Making GRANNY’S Basement Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!
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Making GRANNY’S Basement Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik. And today we’re gonna
create Granny’s basement as a miniature in polymer clay. So guys, let’s get started
by unpacking the clay. I’m gonna make first the
base of Granny basement so I mix white and gray clay. And now I’m gonna place this layer of clay onto my technical sketch and out of it we’re gonna
cut the shapes of the base. After it’s done we’re
just gonna move the base onto the baking tray. And now guys we’re gonna make the walls, we’re gonna make the four walls. Four of them will have the same dimensions and two of them will have a door entrance. And as you see I used the technique that I just place elements on my sketch and I just cut the elements
from it to match the sketch. So now guys we’re gonna make the first secret room of Granny. This is the room with the stairs. To go to this room you just
have to move some crates from the wall and you
will see the entrance then you have to crawl in a tunnel, but we’re gonna make this tunnel later. Right now, as you see, I
just created four walls, the base for the secret room and now we’re gonna make the stairs. So we’re just gonna fold the clay and then we’re gonna try to make the rectangle shape out of it, we’re gonna help ourselves
with the plastic ruler, and then when this piece of
clay is looking like a rectangle we’re gonna match the size. So, as you see, I just cut
it to the size of the ceiling of the one wall, and then I just mark where I need to cut and then I just cut it. And after that I’m gonna mark the stairs and once again, I’m just
gonna cut to the lines. And when I’m doing this there is time for the
questions and comments, so let’s get started
with the first question. “Can’t wait to see the house.” Yeah, I also can’t wait to see
the full house of Granny’s, but for now guys, we just
created in the previous video Granny garage. In this video, Granny basement. And I think it’s like three
more levels of this house and also the garden and also
the outside of the house. Because guys I also
not only want to create the interior of the house, I also want to create the outside. But I think this will be
the final, final step, this will be in a few weeks. We’re gonna create the wall
textures, windows, doors, some of the garden, and this whole structure will be removable like a doll house. But for now, let’s just
focus on today’s video which is Granny basement. I think this creation and the video will be a little bit longer
than the previous video because we’ve got one large room and two secret tiny rooms and two tunnels. And speaking of the secret room, as you see guys, right now
I’m creating the tiniest room. In this room we just got a
table and I think that’s it. But this room is just make
like out of the ground or something because the
walls are brown in the game. Right now I’m making the wood supports and after we got it we’re
gonna make the tunnel. This tunnel leads us to another space which is the garden. At first, when I just
played the Granny’s game I was in this space and I didn’t know that it was the garden, but a few days ago I was
once more time in this space and I just realized that this is a garden because when we look up we see
some of the Granny’s house, some windows, we see that
there is a night outside and we see the barbed wires on the fence, so that’s for sure the garden. So let’s get back to the creation. I just created this room so I just place everything
on my baking tray. And right now I’m making
the table for the main room. On this table in the
game we see a few items that we need to get to escape
from the Granny’s house. I think those things are random when we first log into the game but when I log to take
some screenshots in my game there was a gasoline on the
table and a picture of Granny. So right now you saw that I
just created the gasoline tank. We’re gonna make the tiny
elements which is I think a pipe. And right now we’re
gonna make the picture. I think it was the picture
of Granny or something, or maybe the family of
Granny, I don’t remember. So let’s place it on the baking tray. And right now we’re
gonna make the barrels. Guys, I have a question for you. What do you think, what
is in these barrels? What Granny hide into those barrels? And while I’m creating them there is time for another comment. This comment is from the Cat Tower video. “Cat was having fun,
I want to be in here.” I saw thousands of comments like this and every time I saw a comment like this I laughed because that
will be very funny to see a human inside of this cage for the cats. If my neighbors all see
something like that, that I’m keeping kids in the cage, I’m pretty sure that this
wouldn’t end happy for me. But actually guys there
is a way to get inside because this tower was created this way that I can open it, it have four doors, it was designed in that
way because I thought if for example one of my
cat would stuck in there or it want to get back to the house, I would just open the doors and take the cat manually. (laughs) But something like that never happens because they always get back to the home, specially now when there
is winter and cold outside, they spend there like half an hour and they just go back to the home because this cage is
connected to the house. We forgot to film it
but there is an entrance that connects one of the
tunnels to the window, and in the window is like a little square that cat fit into. It’s actually in my tiny basement, I don’t have that huge
basement like Granny. My basement is one of the
tiniest room in this creation and only thing that I kept in
there is like a refrigerator. But yeah, overall, my cats love this tower and they love specially their tunnels. I don’t see them very
often sitting in the tower but instead of this I see them
very often in the tunnels. But guys let’s get back to our creation. As you see right now, I’m
creating the black crate door. There is an object like
this in the Granny basement. We’re gonna place it on the big tray and then we’re gonna make the columns. There is four columns
in the Granny basement. And this thing, this thing
I don’t have idea what it is but there is something like
this in the Granny house when you go to the Granny
garage and the back there is something like this. I don’t have idea what it is. If you know, let me know in the comments. And now guys we’re gonna
make the second tunnel. This tunnel is also very narrow and we’re gonna place
it on the baking tray. Right now we’re gonna make so hidden safe, hidden place in the stairs. I think to open this in the game you just need some kind of the screwdriver and there is something inside. And now guys I’m just cut the stairs because I just figured out that these need to connect
with the Granny’s garage. You will see at the end how it will look. But now guys everything is created, we’re going to the oven and
the next step is the painting. So we’re gonna just remove
everything from the baking tray. Some elements stick very hard so I have to help myself with a blade. It sticks all of the
space on the baking tray. This creation will be
pretty big for a miniature. Yes, let’s just remove
tiny little elements and now we’re gonna paint it. So I just pour some of the
paints on my poor palette. This palette is very very odd. It have paint stains on
it from like a few years and because of this
stained paint is so thick that I don’t even see
the original structure of this palette. So when the colors are done we go now pour some colors onto the base, some of the brown, some of the black. We’re gonna make some of
the black drops and the red. Big squash of blood. It is actually blood, guys? And which blood is it? Let me know in the comments what do you think what
happened in this basement. Now we’re gonna paint the walls
and this thing on the wall, I think it’s something for electricity. We’re gonna paint one of
the secret rooms of Granny, the columns and while I’m doing this there is time for another comment. “You dyed your hair?” Yes, I dyed my hair at the
beginning of this year. I do it because I just needed a change, I was just bored with my
current color of the hair so I thought why not do it. And now guys let’s get
back to the creation. As you see I’m painting the tiny elements. Yes, my hands are very
dirty but don’t worry, I’m using the water-based
paints so it’s easily washable. And as you see right
now my hands are clean. We’re gonna remove everything
from the painting tray and guys, my favorite part. Gluing this thing together. It’s like a puzzle. Some of those elements I need to cut to just fit the other elements, for example the walls. I’m using the Super Glue so guys, if you’re making this creation with me or maybe you are inspired by
this to make your own creation, always remember to be
careful with the glue. So now I’m just gluing the tiny elements like this table with the blood on it and the column and the little sewer plate. And when I’m gluing all those things there is time for another comment. “How long does the FIMO
Soft or Professional clay “stay fresh or usable?” Well, from my experience, the only clay that I have problem
with was FIMO Professional because when you buy the clay, when you use it from
like one month of buying, everything is good. But when this clay sits
on the table and not used in the original packaging
for like half a year, it might be brittle. And you have to spend
like 10 to 20 minutes to condition this brittle
elements into one piece, which is really time consuming. I didn’t saw this problem with FIMO Soft probably because FIMO
Soft have more oil in it, because of that it’s much softer, and mainly because of that I’m just now using only the FIMO Soft. And that was the answer. Guys, you often ask me in the comments what I listen to during scalping. Do I listen to music or
do I listen to silence? No, I listen to audiobooks. And today’s sponsor is a service where I get my audiobooks from, it’s Audible. They have the largest selections
of audiobooks on the planet and whenever I seek to
create something in clay I just turn on Audible on
my device and pick a book. Yesterday I started listening
to a new horror book which is It by Stephen King and I really enjoyed so far. So guys if you also like
listening to audiobooks, go to or text LORECHIRIK to
500-500 on your phone and you will get 30 day
trial and one audiobook. Audible members get
three titles every month, one audiobook and two Audible originals which is a pretty nice deal. You can bring it everywhere with you because it’s available on mobile devices. I take it with me on the gym because I signed myself
recently on the gym, yes, it’s my 2019 goal. Okay guys,,
links in the description. And now guys let’s see the final result. So as you see guys we’re gonna connect the garage that we made
in the previous video with the basement of
Granny that we made today and as the final effort, guys,
make sure to leave a like. In the next video we’re gonna probably make the first floor of Granny house. This will be on the Wednesday. Maybe in the Friday there
will be another video on another topic, but for now
I can’t guarantee it to you. Check out how I created
Granny’s car and Granny’s garage and see you on Wednesday, we’re gonna create the first
floor of Granny’s house.


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