• Mark Nicolau

    Wait when you have kids or if you have kids. We did homeschool before, not easy, we're still getting out of the city life but not so far and still working out on food sustainability.

  • since day one

    Hi Sir I want also to start organic backyard farming, Me also work in a banking industry for 10 years but I resigned, right now I want to develop my 800 sqm lot to a backyard garden.I want some advice to you Sir.Thank you. By the way Im from Philippines

  • Utsukushi arin

    You should keep a pair of goats or sheep. because they eat grass. so you don't have to bother clearing weeds and all of grass

  • Maria Francisco

    This is the best video on YouTube. Living in the city, my kids suffer from depression and other health problems. No sunshine, no fresh air, eating junk. This gave me hope.

  • Wolkie Baba

    Since there are so many people who have this dream its time that we start making it happen and helping each other do that and start becoming more and more self sufficient till we dont even need the government anymore.

  • skyym3

    It's crazy how this world sells us a bunch of lies and controls the masses so they believe what they say and not what God says. In fact the world doesn't even believe in God or if they do they hate him. Everything this guy has shown us from New Zealand is exactly what God provides for us and doing what God wants us to and building a relationship with him is where true happiness resides.
    God bless

  • Johnny Eclectic

    Is interesting how you have to start off rich to engage in subsistence agriculture now – to adopt the very basic lifestyle of the human species requires you climb to the top of the modern system.

  • Pyromite

    I love how he is constantly touching the plants❤️. That's totally me, everytime I step outside on my permaculture city-balkony , to take a look what has grown since the day before. It is a lifestock to bee's, other insects and birds, and just a few qms big. Everytime I am there it fulfills me greatly, and I am sad, that I can't afford a piece of land, or at least a small community-garden to grow some food in. Maybe one day. But I love seeing people like him, talking so pationately about what nature gives them. I feel the joy everytime

  • Julian_david

    I love how you started this with a powerful message that many need to here. The only reason I’m working hard is to free myself and my family from our debts and buy some land

  • DogCat Party

    June 2019 Everyone should watch this video. New Zealand cities should turn 'old' high rise buildings into 'Doris Day Memorial Dog Park Buildings' to replace the name of all 'Section 8' apartments because that is a name is a military term that translates into 'worthless person.' She dedicated her life to kindness and animal welfare. This could help save millions of pets and millions of people in every city around the world. Peter Thiel of PayPal and Tim Cook of Apple really benefited from Doris' friendship with the actor, Rock Hudson. They could easily afford to build and maintain these DDMDPB's designed by Richard Gage and his colleagues of 'Architects and Engineers for 9 ll Truth' and 'Firefighters for 9 ll Truth' (friendly conference video in Switzerland).

  • Mayveline Dela Merced

    It makes me want to quit my present job and start a new life like this. This is very inspirational for someone like me..thank you

  • Jennifer Cromwell

    Just land. Big or small. The house must not be more than 25% of that land. Must be made earth friendly materials but still secure to get good night's sleep for you and family. Plant edible plants. Small livestock like chickens or ducks but kept in pens and not cramped. Make time for it. Squeeze them in your schedule apart from your day job. Then you realize you don't need your day job because everything is provided for you by the land. Maybe get an affordable health insurance for you and family and fulfill that early retirement. I hear families of 5 living on $300 a month pension. They feed off the land, solar or biomass energy. They got their property cheap because it's just land and built structure suited to their needs and budget, plant then retire early.

  • Greg Lewis

    So true, Americans love to keep up with the neighbors. Everything has to be brand new, cars, boats, rvs, clothes, everything. ☺

  • beherenow

    Awesome message and encouragement that we all need to hear. Everybody can do it. We just have to start small and see what happens. The world is full of wonder.

  • Greg Lewis

    As a truck driver i dont think people are noticing the smog in every city, with the population growing. We will just sell oxgen in the future, kinda like the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the red planet Mars and they turned the fans off and people couldn't breathe. Without rain the air quality is bad. Bad air doesnt cause diseases? Did you see the movie Chernobyl? 🤔

  • Suzane durant

    WOW impressionnant de passer de l'un à l'autre ! Avez vous vu le film Permaculture, la voie de l'autonomie ? ça m'a fait atterrir jusque la !

  • Avani Amore

    Fantastic story. I was very inspired. My husband and I got out if the rat race some time ago. Now looking for a home base where we can grow our own food. Love permaculture. We’ve been consumers and had the cars and stuff. Definitely didn’t make us happy.

  • erica adjetey

    thank you so much. i watched lots of videos but this was what I needed. thank you for making things clear for me.

  • Annabelle Martinez

    I want to do this when I retire. Right now I have no money to start this but I love to in the future. I grew uo in a county and its so amazing when the plant or vegetable you planted starts growing and bear fruits.

  • Heaven sent

    Our expertise, as humans, is in agriculture. There’s so much more satisfaction in seeing nature growing, change, beautify surroundings. Working in an office is a way of life imposed on us.

  • Pratiwi Suci

    Just love Andrew's philosophy of life. And it's so true. I hope i will be able to buy a piece of land and start a new life like that, close to the nature. The simpler the happier. Thank you for sharing 👍

  • Ano Fritz

    i guess i'm so blessed,,, i am 21 but i have just got my first acre of homestead (without a house yet) hahaha 😁 hopefully i can start farming from 25 y.old

  • Z Szilagyi

    This is hard work lads, it’s not for a anyone! Definitely don’t need a gym membership but lots of sweat and tears…

  • Gemma Joikhun

    He is living my dreams futures
    This is the life I want to live in
    “This is what I call – True Happiness”

  • Melody Joy

    Currently working hard to earn enough money to be able to pursue full-time homesteading! That's the thing about this lifestyle is that while you can start small wherever you are, if you really want to pursue it to this degree, you do have to have some money to buy land. And for those who are with me at the money-making part of the process, there's nothing wrong with that!

  • C Witham

    Thank you…appreciate you showing this about yourselves. My wife and are on the same road as a global professional engineer 👍

  • Chester Lee

    I am the lucky one, I am doing the same now in south of France!
    I just started in 2018, this year I got my first watermelons, what a great feeling of see these fruits! I can not put everything behind like him but I am building up my little farm up slowly, seriously it is a physical work but what I appreciate is the change of the mentality towards this material word for me.

  • Thonk McTinkFace

    Well I mean… His property must have cost a fortune. So in a way money DOES buy happiness. You just have to use it properly

  • Nexum Games

    This is really cool! I feel more and more pressure and bull flying around me and it’s getting to me. I want to grow fruits and vegetables and be near nature. It makes me feel good. You have inspired me to make more of my life and I am working on it every day. Tomorrow, I am going to be creating a worm bin and compost pile. I strive to grow organic produce that will reward me in the future. I also have a passion for art and drawing. I will start that too. Keep enjoying life people. Keep it up!

  • Maisha ya Mwafirika

    I'm African and watching this makes me want to cry. My grandparents and great grandparents and ancestors in general were brutalised and tortured into capitalism through colonialism. And now the world realises that a more natural way of life is better?! But Africans are now firmly on the march into capitalism and the general unawareness about all this is the real tragedy. oh god, why?

  • x1plus1x

    I love this, but let's be honest. It's a hell of a lot easier to start living like this if you're a millionaire finance manager to begin with.


    I am thinking always like I want become good farmer want make my land full of Greenery all fruirt trees but I don't know there is some fear inside me it says that if you failed then what will happens to your future

  • bestvideos4ever1

    Priveleged white F***t, buy off in rich priveleged community some land, doing some gardening near his modern platic house with Wi-Fi and so on and thinks that he contributes to NATURE and MOTHER EARTH ? is he pathetic idiot or he thinks that people are ?

    p.s: i will no coment on him, based on his words helping some richtard scaming off another 30 millions dollars from people. cause its a joke in itself. just a RICH idiot who don't fak hookers and live in yacht but on offgrid house with some gardens and plants? why that so? maybe he realise that some day everything will be gone !

  • Linda Vilma Ole

    Andrew Martin, Good day! Your life now is the one that I believed to be that of a GOOD LIFE. HAPPEN FILMS, you done a lot for my students. This is a good RESOURCE material for my class in "Science, Technology and Society". Thank you very much!

  • Erandu Campos Fernández

    How would you go from being poor to having a garden in which you could work? that is the real challenge…

  • CryptoCat

    Only problem I have with this at least in the US you need health insurance or else you are doomed. Once I figure it out! I will be out of the corporate bs world.

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