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Hi everybody it is me Corrie Sommers and today I’m here with Gourmet Romano and one of the co-founders. Today We’re going to talk this exciting Pizzaria what they have to offer us, so stay tuned. Hello, Ciao, bonjourno, I’m Serina and we are in Romero Mano as you see and welcome and let’s see what questions you have for us. Ok, why don’t Okay, first of all I would like to tell everyone that we are first in LA as a PINSA. Pinas’ means push the jaw by hand it’s a new technique for here. But in Italy as Pinsa was there before pizza. So the pinsa comes from Roman Empire, it’s very healthy very healthy side of the Pizza. It contains 80% water instead of 50% water that usually pizzas contains. But ours contains 80% water and these were fermented up to 72 hours so it’s very easy to digest. It’s very crunchy outside and very soft inside. So it’s very unique and you can come and try. We like to introduce you a little Rome in this nice corner in Toluca Lake. It’s very interesting, I’ve been to Italy and I’ve had pizza there. They’re totally different than pizza in America. Of course most Italian food is very different in Italy, lighter sauces, everything is lighter, fluffier. Yes, we, in Italy we have different kind of recipes that are usually same because they again, its original and traditional so you cannot just touch it. So we do the same year all the recipes that you see it’s not just created it’s everything traditional, authentic from Italy, from Rome. And also we make our chef’s come from Italy too. So they are from Italy and they made the traditional authentic Pinsa’s. Awesome. Your here at a great location in Burbank, right on the edge of Toluca Lake close to Riverside kind of kittycorner to Paty’s. Uh yes. What made you guys pick this area. Let’s say that for us and for a lot of people this area, Toluca Lake area is like a little Brentwood in The Valley. And we like this area very much and we were between Santa Monica, you know and Toluca Lake, so we decided to first come here. We are in our first year, we like very much our corner and let’s see it’s just one year we’ve opened and let’s see how people like us and they love us, love pinsa. You do get good neighborhood reviews. Very good neighborhood reviews. You can go to yelp. So you work here, you started your business here, do you guys live in the neighborhood currently? Okay we live in Studio City, but very soon will come here nearby. I’ll help you guys with that! Yeah really we are Romano. Now of the things I noticed that’s also unique about your facility first of all you guys have great decor. Everybody I want you to see that the very end I’m going to pan around the shop since you can really see everything. But you have some drinks as well. Yes we imported, we imported drinks and we have keynoter by the way Italians like very much keynoter, it’s a traditional drink let’s say Italian Cola. And it’s a keynote, it’s keynote fruit, it’s between lemon and orange. And it’s very unquie drink, so we import drinks. And almost everything from Italy beside the produce. The produce we purchase here and it’s organic. And everything we import from Italy every week by air. Especially what’s really cool you should come and try caprise. Our caprise, mozzarella that has just five days shelf-life. So it’s very fresh and comes from Italy in Rome. Oh yeah that’s the part that was interesting, that appealed to me about you guys that you’ve got organic products and it’s lighter. Yeah our store is almost 80% organic. So if you’re into organic which a lot of us are here we know it’s better for us. It’s healthier for us, definately something, For us healthier has to be tastier. That’s a really good point, and a good mozzarella cheese. We are gonna try now. You mention over here in your shop do you do anything in this neighborhood as well? This neighborhood, as I mentioned, we like very much we have a lot of friends, a lot of neighbors, they come here. The friendship you know gonna grow by the time so we, we are here to welcome you guys to Gourmet Romano. We can speak Italian you prefer it. We are from all from Italy and it’s Italian environment. Just take a time come here and just feel little bit Roma in burbank. I’m going to say really quick before we wrap up, I actually interviewed a small doggy daycare in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and they’re from Italy. She’s a vet and they’re not practicing as a vet and they opened this little dog day care for little small dogs. I need to introduce you guys. Do it, waiting for you here. You have some new things on the mention too. [Music] Yes, right here we have our fresh pastas now available. Right here in Romano it’s a fresh authentic Italian pastas that we have it here. however available it’s for example we have organic grass-fed meat with organic san marzano tomatoes and this is volumeous. And then we have catcha peppy, we have have out of the other that spicy. We have four types of pasta whatever the week we’re gonna have also specials. So everything else, everything is yummy, County just give you a little feeling of Romano materials. So if you haven’t been yet you need to come and check this out regardless of where you’re living whether you’re over at Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks absolutely. So for you guys all contact information is below. What hours are you open again? We are open seven days a week from 11:00 to 9:00. Sometimes we do we take orders like 9 at night. Italian, Romano and [Music] we deliver – you can go to people, no matter where families are. We deliver and what we do also very special with mobile catering birthday parties very unique very high-end catering and we are available for that too. So our Italian chef Frank. oh yeah I really want to thank you and again, all the contract informations below; the address and as we mentioned earlier with the area Riverside is pretty simple. Everything is below so be sure to check them out and let them know you watched the video. Include your comments, tell us your questions, comments, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share the video see you soon [Music]

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