Los Santos Real Estate | se02ep01 | The Wolves are coming
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Los Santos Real Estate | se02ep01 | The Wolves are coming

Cho Lenny fucking Semour You son of a bitch. Your midnight camera shenanigans around Hillcrest Avenue lost me my job Oh shut up. The window was open It’s not about the fucking window, it’s about Trumps air purificators Yeah, Robinson Real Estate only uses top of the line Schwarzenburgs. But who cares, they are all dicks anyway Your career is already over. Look at you, you’re a washed up drunk. Why did you have to drag me down with you Now no one will take me You shouldn’t have sold the houses with devices designed for mass murder Now, leave me be. Let me wallow in my own sorrow You are such a god damn – Oh God damnit, I used to have someone answerring this shit Former Dynasty real estate, currently freelance real estate agent Lenny Semour speaking how can I help you? Outside. Bring Chow Alright, lets get outside Yeah lets go you treatorous piece of shit Come one, lets go! I did what you asked boss Yes, fantastic job. Gentlemen, get in the limo Wait, why are you so battered? Ah god.. We got knocked out by this guy Please dont kill us Kill you? Bat? Mikael, whats all this about? Well I got them boss What have I told you about the bats? You’re going to kill somebody Well I took the initative boss The initiative wasn’t yours to take Now, its time for punishment Gentlemen, wait right here while I handle my slow cousin What have I told you – No victor please Accept your punishment like a man I’ll tell my mother- Tell her! I havent had a christmas card from the wrench in years I’m sorry you had to see that but that insubordination can not go unpunished Why did we get taken into the van? I just cleaned the limo, cant have dust all over it I am seeing double, 5 Semours What is wrong with Cho? It’s just a minor concussion Why do I hear blood flowing out of my ear? My god, we need to take him to a hospital No, he’s fine O my God, its you. Lenny Semour. Enough of this Gentlemen I brought you out here to make you an offer, you couldnt refuse I’ll take it But you didn’t even hear my offer yet You said we couldn’t refuse We need to pick up one more guy, then I’ll tell you all about it Victor, wait! Take the van back to the lockup But you have the keys! *Bowling Bling playing* And here we have him The celeberty cinematagropher and the man behind the smash hit, Bowling Bling Sir, do you have a spare moment to talk to us? Yeah sure So you have take Los Santos by story with your smash hit Now tell us, what’s next? I’m just taking a break now, travel the world, see places That sounds amazing. So you’ve had a checkered past with Los Santos Real Estate and downfal of celeberty real estate agent David Cho Have you seen Cho since? No comments. Got another signing to do so see you later. Please, one more question? Please sir? Oh, I dont feel well.. CHO?! O my god its you! Lenny Semour! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Guys I have an offer that gets you right back on top in the Real Estate business What do you mean I’m already on top! I’m a god damn hit artist in Los Santos Silence idiot Look at this crate! What horrible miss-use of fine wood! Whats wrong with him? Don’t worry about it, it’s a minor basebat related concussion. He’ll be fine Who are you? My name is Victor Doge, CEO of Wolf International Real Estate I know all about the three of you and therefor I brought you all out here You have nowhere to go and we are the biggest Real Estate agency out there How does Lenny and Cho from Wolf Real Estate sound? Look at this stirdy fine wooden shaft, supporting this finely kept storage facility! That’s the spirit, Cho’s onboard! What about you two? I’m in Camera guy? We could use your expertise Fuck no! What have I told you about hitting people?! But I used my fists this time! YOU IDIOT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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