Luna’s Crazy Rock & Roll Dream 🌟 | The Loud House | Nick

[rock music playing] ♪ Dropping records on a weekly basis ♪ ♪ Playing shows in exotic places ♪ ♪ Rocking out to a cheering crowd ♪ ♪ Hear them screaming Luna Loud ♪ ♪ My favorite colors
Are platinum and gold ♪ ♪ Being a rock star never gets old ♪ ♪ My life is a dream ♪ ♪ A crazy rock n’ roll dream ♪ [playing guitar] Stage dive! [falling] Sorry, dude.
I hope I passed the audition. Oh, you did more than pass. You’re gonna be headlining
The Royal Rumble. Congratulations, dear. Smashing, love!
Your biggest gig yet! Woo! Next stop, rock n’ roll fame! Is that Chester Monk? The one and only. Great to see you,
Ms. Vaporciyan. Whoa! You know Chunk? I was his first teacher when
he moved here from England. I always thought he was gonna be
such a big rock star! You know, he headlined
The Rumble too. He did? Why didn’t you tell me
you headlined The Rumble, dude? Didn’t wanna toot me own horn,
but yeah. It was quite a show. Five encores,
but who’s countin’? Have a butchers at me year book. “Next stop, rock n’ roll fame”? Next stop, rock n’ roll fame! Great minds think alike,
hey love? Hello, governor! This what I was fancyin’. Why’s he grabbing that junk
off the road? What if I don’t make it
as a rock star? I don’t wanna end up
living in a van, man! So, why do you want to work
in a record store? Well, I really wanted
to be a rock star, but that’s probably
never gonna happen. So I figured this is another way
I can share my love of music with people. Right on! You’re hired. [music playing] Welcome, dude!
How can I help you? Do you have McSwagger’s new album? I hear he’s pretty good. Pretty good? Mc’s basically a rock god! But you can’t just start
with his new stuff. You need to know
where the man’s coming from. Let’s start with his first album,
“Where I’m Coming From”. This is Mc’s fifth album
where he went reggae. If you play it backwards,
it’s a country album. So it’s actually his fifth and sixth! Mc’s ninth album is super rare, ’cause instead of vinyl,
they made it out of hard candy. Luna, you gotta chill out. Dude, I’m with a customer! You mean, that customer? [door shutting]

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