Living In Columbus, Ohio: German Village | AskRigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)
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Living In Columbus, Ohio: German Village | AskRigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to
the historic German Village where you can enjoy the neighborhood’s preserved architecture
dating back to the 1840s. Residents of German Village
walk to their destinations using brick sidewalks in most
areas and park on the street. As you can see here homes are built pretty close together and
fairly close to the road. The average sales prices in German Village last year in 2018 was about $500,000. The reality is these neighbors here live life at a pretty pedestrian level. Can you see it? Yes, that is downtown Columbus which is literally just
minutes from German Village. And there is plenty of things
to do in this community. So come along to explore a few favorites. (upbeat music) Our first stop is coffee and
treats at Stauf’s Coffee shop. (upbeat music) Now if you enjoy being
lost in a sea of books then you have to see The Book Loft. One of the most unique
bookstores I have ever seen. In fact it was voted the
best bookstore in Columbus by several local magazines. There are 32 rooms of new
books at discounted prices. Literally books from floor to ceiling. (upbeat music) Now be sure not to miss the
neighborhood’s two parks starting with Schiller Park on the southern end of the neighborhood. This park happens to be
Columbus’ second oldest park. (upbeat music) And Frank Fetch Park on the
northern end of the neighborhood was restored by the residents here from being just another neglected lot. It is the only park in
Columbus with a honeybee hive. (upbeat music) The smell of chocolate and
coffee is quite heavenly and will certainly lift your spirits. So stop in Winans to be
greeted by the pleasant staff and pick up some yummy
treats and a latte too. (upbeat music) If you’re out and about
for a leisurely stroll you will discover a
variety of one of a kind locally owned boutiques
and specialty stores like Vernacular, a
contemporary woman’s wear and lifestyle brand best described as East Coast classic
with a West Coast vibe. You’ll find kind and inviting staff here and beautiful pieces to
complement your style. I love good food and German Village is home to some of the Midwest most accomplished chefs and restaurants like Old Mohawk Restaurant, Lindeys, Schmidt’s and Barcelona. (upbeat music) And if you just want to
enjoy a quick cocktail and head home you have
options for that too. So there you have it, the
historic German Village, a place you simply will not forget. It is a vibrant place to
live, work, shop and enjoy and is still honestly close to it all. So if you’re interested in
learning more about Columbus and its surrounding areas,
be sure to check out any of these videos here. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell, thank you so much for watching. (upbeat music)


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