Licensed Real Estate Assistant Job Description vs. Unlicensed Assistant
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Licensed Real Estate Assistant Job Description vs. Unlicensed Assistant

Do you really need a licensed real
estate assistant to help you grow your team or would a unlicensed assistant suit
your needs? In this video I break down the difference between a license and an
unlicensed real estate assistants job description and we’ll talk about some of
the pros and cons of hiring a licensed assistant .Stick with me. Hi I’m Vanessa
Rosenblum I’m the president of Pro REA Staffing where we are passionate about
fostering careers in real estate and growing real estate teams. For help
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video. For the past 10 years Pro REA Staffing has been placing licensed and
unlicensed real estate assistants with teams nationwide. So I’ve had – at this
point we’ve placed close to a thousand real estate assistance across the
country, I mean I can’t even believe it’s been that many. So I’ve had this license
versus unlicensed conversation with a lot of agents and today I’m going to
break down the real estate assistant job description for you. Now
before we get into it, I do want to give you one caveat. We’re going to base this
conversation on California law and we’re doing that because we place a lot of
assistance in California and California is one of the most highly regulated
states in the nation. So we’re going to use them as the benchmark. If you’re not
in California some of this might not completely apply to you and you should
check the laws in your state for licensed versus unlicensed assistants.
However I’m confident that the basics that we’re talking about today are
universal across the country. Alright let’s dig in. So today we’re going to
walk through the real estate sale cycle and talk about the licensed versus
unlicensed assistant job description for each of these steps. So let’s dig in and
start with lead generation. Now an assistant can really do everything you
would expect from an assistant when it comes to lead generation. They’re
going to manage your database, provide your call lists, you know schedule
appointments for you, prepare materials and, they can even make general inquiry phone
calls to prospective clients. However they may not solicit business and
personally I know brokerages that absolutely will not allow assistants to
make any kind of general inquiry call to a prospect because they’re really
concerned about that person stepping over the line of what’s appropriate. Now
a licensed assistant can do everything you do and so they could solicit
business and make cold calls for you. And I could make a whole nother video on why
you do not want your assistant to act like a sales agent and solicit business.
Your job is to sell their job is to support you in that so when it comes to
the lead generation portion of your business,
you only needle an unlicensed assistant. Moving on to buyers. Now an unlicensed
assistant can research properties, schedule showings, they can provide
feedback. They can even open doors for clients so let’s say you have a buyer
who wants to go back and see a house a second time. Tt’s completely appropriate
for your unlicensed assistant to open that door for them and they can draft
offers under your supervision Now a licensed assistant can discuss price and square footage, they can discuss the merits of the home in the neighborhood
and then they could write and submit an offer for that client. When it comes to
listings an unlicensed assistant can handle a lot. From preparing you for the
appointment to preparing the CMA, the the comparative market analysis – all of the
project management that goes into the pre-listing process, to coordinating
showings and open houses, and writing property descriptions. They can even
prepare the disclosure packages and receive and organize offers. So if you
are in a position to hire a listing / marketing coordinator I would not be
concerned about them holding a real estate license. Now as your team grows
and you’re handing off more of your core responsibilities a
licensed assistant can help you by discussing the contents of the CMA with
a client. They can discuss the offers that are received with the client, they
can draft and submit counteroffers, hold open houses and show the property while
discussing the merits of the property. So as you can see those are usually the
things that you’re going to hold on to the longest. So for most people who are
considering hiring their first or second assistant,
if focusing on listings is a core part of the job that you need filled, an
unlicensed assistant is probably sufficient. Moving on to transactions. An
unlicensed assistant or a transaction coordinator can handle a lot of these
core responsibilities. From preparing and coordinating the signing of all the
documents, serving as the core point of communication between all parties, they
can order closing gifts, schedule inspections, and really manage the
process from start to finish. What they can’t do is negotiate requests for
repairs and discuss the contract with a client. And then finally administration
and marketing. We don’t even have a slide on here for a licensed assistant because
when it comes to the general administration of your office and
coordinating your marketing programs, a license is not required. Alright let’s
talk the pros and cons pros vs. cons of hiring a licensed real estate assistant
now on the pro side a licensed assistant can do everything you do. You can go on
vacation, it gives you flexibility, and leverage, and it reduces your liability
if you have any concern that your unlicensed assistant might do license
tasks. Now there are also cons and the biggest one is there are just fewer
licensed real estate assistants out there and therefore they command a
higher salary. So if you’re looking to hire your first or second assistant and
you don’t need all of that firepower you could save yourself several thousand
dollars a year by not hiring a licensed assistant and then you can just require
that your assistant get licensed on the job. Now the other thing to think about
is the cost of maintaining their license. If you require that they have a license
to do the job and they’re not allowed to sell on the side you need to maintain
their license for them and what that cost will depend on what brokerage
you’re with and where you live in the country. And then finally there’s the
issue of a licensed assistant potentially leaving you to go into sales.
Now personally, I don’t have an issue with this but this is something that
comes up time and time again so I want to talk about it here. Now if you have a
new licensee who comes in for the interview and they say I can’t wait to
start selling and, “I want to work with you for six months to learn everything
you do and I’m gonna go out into sales”. Don’t hire that person unless you’re
trying to hire a buyer a buyer’s agent and you’re confident they’ll actually
stick with you but that’s probably a terrible hire even if you’re aspiring
for them to grow into a sales role on your team because that person isn’t
going to care about the admin work in your office. Now if you have someone who
says, “yeah I’ve been licensed for a few years and maybe in the future I might
like to sell but it’s just not something that fits my lifestyle right now. I’m
really interested in being an admin but you know I don’t know what the future
holds” and you really like that person, and they have a great admin skillset,
hire them! You don’t know what your business is going to look like two to
three years from now and you don’t know what their life is going to look like
two or three years from now and projecting that far into the future and
deciding, “I’m not going to hire this talented person because they might leave
me to go sell” is a really bad idea. You’re missing a huge opportunity. I
would always prefer to see a client hire a rockstar admin who sticks with them
for a year and dramatically increases their business, versus hiring an okay
person who’s okay with the status quo, who sticks around for five years. Yes I
know hiring is painful and annoying and expensive and disruptive but it’s worth
it if you hire great people even if they don’t stay with you forever.
So yes it’s a con if you have an assistant who may leave you to go into
sales in the future but, I think it’s a con worth compromising over. If you’re
ready to hire you’re licensed or unlicensed real
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  • Lauren Moore

    This video is so helpful in breaking down the differences between licensed and unlicensed assistants and whether or not it may be necessary for a particular role! Thank you!

  • Alexis ascencio

    Hello, I’m based in the Bay Area currently 21 years of age. I am in the process of obtaining my california real estate license, & I feel that joining a brokerage right now to work as an assistant would be a great way for me to get my feet wet and be around other successful agents, loan officers etc.. & soak up as much knowledge and experience. Although, I’m not too sure if most brokerages only take assistants who have years of experience in being an assistant or office work. So I was wondering if you had any advice for me or just any feedback in general… feel free to reply on here if you see this!! Thank you. ☺️

  • Steph RossBrown

    Would you recommend trying to become an assistant before becoming licensed? My interest is in staging and hosting open houses.

  • Rosanne Catanzaro

    This was very good information video on hiring an assistant. I'm in the process of hiring a licensed admin assistant and this video helped me to understand their tasks better!

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