List Your Home on the  MLS Without Being A Realtor
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List Your Home on the MLS Without Being A Realtor

Like technology, real estate has evolved, which means you don’t need realtors
as much as you need access to our tools like your local Multiple Listing Services. So, why not go direct? Do it yourself with the help
of WESAYSOLD.COM and save thousands
of dollars in the process. For a simple flat fee of $595, will enter your
For Sale by Owner listing in your local Multiple Listing Service; ship a For Sale yard sign kit
right to your door; syndicate your listing to Zillow, and hundreds of other sites while posting your listing on social media sites and never miss a call because we will
even answer interested buyer calls, questions and schedule
appointments for showings. The best part… pay no selling
agent commission to us and keep the option to cancel or upgrade to a traditional full-service listing
at any time, no questions asked. So, what do you have to lose? Get started today by going to or give us a call at 1-888-516-8387.

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