Live Rescue: Basement Fire Engulfs House (Season 1) | A&E
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Live Rescue: Basement Fire Engulfs House (Season 1) | A&E

[sirens] – Headed from Kings Highway. [police radio chatter] – We’re on the scene. Appears to be a two-story
brick, heavy smoke showing. One line off. Who lives here? [yelling] Who lives here? Who lives here? [bleep] – Where? Hey, where? Hey, come here. What room? Move. Where’s the kid? The kids are where? – I don’t know. – No, what room are the kids in? [screams] [police radio chatter] – Where are the kids? What room? – This room right here. – That one, second floor? Second floor? Get me a ladder. – What? – A ladder.
What? – I told you the kids are out. – Kids are out? Kids are out. [bleep] Kids are out. – Hey, hey, hey. – It’s in the basement, man. – OK, OK, OK, OK. – It’s in the basement. – (ON RADIO) 805 to ladder 5A,
give me a report on the ringer. – It was on the first floor. – It was the basement. Go in the back room. – Ryan, we got fire showing. – All right. Hold on, hold on. 20A back to the water. [yelling] – It’s in the basement. – Man, the water. [police radio chatter] [yelling] [bleep] – Why are they doing that, man? – The reason they had
to bust the windows is to reduce the
amount of heat inside. Where were you when
the fire started? Were you on the first
floor or the second floor? – I’m down on the side,
barbecuing, man, and I seen the smoke coming
out the window. And that’s when I
ran in the basement, and the smoke got
thick real quick. – But everybody that
was in there is out? – All the people’s out. – OK, that’s the
most important thing. That’s the most important thing. – When we opened
that front door, we had real heavy
smoke coming out. We starting to advance
the line there. Captain had gone around back
and popped a basement door, saw a lot of flames coming
out of the basement. We were barely in the front
door when he made the call, we have a basement fire. And he had a door open. We pulled the line
and went around back. Made a push in and put it out. [water spraying] – Right here. So this was a small bedroom. As you can see, this is all
really charred right here. That’s where you
had the most heat, so this is where it started. A person said he heard that
little refrigerator right there making some popping noises. It caught the bed on fire. Our fire investigation
unit has said that it’s an accidental fire.


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