MAGIC MALICE CLONES 👯 Lilliana’s Invention Is Stolen! – Kiddyzuzaa Land | WildBrain Kiddyzuzaa
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MAGIC MALICE CLONES 👯 Lilliana’s Invention Is Stolen! – Kiddyzuzaa Land | WildBrain Kiddyzuzaa

– [Child] Kiddyzuzaa! (dramatic music) (gentle music) – There. Oh I can’t wait to
show the princesses. Princesses, guess
what I just invented? – Oh, what is it? (screams) (giggling) – I just made myself a– – Behold my newest invention. The cloning machine! – But hey, that’s my– – Wow that’s so cool. – Whoa, awesome. – I can’t believe it. (gasping) – Where did you get
the idea Malice? – Well I just thought
one of me is great, so several mes would
be really great. – So Malice, why don’t
you show us how it works? – Oh, uh, sure. So you just do this and press that and then. (gasps) (machine whirring) (yelps) Clone Malice, there’s
laundry to do. – Yes Malice, right away. – Wow Malice, you’re a genius. – Whoa. – I wonder if we
could clone chocolate. (giggling) – Hey, down in front! – Malice, how could you? You stole my invention. – I didn’t do
anything of the sort. – I’ve got to find a way to prove that it
was my invention. A-ha! Princesses, I built
the cloning machine. Not Malice. – Sure you did Lilliana. That’s why there’s a
lot of Malice clones and no Lilliana clones. – I thought you might say that. This will take us back in time so you can see for yourself that Malice stole it. – All right! – Let’s go! – Yeah! – But why not just stay here and have fun? – A-ha! See? She stole my invention. – Another Malice? Wow, I didn’t even
turn it on yet. – Malice, I think as punishment you should do my
washing up for a week. – Ugh, fine! I guess it’s not that bad. Lilliana, please, no just… Come on! (groaning nervously) (yelping) – Was that meant to happen? – No, it was meant to turn it into a delicious apple pie. – [Lilliana] Apple pie you say? – [Olivia] Lilliana! – At your service. Lilliana, we really
need your help. I tried to use my wand to turn the apple into a pie. But it completely malfunctioned. – You don’t need magic to make apple pie. – I do. – Nonsense. Wait here. I’m going to build you a machine that will make
the best apple pie you’ve ever tasted. – Right. Well Esme that means it’s down to us to get to the bottom of this. – Well it’s a pretty
big apple Olivia but I’ll do my best. – Not the apple Esme. We’ve got to get to the bottom of why my magic isn’t working. – Right, of course. Whoa! – Ugh, come on Esme. To the palace. There’s got to be
something in here. Let’s see. The origin of
chocolate fountains? No. Cheese string theory? No. The Malice palace paradigm? No. – Hang on Olivia. Look at this. – What to do if your
magic wand stops working. This is perfect. To get your wand’s
magical powers back you must pay a
visit to Mr. Zuzaa – Who’s Mr. Zuzaa? – The source of all the magic in Kiddyzuzaa Land apparently, who lives at the
top of Mount Zuzaa. – Mount Zuzaa. How do we get there? – First, you must cross
the great Zuzan Gorge. (wind howling) Oh. That was easy. Next, you must climb to the top of the mighty Zuzan Oak. Appreciate the view and then climb back down again. Wait, what? Oh, that is actually
pretty spectacular. – Hey look! There’s Lilliana. – Right, one apple
pie machine coming up. (power tools whirring) – Next simply follow the
signs to Mount Zuzaa. This way! – Ugh, do we have to? I had a really big lunch. – Come on Esme. It won’t take us long. (groans) – (sighs) Okay, this
better be worth it. – Esme, look! – [Both] Mr. Zuzaa! – Correct. It is I, Mr. Zuzaa. The source of all the magic in Kiddyzuzaa Land. – Mr. Zuzaa, thank
goodness we found you. I really need your help. My magic wand just
stopped working. – Say no more
Olivia, say no more. – Aren’t you gonna fix my wand? – No, I just wanted
you to stop talking. – Oh. – Goodbye. – You mean we came all the
way up here for nothing? – Hang on. – Yes? Wait, what are you dong? Get away from there. – Isabella! – Wait, this isn’t Isabella. It’s a robot! Hang on. Lilliana! Lilliana, how could you? Wait, hang on. This is a robot as well. Right, I think this
is the last one. Timothy. This one’s definitely
not a robot. – I think someone’s led
us on a wild goose chase. (laughing maniacally) – Those princesses
are so gullible. Whilst they’re away
looking for Mr. Zuzaa, I’ve got all the
time in the world to lay some of my new traps around this stinky old palace. Let’s see. Prank number one. In the Malice Palace paradigm. What on Earth is… Uh-oh. Whoa! – And done. Just need an apple to test it with now. Huh? (Malice screaming) (machine whirring and beeping) – What’s going on here? – Ah, Olivia, just in time. One delicious apple pie. – You know what? I’m actually not hungry. – Speak for yourself. (screaming) (machine whirring) (laughing maniacally) (sighs) – Isabella, it’s okay. You’re not gonna get splashed
by the fountain you know. – You can never be
too careful Olivia. Chocolate stains you know. – Honestly I’ve sunbathed
here a million times and I’ve never been splashed
by the chocolate fountain. It just doesn’t happen. – You were saying? – What did that? (both yelping) – It’s gone to the forest. What was that thing? – I have no idea. But I know someone who will. – Oh, do we have to? – If there’s some
weird forest creature coming into the place
gardens, Isabella, I wanna know what it is. Now come on. – Oh, fine. But if I get mucky, I’m sending you the
dry cleaning bill. – Come on Isabella! – Ew, so gross. – Esme! – Ugh, Esme! – It wasn’t me! What, huh? Oh, hey guys. What brings you here? – We need your help. How much do you know about the animals of the forest? – Oh, I think I can help. Did it look like this? – What is that? – Zuzan stink bats. They’re pretty cool. – Ugh. – I don’t think it
was one of them. It wasn’t flying. It was bouncing. – Hmm. A fluhdonk? Hmm. Then was it Willard the sloth? – No. – Guys. – There’s nothing
else it could be? – [Isabella] Guys! – Not that I know of. – [Isabella] Guys! (gasping) – That’s it! – Quick, grab it! (princesses grunting) Ugh, come on. Let’s get after it. – What are those for? – You’ll see. (yelling) (giggling) Right. The thing went this way. It has to be around
here somewhere. – Okay, let’s split
up and find it. Wands at the ready princesses. – [Both] Hmm. – (giggles) Oops,
just my shadow. – Hmm. Hmm. Ah, time for a break I think. (gasps) Hello you. You cute little thing. (giggles) You like raspberries. (yelping) – Esme. You find anything? – No, you? – Nothing. Have you seen Isabella? (Isabella giggling) – Isabella? (gasps) That’s it! – Esme you scared it off. – Quickly princesses, after it! – A break, at last. – Where did it go? – Hey, is that a
door in the rock? – Quick, let’s see if
we can get it open. (grunting) – [All] All right! – Where are we? – (gasps) Who’s that? Malice? – Where? – Wait, Lilliana! – Oh (giggles) hey princesses. Welcome to my new lab. – Oh, there you are. – I see you’ve met
one of my furgabbits. – Furgabbits? Those aren’t real. – They are now thanks to my creature
creator 3000. Simply place one
animal on one end, and another one on the other, and boom! You have a completely
new animal. (gasping) And before you ask Esme, we can’t try it on you. It’s early days you see. There are still a few glitches. – Lilliana, what
kind of glitches? – Oh, it just makes a few more versions of the
creature than you want. – A few more? – Yeah. Don’t worry about them. They’ll be fine as long as you closed the
door on the way in. – [All] Uh. (screaming and giggling) (game beeping) – No way! Eaten by the demon
surprise egg again? Ugh! Mr. Snuggles? Who put this here? This isn’t funny anymore whoever keeps doing this. – Tell me again why we’re going for a night time
walk in the woods. – Because it’s fun. – It’s not, it’s scary! (screaming) See? – It’s just Mr.
Snuggles, Olivia. – Well I’m sorry,
but even teddy bears falling from the sky is scary. Where did he come from? – [Both] Malice. – Looks like she’s
just gone to sleep. Come on. – What do you mean come on? – Malice is asleep. Have you ever been in her tower? – No, and I’ve never planned to. Ugh, well I’m not going. I’m just gonna stay here. Alone. In the woods. The scary, dark woods. Esme wait up! (yelps) Esme what have you done? This place is a tip. – It was already like this. And shh! – [Olivia] What a mess. This place is disgusting. – [Esme] This is weird. Our school yearbook. Our class as well. Hmm. I remember that girl. Alice. Alice something. – [Olivia] Why would Malice have circle Alice
in our yearbook? – [Esme] I don’t know. Unless. (gasps) – [Both] Malice is Alice! – [Esme] Hey, when did we learn to communicate telepathically? – [Isabella] We didn’t. – [Esme] So we’re just talking out loud in silly voices? – (gulps loudly) Let’s
hope we didn’t wake– – [Malice] Malice? – We should run. – Quickly, before
she knows our plan. – You do realise you guys are speaking out loud right? – We did it again! – [Esme] Run! – So you’re saying
Malice used to be our classmate Alice and
then she turned evil? – [Both] Yes! – But what turned her evil? – Maybe it was something we did. – Can I have a go? – I dunno Alice. It’s Mr. Snuggle’s turn next. – Two seconds Esme. I’m coming up. – Oh I wouldn’t. This branch might not take the weight of the three of us. – The three of us? – Yeah, me and Mr. Snuggles are already up here. – You princesses. So that means we can
talk to each other whenever we want. Mr. Snuggles, Mr.
Snuggles, do you copy? Repeat, this is
Olivia to Snuggles. Okay, maybe I wasn’t
that kind either. – It’s all our fault. We didn’t share our
things with Alice and that turned her evil. She became Malice because of us. – Oh no, what are
we going to do? (hands clapping) – Princesses it’s simple. We’ll go ’round
there and apologise. (Isabella moaning nervously) (gulping loudly) (doorbell rings) (Isabella yelps) (giggling) – Whoa! (jet pack engine whooshing) (gasps) – Lilliana, are you okay? – I’ve got it. – Got what? – Malice didn’t turn evil because we didn’t share
out things with her. She turned evil
because we didn’t share Mr. Snuggles with her. (Malice maniacally laughing) – You think I turned evil because of you princesses and some stupid teddy bear? – Exactly. – Ha! I turned evil because my
whole family was evil. It’s in my blood. – But, you were
cuddling Mr. Snuggles. – An experiment to
see what it felt like. Ugh, and it felt awful. Anyway, you princesses
are trespassing on evil property. Do I need to use my
teddy cannon again? (all stuttering) – Yeah, I think
it’s time we left. Lots to do. – I’m sorry Mr. Snuggles. Let’s keep this
between us, yeah? (upbeat music)

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