Load Disorder #27: [House Flipper] Become a renovation master & a realtor!
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Load Disorder #27: [House Flipper] Become a renovation master & a realtor!

Welcome to a new episode of Load Disorder.
In the spirit of continuing experimentation, once more we have
something different to show you. But before we get to that there is an
important update I have to make. Leo is a leopard. A confirmed pure bred leopard.
See my friend was doing some research and he found the makers of this guy and
they said he’s a leopard. You wouldn’t argue with your maker would
ya? I didn’t think so. So get rid of your piggy delusions and
accept the truth for what it is. And the truth is a leopard. Now with that established, let’s
take a look at this week’s featured game. Furnishing in Fallout is so easy.
Toss some ingredients together and voila. Want a flag? Four pieces of clothpaper
will do. How about a barrel to store your stuff? No problem.
Grab a broom, at a fork or two and you got it. Looking to light up your room maybe?
Then toss a bottle, a paint can, and some screws in a blender… and you have a lamp.
Need anuclear power plant that harnesses the power of fusion to
generate cheap and renewable electricity for an entire settlement? A bit of
uranium, some metal, and a little elbow grease will do the trick.
No assembly required. In fact, fixing up settlements in Fallout is so easy, when
things break in real life it makes you feel like you can fix anything. There once was a hero called Ragnar the Red,
and I don’t know more lyrics cause I tend to kill bard— Ah, sheit whizzles! Ok let’s see what
we’ve got here… There’s a can, the most essential part of the entire endeavor.
Some military-grade duct tape and some plebeian duct tapes. And a wrench.
There’s always some steel needed, so we’ve got that covered. All right, let’s
see. Let’s start with the plebeian one and then use the military-grade to make it
stronger, I think. Let’s get this going. Easy! I think I’m missing some components. Yeah, there’s definitely something missing be right back. And now… for the final step Let’s wrap it up Make sure it doesn’t do anything stupid again. Voila, beautiful.
Yeah, I think sink’s complicated enough that it needs more stuff that’s why I
didn’t it isn’t quite seem to be solid at first. Alright, let’s try it out. *gasp* But… how??? Welp, maybe it’s time to try a
different game. Welcome to House Flipper. A game where even a murdering psychopath won’t disturb your Zen mode. In this game you become a realtor, but not just
any realtor, you are also a one-man renovation crew! That’s right, you
start in a little office here and I honestly felt right at home. I’ll let you in
on a little trade secret of mine: what you see on my camera is just a
strategically cleaned and carefully cropped fraction of the room. Out there
be monsters. So our flipping adventure begins with
some odd jobs. Let’s see here… Ex-boyfriend stole the radiator from my
house. Aaaaand…. that’s why I stay single! Yep, that’s why. It’s all the stolen radiators.
Anyways, the beginnings are rough, as they like to be, but soldier on with your scarecrow mop and a baby squidgy and soon YOU will be
cleaning like Mr. Muscle. Some of the tasks you get may make you rethink your
choice of career… or your life. But it will all be worth it, because soon you
will buy your first house to fix and flip! You can choose from a sizeable list
complete with descriptions and photos, just like on a real service. Mmm, this is
the one. It feels right. Okay, maybe it’s not AS right as I expected, but we can
surely work with it? …or we can go and take that amaranth wall paint job. That sounds great! House Flipper can also help you unwind after a hard day at work.
Just find some sucke—I mean, client, who wants to give you a hammer to remove a
piece of a wall. What?? I’ve got the hammer, I’m the judge. And I declare all of these
walls null and void. Once you’ve earned enough money through contracts and
flipping, you can also move your office the one of the houses you’ve renovated
and decorated all by yourself. Although at the first glance this game might look
like the Sims without, well, the Sims, it does come with a bunch of interesting
features of its own. You can plaster the walls, fix electrical outlets, whack
cockroaches with a hammer, and, yes, you can even mount sinks. And I didn’t even need the can!


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