Malice & The Beanstalk 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 2 🏰 Magic Potion Transforms Trees!

– [Kids] Kiddyzuzaa. (upbeat music) – Keep your eyes peeled for
the Zuzberry tree, Esme. It’s notoriously hard to find. (Esme sniffing) – I think it’s just
around the corner. – That’s amazing. Well done, Esme. – And here it is. – Yah. – This is strange. – Very strange. – Right. Come on, Esme, to the palace. Princesses, something bad
is happening to the forest. There’s slime everywhere. The fruits are all rotten
and I think it’s spreading. – Ah, guys, you might
wanna have a look at this. (Olivia gasping) – What is that thing? – It’s like a giant beanstalk. – Mm, giant beans. – Let’s get a closer look. – What is that thing? – This is CCTV Pro
Circuit Television. It can fly right up to
that weird plant thing. We can see what it is
through this screen. Fly, my pretty. Fly. (Malice laughing evilly) – This potion is
working perfectly. Soon the whole forest will
be doing my evil bidding. What a productive
day this has been. (Olivia gasping) – Malice is trying to
take over the forest with some sort of
evil beanstalk. – Huh? Oh nice try, Princesses. (suspenseful music) – It must be that green potion
that she’s using to water it. – I think I’ve read about
this somewhere before. – Aha, here it is. The Fiendish Forest potion. With this potion
the forces of nature will soon be at your command. The spell can only be reversed using the purest Zuzaan water from the spring of Mount Zuzaa. – Ah. – Ah. – Mr. Zuzaa.
– What are you doing here? – The question is
not what but when. – Do you have any pure
Zuzaan water by any chance? – The question is not
do you have but when. – Onions? The question is not onions but. (Mr. Zuzaa crying) – There we are. Pure Zuzaan water. – Nice one, Esme. Now let’s get to that
beanstalk before it’s too late. – The question is not. Oh. – Right, Princesses,
we need to be stealthy. Follow my lead. (Esme screaming) – I was wondering when
you .. would turn up. Well, you’re too
late I’m afraid. The potion is in full swing and soon the whole of this
forest will be under my command. – Not if we’ve got
anything to do with it. Right, Princesses? Princesses? (Malice laughing evilly) – Prepare to be slimmed, Olivia. Huh? Ugh. – Quick, Esme. .. the vial. – I can’t. (Lilliana groaning) (Malice groaning) – There. Fly, my pretty, fly. – Nice one, Lilliana. (upbeat music) – Huh? – We did it, we
saved the forest. – Em, not quite. There, that’s better. – Um, Isabella,
you missed a spot. – Arg, I’ll get you, Princesses. – Oh.
– Mm. – Oh. (Esme screaming) Was that meant to happen? – No, it was meant to turn it
into a delicious apple pie. – [Lilliana] Apple pie, you say? – Lilliana!
– At your service. – Lilliana, we really
need your help. I tried to use my wand to
turn an apple into a pie but it completely malfunctioned. – Huh, you don’t need
magic to make apple pie. – I do. – Nonsense. Wait here, I’m going
to build you a machine that will make the best
apple pie you’ve ever tasted. – Right. Well, Esme, that
means it’s down to us to get to the bottom of this. – Well, it’s a pretty
big apple, Olivia. But I’ll do my best. – Not the apple, Esme. We’ve got to get to the bottom of why my magic isn’t working. – Right, of course. Whoa. – Ah, come on, Esme. To the palace. There’s got to be
something in here. Let’s see. The origin of
chocolate fountains. No. Cheesestring theory. No. The Malice palace paradigm. No. – Hang on, Olivia. Look at this. – “What to do if your
magic wand stops working.” This is perfect. “To get your wand’s
magical powers back, “you must pay a
visit to Mr. Zuzaa.” – Who’s Mr. Zuzaa? – The source of al the magic
in KiddyZuzaa Land apparently, who lives at the
top of Mount Zuzaa. – Mount Zuzaa? How do we get there? – First, you must cross
the Great Zuzaan Gorge. (wind blowing) Oh. That was easy. Next, you must climb to the
top of the Mighty Zuzaan Oak. Appreciate the view and
then climb back down again. Wait, what? Uh, that is actually
pretty spectacular. – Hey, look. There’s Lilliana. – Right, one apple
pie machine coming up. (tools screeching) – Next, simply follow
the signs to Mount Zuzaa. This way. – Ugh, do we have to? I had a really big lunch. – Come on, Esme. It won’t take us long. (Esme groaning) – Okay, this better be worth it. – Esme, look! – [Esme And Olivia] Mr. Zuzaa. – Correct. It is I, Mr. Zuzaa. The source of all the
magic in Kiddyzuzaa Land. – Mr. Zuzaa, thank
goodness we found you. I really need your help. My magic wand just
stopped working. – Say no more, Olivia. Say no more. – Aren’t you gonna fix my wand? – No, I just wanted
you to stop talking. – Oh.
– Goodbye. – You mean, we came all the
way up here for nothing. – Hang on. – Yes. What? Wait, what are you doing? Get away from there. – Isabella. – Wait. This isn’t Isabella,
it’s a robot. Hang on. Lilliana. Lilliana, how could you? Wait, hang on. This is a robot as well. Right, I think this
is the last one. Timothy. This one’s definitely
not a robot. – I think someone has led
us on a wild goose chase. (dramatic music) (Malice laughing evilly) – Those Princesses
are so gullible. Whilst they’re away
looking for Mr.Zuzaa, I’ve got all the
time in the world to lace over my new tracks
around the stinky old palace. Let’s see. Prank number one, in the
Malice palace paradigm. What on earth is? Uh oh. (Malice screaming) – And done. Just need an apple
to test it with now. Huh? (Malice screaming) – What’s going on here? – Ah, Olivia just in time. One delicious apple pie. – You know what, I’m
actually not hungry. – Speak for yourself. (Malice screaming) – We’re here. The magic wishing well. (Esme gasping) – Oh, is that it? – Quick, pass me
the Zuzaan pennies. – This doesn’t
look very magical. – I wish for another
Zuzaan penny. – Look, I really don’t
think that this is. – Aha, see? – Olivia, this is the same
penny that you threw in. – Is it? Hm, I wish for two
Zuzaan pennies. – Why don’t you try
wishing for something that’s not Zuzaan pennies
and see if it works. – Okay, I wish for a
ginormous chocolate cake. (money jingling) – See? – Hm, maybe this well doesn’t
accept Zuzaan pennies. Maybe it prefers. Twigs! (cheerful music) – [Esme] Um, Olivia,
I don’t think those will do the trick, either. – Oh trust me, Es– (Lilliana clearing throat) – Lilliana, I didn’t
know you lived in the magic wishing well. – This is a brand new,
secrete entrance to my lab. – Cool. (Olivia laughing) – Oops. – If you’re after the
magic wishing well, I’m afraid you’re looking
in the wrong place. – You know where it is? – Sure do. Come on down to the
lab and I’ll show you. (motor whirring)
(girls screaming) Right, who’s for
some special tea? – Special tea? – That’s right. Special tea is my specialty. This one is made with helium. – Uh, I’m alright, thanks. – Well, take some for
the road, just in case. Now, the magic wishing well. We are here. And you need to follow this path all the way to the magic
wishing well, here. But you guys should know, they say that the well lost
it’s magic powers years ago and that nowadays it’s pretty
much just used by Malice to get rid of her. (Lilliana sighing) Trash. (dark, whimsical music) – So it should be
just by this tree. Ah-ha! Here it is! – Right, Princesses. The tour of the bottom
of the wishing well will be starting shortly. (wheel creaking) – Olivia, what’s that noise? – [Esme And Olivia] Whoa! (girls screaming) – Wait a second, this isn’t a
magic wishing well, it’s a– – Hey there, Princesses. So nice of you to keep
watch over my trash for me. In fact, as a thank you,
here’s a few more bags! Ha-ha-ha! Right, best be off. I’ve got some gardening to do. – Ugh, Malice. I should have known. – And now we’re stuck down here. – With nothing to eat or drink! – Well, we do have
something to drink. – Ugh, I’d rather
eat that banana skin than drink Lilliana’s
special tea. – Huh? – Wha-huh? Hang on! That tea is made from helium! – Your point being? – Give it here! A small sip should be enough. Now you have some. – Olivia, I don’t understand. What’s this supposed to– – Whoa, whoa! – Ooh, that was fun! – Right, come on, Esme. Time to get our
own back on Malice. (ominous guitar music) There she is! Quick, pass me the tea. – Ugh, I wish you’d just
hurry up and grow already. – Huh, your wish is my command. – Come on, you miserable plant. Huh, what’s going on? (Malice screaming) (girls laughing) – You should be more careful
what you wish for, Malice! – I’ll get you, Princesses. (soft cheerful music)

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