your Airbnb listings’ iCal links. To get these links, navigate to your listing
dashboard in Airbnb and click on “availability” for the listing you want to verify. Scroll down until you see “sync calendars,”
then click “export calendar.” The link in the popup is your iCal link for
this property. After you’ve verified your properties, AirDNA
will use data from nearby comparable properties (called comps) to benchmark your performance. These comps are curated based on bedrooms,
bathrooms, and the total number of guests a property accommodates. By hovering over each property card, you’ll
be able to click on “view analysis” to benchmark a property’s performance against
its comps. In the property dashboard, your property’s
annual revenue potential, Average Daily Rate, Occupancy, RevPAR, and length of stay is displayed
on the left side in dark blue, while the comps average is displayed on the right in light
blue. On the revenue potential graph, your property’s
monthly performance is represented with the dark blue line chart, while the performance
spread of comps is represented by the light blue band. This allows you to easily spot when an Airbnb
listing is under or over performing relative to its comps. There is also a “price settings” button
that allows you to adjust minimum daily rate and orphan day discounts. These adjustments will be reflected in the
recommended rates section, which you can view by clicking on “view property pricing.” To view individual comps for a property and
see their average daily rate, occupancy rate, and annual revenue, use the map on the right-hand
side of the page. For each comp, you’ll also be able to click
through to their listings on Airbnb and see how these properties are being marketed to
guests. Now that you’ve learned how to benchmark
your properties using the my properties feature, you’ll be able to optimize your Airbnb listings
and bring in more revenue. For more short-term rental tips and insights, visit

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