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So that time lapse was supposed to be less
cloudy and more lapsing of time of the sun rising over the Washington Monument to signify
that the day has begun…but hopefully you picked up on that by now. So today is a Saturday. It is a big day for real estate agents and
what I want to do is give you a behind-the-scenes look at what actually goes on in the day of
a real estate agent. I’m here in Rosslyn with the Iwo Jima memorial
behind me. Now very important, before the day begins,
we have to have one very important thing. Breakfast! Breakfast is so important and it’s my favorite
meal of the day so we have a lot of it. Wait, that’s not right. Breakfast! There, that’s better. Wow, Matt, how’d you do that? I don’t know. Magic. Alright, so. Here’s what we got. First to start off we have eggs with some
cheese and some garlic salt and pepper. Delicious. A staple of any American’s breakfast. It’s funny I used to not eat eggs until about
5 years ago and now I eat 10 of them each day, okay maybe not 10, but 8. Second, we have cream of wheat. Don’t ask me what cream of wheat is. It’s kind of like grits except a lot better. Lots of protein. I mix this with half a cup of whole milk because
anything other than whole milk is just watered down dairy water pretty much. Okay, moving on… Chobani blueberry. Delicious. I am trying to cut down on my sugars…so
let’s not talk about this one. Next up we have our vitamins…Omega 3 fish
oil and multi-vitamins, a healthy start to the day. And finally, we round it out with a nice little
BCAA, BC double A amino acid. Gives you energy and helps build muscle. Okay so I am going to eat all of this, and
then we’re going to start the day. Boom! Look at that dimple guys. Pink is the winner today! Let’s get the day started. I made it. Wow look how far I traveled. If you can see through the trees which maybe
you can, maybe you cannot, that’s where I started and I just pretty much went across
Route 50. Nice little 3 minute commute. It will make up for my 45 minute commute later
today. So, first appointment of the day is I am meeting
with a contractor. Let’s begin. Hey how’s it going? Nice to meet you how are you? Good man. Thanks for meeting me this early. First appointment down. It is 9:25. I’m still in Rosslyn. I need to be in Centreville in 30 minutes. I should probably leave.. Alright I made it to Centerville. You know what guys I don’t often show in West
Virginia but I made an exception because these guys are very good friends. We just wrapped up the appointment. It went pretty well, I think they realized
that because they are commuting to Bethesda that maybe Centreville is probably not the
best neighborhood to be in. So we’re hopping back on the road and shooting
back to Arlington. Just finished up showing Arlington Oaks to
my client..not too happy with Arlington Oaks. Arlington Oaks is great except that it’s super
small and you don’t really get a lot. There’s no in-unit washer/dryer. No central air. It’s going to be a ‘no’ for Arlington Oaks. That’s alright. So the time is now 11:30. The next appointment is in Springfield at
12 so I’m going to go to it right. I probably won’t show you much of it because
after Springfield I’m showing those clients Springfield, Alexandria, Falls Church, Merrifield,
Reston, Herndon, so I’m pretty much covering every single neighborhood in Northern Virginia
today. Those clients, all those neighborhoods, and
these past clients Arlington and Centreville. If you know of other neighborhoods in Northern
Virginia…I mean, I pretty much hit them all. I’ll catch up with you after the next 7 houses. Alright guys so I just finished showing my
clients the house behind me, you’ll notice that there’s no For Sale sign anywhere in
the yard. It’s actually a short sale and when we were
walking around we noticed they had the craziest paint colors. And there was an Exit sign and there were
Restroom signs and I believe it used to be a daycare. Can’t say I’ve seen too many day cares in
houses that I’ve been showing. That may be my first. Thankfully my clients don’t want to see the
other 3 houses out in Herndon and Reston So work is finishing up here…it is 2pm. Getting off early, I think I’m going to try
to make it into D.C. and do something I rarely do on weekends which is, hang out with friends. Zach, happy birthday! How old are you? Happy birthday to me! I’m 27. We killed 9 birds for this…at least. You won’t finish it. You won’t finish it all. We will. You and I will. Here we go! Go Valor! Go Caps! Go Caps! 12:10am on Saturday night, guys fair to say
that it is past my bed time. I’m going to be honest — I don’t like going
out and drinking all night. I don’t like staying out all night, I just
don’t find it as fun and rewarding as say getting a good night sleep. If you can tell by my alarm clock if it focuses,
I’m an early riser. I like to be productive in the morning. And going out all night and feeling bad in
the morning just doesn’t really work out for me. What I like to do on the weekends is be productive. Is show as many places as I can to my clients
on Saturday, is to show as many places on Sunday as well. And to hold open houses on Sunday. Tomorrow is of course Easter so I probably
won’t be holding an open house but clients tell me, ‘I’m so thankful that you were able
to spend your time with me showing these places on Saturday’. Well I’m thankful that I have the opportunity
to have clients to show on Saturday. I’m not some huge corporation, some huge business..I
can only handle so much business before I go insane so right now I have four, maybe
five listings between for sale and for rent in Arlington…mostly condos in Arlington. And guys, that’s about all I can handle between
that and the purchasers that I’m working with…I try to limit it to a certain amount and pick
and choose who best fits myself and my personality. My goal is to add all the value I can and
if I’m going out and doing what every other millenial is doing on a Friday night and Saturday
night, that means I’m not going to be as productive and I won’t be able to add as much value the
next day in the morning when I have to show a place in Fairfax County at 9am it’s just
not going to workout. And if I’m being social and going out drinking,
I feel like I’m stealing time from working in my business and on my business. And worst of all, if I am being social, I
feel like in the back of my mind, the next up-and-coming agent is out there working on
his or her business plan to beat me. So I don’t really go out, but I do like to
have fun sometimes. It’s my buddy’s birthday so had to go out
and celebrate his birthday, we were also going to celebrate the Washington Capitals’ victory,
it didn’t happen they lost in Overtime. They will be winning Game 3 in a couple days
most likely on the day that you’re watching this. So in this video I showed you a day recap
of you know, basically a typical Saturday. Sometimes I write contracts Saturday afternoon. Sometimes I show a few more places, but you
get the glimpse of it… Appointments, running around town, answering
phone calls, meeting with contractors, so i tried to make it entertaining for you guys. Hope you liked it. If you did, be sure to hit that thumbs up
button let’s me know that I should do more. My voice is dying. It is 12:13am, it is time for me to get my
beauty sleep. Okay, thanks for watching. Until next time, create a productive day,
take care.


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