Luxury Home Realtor Twin Cities Minnesota Sold Home Numbers May 900k to 1 Million
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Luxury Home Realtor Twin Cities Minnesota Sold Home Numbers May 900k to 1 Million

all right Dale Frisch Woodbury
real estate group will be really all right
luxury real estate agent whatever you want to call me friend
data mining experts all right so here I did this is the nine hundred to a
million dollar range right so I’m cutting
I did seven hundred and nine hundred and the reason why I think I did that is
subconsciously I know that there is a ten percent mortgage out there and I’ve
had several clients that use the ten percent because they’re keeping the cash
in their business right they can get a better return on investment keeping
their businesses you know getting sixty percent between 40 and 60 percent return
on their investment they’re only borrowing money at five or six percent
so they may keep more cash in their pocket put less down by doing the ten
percent but you’re limited up to 850 right with that and then you’re ten
percent down would get you to a nine hundred range right so that being said
now we do nine hundred to a million right and let me verify this this will
be interesting in the first one first one on 925 sold for 875 again these
numbers 925 875 when you’re selling or buying pay attention to those it’s a
reoccurring theme original list price was a million right so two hundred forty
one days on market we did this in the seven hundred nine hundred thousand
dollar price range we’re seeing houses that didn’t sell the previous year come
back on the market more aggressively the second year so if it’s your first year
listing I would pay attention to what people did wrong the year before so
after being on the market for 241 days the year prior they dropped to 20 in 23
days they got the things sold right I was going to look down here for
financing sellers terms conventional cash
oh no sellers herbs Oh sellers financing terms cash so this is all cash right
nine hundred and eight hundred seventy five thousand dollars cash let’s move on
to the next and we only have five homes that have sold in May that closed right
when did these clothes though they closed you know
these on market here this one zero 995 this is lakefront Prior Lake right
995 zero days now market let’s look at the history though this is the telltale
sign like a car it will usually give you a noise a warning light or something
prior to the engine blowing up right we want to look at the telltale signs so in
2016 listed at 1.2 then in the fall dropped
to 1.1 it could have got this could have got a decent somehow this got messed up
in the listing because it at one point it was this year it was listed for 2.7 the yeah anyway when you’re listening
property go back look at houses around that sold and an era that was the Year
previous right or didn’t sell in the year previous we’re looking for
cancelled what are we looking for cancelled properties sold or in the year
before around you okay so we’re not going to look at sold we’re going to
look at cancelled because those are overpriced homes right this one was
overpriced originally at 1.5 to 1.2 sold for 995 in 0 days right that is what
that house is worth regardless if it was multiple offers I don’t know here 997
sold for 850 right 964 days on market prior price was 303 err price days on
market 303 lessons to be learned how long do you want to sell out there
sellers our mortgage shrimp it was conventional so this is a conventional
at 850 like I said but talk about a discount waiting I mean this is a
beautiful home and I get you feel like something’s worth what right but the
truth of the matter is it’s only worth what a buyers willing to pay if you’re
at 997 someone offers 850 and your buyer or if your buyer you look at that angle
I mean nine hundred sixty five days on market is a tale to be told
all right here’s 999 almost a million sold for 905 one hundred thousand
dollars off days on market 86 for the price but 385
go back to the history here’s your trend in 2016 they were
listed 2014 2000 2015 2016 tried tried again we’re talking one point one point
two originally started that finally listed at 999 got it sold I mean we’re
talking two hundred thousand dollars there were lists over priced by two
hundred thousand dollars and when they went on market 99 they finally accepted
so the other part about overpricing that this is what I’m realizing right now is
that if you over price those days on market are going to start eating away at
your subconscious mind right it’s kind of like um I could make references to
relationships but that wouldn’t be good it’s it’s kind of like on you know
eating wrong food right over time you’re going to gain weight if you just eat
healthy you will automatically lose weight because you burn to Train 600
calories by just getting up and walking around in the morning right if you want
to accelerate that you run workout whatever right but nagging this if
you’re the days on market are going to start nagging at you that you’re not
selling okay back to the fact we don’t want opinions we want facts deal that’s
all we want okay here we go 999
common list price sold price 980 no seller contributions in any visa on
twenty days on market when they came back out which they came back out 321
there are market 385 days before so sum this up if you’re a buyer net thing has
priced air that has common days on market of x1 look for houses in November
to even if you’re not here an agent like neke go shoot video of the house for you
as long as you’re pre-qualified I can show proof of funds or something to get
into the house because a agent and million dollar price ring should be
and for proof of funds on the long as I can show proof funds then I can chat
send you a video if you really like the thing you can fly back here look at it
in the wintertime off or less on it because 385 days you and everyone else
he’s not agreeing with the seller what the price is worth all right so that’s
it five houses that have sold over between 900 and a million we’re going to
break into the million to a million five range after this on the next video stay
tuned is deal thanks you

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