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Lilly Singh – Something In Our House! | storybooth Stars

So when I was younger all my cousins
would come over to my house and hang out with my sister and I the parents would
go to work and the kids would look after each other
hashtag immigrant hustle not one day shortly after our parents left we were
in the middle of playing video games when the house phone rang yep a house
phone it’s like a cell phone but attached to your house God I’m showing
my age so my older cousin answered it hello hello
no answer weird but whatever so we continued playing video games and so the
phone rang again this time another cousin answered
same thing no answer now at this point we could have made up rational
conclusion such as you know maybe it’s the wrong number or bad connection a
telemarketer whatever but that’s not what kids do instead we concluded that
someone was definitely trying to murder us and we should come up with a master
plan to stop it come to think of it this might have been around the holidays and
we may or may not have been watching home alone but I swear to God that
doesn’t have anything to do with it so it began we decided we were gonna
document whenever we would receive calls I mean all the details the date the time
everything now we noticed a pattern in the calls that happened every single day
and by pattern I mean we made this conclusion on day 2
what okay listen patterns can be two days but either way this became our new
obsession on day three we received more calls than usual it was definitely a
sign so we began to brainstorm is it a robber a spirit a demon the
possibilities were endless I mean something just didn’t feel right
our brainstorm was interrupted by one of my cousin’s when they said hey did you
hear that now I definitely did not but nonetheless I replied yes oh my god
what was that I don’t want to be the first to die by denying the presence of
a demon I mean maybe something was in our house it was time to take
action we gathered all of the utensils in the drawers and headed straight to
the master bedroom the plan was simple lock ourselves in the room as a group
and create a safe haven duh I don’t know why people in horror movies always split
up is this your first day but before locking ourselves in the room we
strategically placed three toys on the floor spaced out perfectly hours went by
with us locked in that room pacing stressing sweating and terrified of the
phone ringing but eventually our hunger got the best of us and we were in
desperate need of Oreos so we decided to slowly and carefully make our way to the
kitchen after what seems like a lifetime we finally make it to the kitchen and
let out a huge sigh of relief we’re fine we’re just acting ridiculous and tell
one of my cousin says one of the pigs fell we freeze together we slowly look
over at where we place the line of piggies and notice that one had taken a
tumble how who could have possibly knocked it over or rather what we
freaked out now at this point it’s survival mode it’s either us or the
demon and we decide we need to stand our ground we open every door within the
house each holding the biggest utensil we could find and screaming door open
jab fork scream repeat door open jab fork aah repeat. But we found nothing
a couple hours later our parents came home and everyone left since that day we
never received a call we never felt anything suspicious. I mean obviously
which demon wants to mess with a bunch of kids holding some forks.


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