Lucille, the Realtor Kid — ABC’s of Real Estate
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Lucille, the Realtor Kid — ABC’s of Real Estate

I just roll out of bed, show some homes, and scribble on a piece of paper. Not even honey, are you crazy?! I like to start my day early. *ring* I can’t do anything until I have my coffee. To sell a million dollar home, you have to look like a million bucks Then I head to the office for client meetings. Aghh! Modtown has a fabulous marketing team. Silver: Here’s you’re pre-listing packet, Lucille.
Lucille: Thank you! Silver: Good luck today! I take care of a few emails. Kelsey: Lucille, you will never bel—
Lucille: Please! I need to finish this email. Aaaand done. Lucille is one of the best agents I know. She’s hardworking and determined. Buuut, sometimes she can be a little scary. …And I’m off to my first meeting. *slap* Nicole: So, I’m thinking I want something not-too-big but not-too-small either. Maybe a really high pitched roof or maybe a castle, what about a moat. Is that possible? [The Sounds of Silence] [Nicole Continues] Afterwards, I grab a light lunch. I like to coach my agents. Jason: Hey Lucille! Sometimes you just have to be tough on them. Lucille: why aren’t you door knocking?! I just want them to be the best agents they can be. Jason: you know, Lucille can be pretty tough, but you can learn a lot from her so it’s really nice to have somebody like her in the office. Oh honey, that’s easy. It’s the smile on the face when I find their dream home. Nicole: …or like you know really beautiful, castle-like gardens but you know, not too much to maintain. Lucille: maybe something like this? Nicole: *gasp* That’s perfect! Thanks, Lucille, you’re the best. If you want the best deal, call Lucille.

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