MANGOES | S2 EP4 | The Realtor | Canadian Pakistani Drama

We should divide
our rent equally. We’ve already decided
on the rent, 60, 20, 20. Yeah, we can’t pay
any more rent. You or your dad can’t pay
any more rent. New neighbours? I just wanted to invite
you over for dinner. And bring
your sister along. My team is her. Huh, what? What? Asha! We want to join
your team. No bye. Please, please, please. Ok, ok, fine, fine,
fine. Okay, that’s it. I’m done! You guys can make your
own group. What? Why? What do you mean by why? Since the past hour,
all you’ve been doing is… And this… What are you talking about? We’ve been studying. Studying who? Is there a problem? Yeah, you! Okay, listen, you three,
I’ve come here to study. I’m here to study. We too have come here to study, okay? Look, I even have our book? Which is so last term! Okay, that’s it, I’m done. You guys can make your
own group. Asha! Asha, Asha! What is it? You’ve called me 15 times
since the morning. Add me to your group. Everyone’s got a group,
I’m the last one out. The project has been out
for so long and you woke up just now? Yeah, it gets most enjoyable
at the last minute. I like the thrill, I get a high. And the low marks. Sorry, there’s no room for you
in our group– Hey, Justin,
is that the new phone? Oh yeah. Oh, I’m going to pick up
my pocket money and directly go
to the mobile store. Oh yeah, yeah,
you better hurry up ’cause there’s lineups
around the corner for it, yeah. So what are the features? Oh well, it’s really fast. It’s got a lot of… How are you? Well, I’m fine. I’ve been noticing this item here for quite a few days now. What’s the matter? What happened, not selling? Yeah, it’s pretty hard
to move this one. What do the customers say? Well, many have seen it,
liked it and showed their interest in it,
but nobody bought it. Customers are looking at it
but not buying it? Do you know what that means? That means if things won’t sell, then there would be
no commission. And if there’s no commission, then there’s going to be
no salary, no cheque. That’s right. Well, tell me,
if nothing’s gonna sell, then how am I gonna pay you? But some customers are
just so difficult that… Child, I tried to explain
this to you when I gave you this job. Customers around here
are a bit different. Handling them might just not be
your cup of tea. Look, look over there. One more customer’s here. Go and talk to him. Talk to him and sell it. Alright? Look over there. Come on, go for it! Hello, good seeing you. Good seeing you, too. Today, I’ve put 50¢
in the car’s parking meter. Oh, so actually today
you’ve come in with your mind absolutely
made up to buy things. What would you like to buy? How much is this for? $299. And this? $199. How much is this for? Hello, dad? I went to the money exchanger, he says there’s no pocket money
for this month. Yeah,
I’ve stopped your pocket money. What do you mean? But how am I gonna manage
my household expenses, pay my phone bills, buy apps? That’s your problem. Dad, please try to understand. Why don’t you do get a job? Job? Dad, you know very well that
I don’t know how to do anything. What am I gonna do? That’s not my problem. Do anything. Work at a gas station,
make coffee or burgers. Burger? Dad, our family’s name… That’s it,
I don’t want to hear anything. This is my final decision. Dad, please try to understand,
how will I survive? Okay, bye. Hello, dad? Dad? Guys, got a tenner? What do you need a tan for? No, not tan. I need a tenner, hurry up. I haven’t got any change. I’ve got $20, suits you? No, I want $10. I don’t keep change with me. Well, just give me
whatever you’ve got, I’ll get the change myself. I gave my wallet to a friend,
I didn’t take it back. Here you go, madam. Sami, you’re drinking water? No tea today? And why does your face
look so sad? I wanted to buy an app, but I can’t decide
whether I should by it or not. Sami, is everything okay? Yep. No, something’s wrong. What’s going on? Ever heard of a paycheque? Paycheque is the pocket money
that you take from your parents. And it comes in handy to get a fight started
between your parents. But when you have to do a job
to get that pocket money, then it’s called a paycheque. And since I couldn’t
sell anything at work, so this month, there’s gonna be
no paycheque. And after giving you those $20,
I am totally broke. Actually my dad has
stopped giving me pocket money. Oh god, what a loser! Now we’ll have to tolerate
a moneyless you? That was mean. Now I’m depressed. Maybe I’ll feel better
if I eat something. I won’t be able to pay
more than 5% of the rent. 90% of the house is being
used by you and you’re gonna pay
only 5% of the rent? Yeah, ’cause my dad isn’t
giving me any pocket money. So why don’t you do an odd job? Odd job? No one in my family
has ever done an odd job! So you were born
just like that? Then there’s only
one solution to this. We have to budget. Budget? That means lesser outings, less frequent meals
from restaurants, more frequent homemade food. That means less shopping,
more sharing. And most importantly, we’ll have to buy
a smaller house. Smaller than this? Yeah before this we were living
in a smaller house. So we should start
looking for a realtor. Let’s do this. Realtor? You guys don’t have to worry
about this at all. My dad runs
a real estate business, I know how to handle realtors. I’ll go and check. Hi, I’m Alisa. Hi. I talked to Ricki yesterday. Oh yeah, that’s me, I’m Rakay. Oh, hi! Nice to meet you. It was good talking to you
yesterday. Nice day. You’re lucky. There are a few properties
available for such short notice and I’ve compiled the list. Shall we go? Just wait here
and I’ll call my friends. Guys, the realtor is here. She’s a Chinese, for real. Oh wow! This is the first time
he’s done something on time. By the way, I hope you haven’t left her
standing outside. Yeah, she’s outside. Oh my god! We’ll have to teach you
manners as well. Hi, I’m Asha,
Rakay’s housemate. Hi. Can you give me one second? I’ll be right back. You’ve told her about
our budget, right? No. Guys, I don’t think
this is gonna work out. Did you tell her
what our budget is? I thought we’ll sit down
and discuss it. We won’t even get the chance
to sit down. Once she finds out
what our budget is, she’s going to leave
right away. Now that she’s here,
let’s go and meet her. But please don’t embarrass me
in front of her. Whoa! The three of you? I thought it was only
for one person. Hi, I’m Sami. We share this house. Sorry, they made you wait
out here for so long. I told them to invite you in
for some… Some coffee, some… Some tea… Some water, perhaps? I– Shall we get moving? Your car or ours? Yeah, you can follow mine. Oh no, if you insist so much,
we’ll take yours. Okay, sure. No, I meant we can adjust
in your car. Alisa, I just wanted to say it’s really nice
to meet you and… Our friendship is higher
than the Himalayas, deeper than the deepest sea
in the world… And sweeter than honey. What are you saying? Your prime minister had
the same expressions on his face when our PM delivered
these dialogues. Hey,
no Indo-China-Pakistan jokes. I’m with her. Nice car! Actually one of my uncles
also has a similar model. It comes with a backup camera,
right? Right. So do you have any preference
for the house? Something simple. Not too big,
not too small either. Something… Something that can
fit us all three. For a car enthusiast,
is simple good enough? Here we are! Where? Here to check out
our first property. I hadn’t even put my
seatbelt on yet. We could have walked up here. Sorry? Just ignore him. Shall we? So here we are
at our first location… Where’s your friend? Where did Sami go? Wow, that’s really nice! It’s the very first time a girl has
opened the door for me. What were you doing inside? I couldn’t open it. Huh, that’s funny. Shall we? Yeah, sure, let’s go. Yeah, sure. Okay, so I love this house
for the style. Everything you see
comes with the house. Oh, and it’s perfect
for your bachelor lifestyle. Three en suite bathrooms,
what more can you ask for? Space won’t be an issue here. Just take a look at the kitchen. Asha, you’ll love this. I like it. Yeah, he likes to cook. Really?
So do I! Really? Like what?
Noodles? Yeah,
it goes well with chicken keema. Huh? Did Christopher Columbus
discover China as well? Huh? I mean,
you speak really good English. Columbus was looking for India. Then he discovered America. Columbus was French. He rediscovered America. Alright, so after this
enlightening discussion, I have a question:
what do you think? I like it. Um, what’s the rent? This one is $3,300, a very compatible price
for this part of town. And it’s convenient and is also available
right away. $3,300 per? Per month. Uh…I don– Uh– the– Uh, the colour of the walls… It’s pretty bland. Yeah, no… Um, and the rooms, they’re…
they’re too big. But you haven’t even
seen the rooms yet. But I know. I just know they’re…
they’re gonna be really big. And we like sharing bathrooms. What?
No! We don’t like to share
a bathroom. We’re just looking for
something cozier and this is really big. And the walls… So, no. So Alisa,
if you don’t mind me asking, do you work on a commission or do you take a paycheque
every month? Well, everything I earn
goes home with me. So you don’t report to anyone? Nope, only to clients
like you guys. So if you’re happy, then I think
I’ve done a good job. I’m very happy. It’s been such a long time
since I’ve sit in a car. You didn’t sit in a car? I just told her
that we’ve got a similar car. Really? I get that expression
every time! Don’t worry,
I didn’t understand a thing. Remember, I’m Chinese. Chini, honey,
come on, next house. Uh, I don’t have a good vibe
about this house. Really? Yep, it’s just that I like
cozier places more and this makes me feel
empty inside. Okay, on to the next then. The car is a bit far,
we’ll have to walk. Alisa,
if you don’t mind me asking, when you started off
as a realtor, did you have to have
a lot of capital? None, because my clients
decide to talk about everything but deciding on the house. She’s wasting our time. She’s wasting our time
or we’re wasting hers? What do you mean? I mean, if you would have
told her about our budget, then she wouldn’t have shown us
these kinds of homes. I almost slept in your car,
it’s so comfortable. Only if you tell me
what your budget is, otherwise it’s really hard. You can keep showing us houses and we’ll tell you
the one we like. Unfortunately,
it doesn’t work like that. Price dictates everything. If I have a figure to work with,
I can narrow down the search and show
you what you can afford. Well, Alisa, I’m sorry. We didn’t know that you don’t have a figure
to work with. For this place,
right now we pay $1,400. Well, I pay $1,000
and they pay the rest. You know, students. So we’re looking to downsize. Okay, yeah. See I could easily work
with that budget if your friend had been
a little bit more forthcoming. But don’t worry, I’ll work on it
and you know, I’ll see what I can do
to help you guys. Get it in writing or else she might
go back on her words later. You just shut up. It’s people like you
who cause such problems. Ni hao ma? Lei ho? Lei ho? Ni hao ma? Ni hao ma? Who is this gentleman? Mr. Sheikh. You know, Pakistan and China
very good friends for centuries? Okay, but Pakistan wasn’t even
there centuries ago. It only came to being in 1947,
didn’t it? No, madam! Before Pakistan,
we were all Indians. The same Indian Christopher Columbus came
looking for. So? So our friendship is higher
than the Himalayas and deeper than
the deepest ocean in the world and sweeter than honey. Alright, I will be in touch. Okay. So where in China are you from? Richmond Hill, Ontario! Is not that in… Huh, she’s gone. By selling noodles,
they get enough to buy a car and start considering themselves
a Canadian. She’s a realtor
and earns more than us! So what?
She’s still Chinese. Be careful that she does not
sell you a fake house. You can’t trust them. Don’t know what they eat. Well, my responsibility was
to warn you guys, which I just did. It’s better
to stay way from these people. Who knows… Wow, I can’t believe one can be
so racist! He treats his wife
like a servant and his son like a joker. And Alisa,
whom he does not even know– Hey, Asha, you must have heard
that saying, “The smaller the brain,
the bigger the mouth.” You have to choose your battles. What’s the use of wasting
all your energy? Why are you guys getting
so irritated? His tone wasn’t right, but after all,
he was just telling the facts. You can grow up to be like him
if you want. Forget it, guys! There are
all sorts of people around so why waste your energies? And that too when you’ve only had
half a cup of tea since morning. Huh, didn’t even get the urge
to go to the loo. Who is there? Well, he remembers everything
that’s of his concern. The fridge is empty. Empty? Who’s sitting inside? I can’t believe this! What a bad day! Hey, it’s me again. I got you guys some lunch and totally forgot
to pass it to you. Here’s some vegetable biryani
for your friend and chicken biryani for you
and Rakay. But– Don’t worry,
it’s halal. Okay. I’m really sorry
for what happened. Don’t worry about it,
I get it all the time. Come on, give me a hug and let’s forget about
what happened. I’ll pick you guys up
in a few days for more showings. I’m not asking you to marry me,
just a hug. Why do you all Pakistanis
hug so tight? My husband does the same. What do you mean? My husband, he’s like you,
a Pakistani. Oh! Unlike that guy. That explains everything. That’s why you say Pakistan
as Pakistan, ’cause I always hear “Pekistan.” Goodnight. Goodnight. What took you so long? It was Alisa. She brought us dinner. But I didn’t see any need
to hug her? This chip found in girls is not just difficult,
but rather impossible to decode. What’s the problem?
You’re his relative? We don’t need to be relatives. Our similar thoughts
enough. I thought the
Canadian Maple Leaf was the only thing with curves. How wrong I was. Ok girls, so tonight
movie or party? Liz, you don’t have a partner
and I’m looking for one. Two guys are irritating
me outside the house and two inside. In our language someone who misbehaves
with a girl we don’t teach them
with words we teach them in other ways.

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