Majoring in Real Estate

[The University of Georgia Terry College of
Business: Majoring in Real Estate] [Intro music]
[About the Major] [Olivia Matthews: Real Estate Major] OLIVIA: Many people assume that a real estate
career translates to selling houses. Becoming a residential real estate agent is an option,
however, other careers are common. This program emphasizes commercial real estate,
which is any property that produces income such as offices or retail space. [Will Heaton: Real Estate Major] WILL: Real estate, it’s the world around
us. It’s where we live, work, shop, and play. So once you have the real estate mindset,
you really start to notice how a city comes together. If you see a trendy location, a
real estate professional had something to do with that. They acquired and developed
the site, they leased the locations, and they ensure the spaces are operating efficiently. [Why Real Estate?] OLIVIA: I chose this major because it is
tangible. You perform analysis on a building that you can actually walk through to see
the features that increase its value. I also like how the faculty take the time to get
to know you. WILL: Well for me, it was because the program
has such a strong reputation. Our graduates, they’re in high demand, and our alumni are
extremely active and willing to help you find a job or an internship. OLIVIA: Real estate has a boom-bust nature,
but buildings don’t disappear, so there is always a need for real estate professionals.
Terry’s rigorous program gives you the in-depth knowledge to successfully navigate a downturn. [Careers in Real Estate] OLIVIA: There are numerous opportunities
in Real Estate for any skillset [Positions In Real Estate: Acquisitions Analyst, Associate Property Manager, Development Associate, Financial Analyst, Real Estate Broker, Sales
or Leasing Associate] Those with strong analytical skills would do well as
an analyst while those with solid interpersonal skills would succeed in sales or leasing. Graduates work for real estate firms, brokerages, financial institutions, private and public companies, and consulting firms. [Potential Employers
Real Estate Firms and Brokerages: CBRE, Jamestown, Jones Lang LaSalle
Financial Institutions: Bank of America, Prudential Mortgage Capital, Wells Fargo
Companies and Consulting Firms: Georgia Power Co., RaceTrac Petroleum, Ernst & Young] I plan to go into office brokerage and help
clients find the best location for their companies. This area of real estate is relationship-based
and requires a dynamic personality. WILL: After graduation, I’m planning on
working for the commercial real estate lending arm of Wells Fargo. There, I will be using
financial models to crunch data and value a real, tangible, physical building. [The Terry Experience] OLIVIA: The UGA Real Estate Society is a
platform to meet company representatives and alumni. As a member, I get insider access
to scholarships, internships, jobs, and influential guest speakers. Also, I’m included in the
resume book sent to hundreds of companies. [What Advice Would You Give to Incoming Real
Estate Majors?] WILL: I advise Real Estate majors to hone
in on their networking skills. I acknowledge that networking is intimidating, but you must
do it. It’s important in any business field, but in particular, it’s important in this
one. OLIVIA: If you want to graduate from a top-ranked
program and apply your knowledge in a tangible field, then major in Real Estate at Terry. [outro music]

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