LEGO Ninjago Land Bounty review! set 70677
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LEGO Ninjago Land Bounty review! set 70677

hello everyone this is the lego ninjago
season 11 land bounty set it is not intended to be a replacement for
Destiny’s bounty but rather just one more mobile ninja base tool in the ninja
toolkit the set comes with a nice selection of minifigures both good guys
and bad guys but I want to first get straight to the land bounty itself the
main thing you pay for in this set this obviously still follows the nautical
theme of Destiny’s bounty even to the point of having sails
although they don’t do anything on this land-based vehicle in universe it’s much
too fast for them but there are nice decorations and fortunately they are the
cloth type of material not vinyl so they feel pretty good they don’t have any
awkward shine and end glare but they are only printed on one side so if you look
at this from the opposite side you’re just not seeing as much of the print it
still comes through a bit just not as as strong and then you’ve got the Dex which
appeared to be made with wood with the colors that are chosen there the forward
upper deck has the rotating cannon so you can turn this around you can
actually kind of shoot yourself if you want to I don’t recommend it what just
fell out there is one of the ammunition pieces it’s just a one by one cylinder
piece and you’ve got some extras there as well because this is a shooting type
of cannon with the spring-loaded shooter built into it they’ve had these for
quite some years and then either side has a staircase that has a little bit of
railing on the side get you down to the lower rear deck the entryway there looks
nice but it’s not tall enough for a minifigure to fit through so it’s kind
of a well it’s kind of a fake thing here I wish that there was enough space some
way somehow and that in the design to La figure to actually walk through there to
have one you know standing inside looking out or something and then you
have this upper deck as well now there’s an interior that
look at but there’s this upper deck where you have kind of an alternate
command station including a again nautical themed wheel there it’s just a
small one couple of stud shooters off on the side
for things to to fire off and also engines on the back these are a nice
engine assemblies you know with multiple thrusters for each you get the main one
here in the center and then these ones on the sides using the BB II was it BB 9
e Darth Ball BB hate heads just in in black I like how that was set up you
have some additional ones around the back so all sorts of little thrusters
are suggested back here and there is a nice simple feature to allow you to to
broaden these out and actually make the whole thing a bit wider here you just
rotate pulling against the grey right here it’s it’s a lever and you just pull
it and rotates this thing out it’s a simple geared mechanism using the lob
knobby style of gears and yeah just kind of go in and out so you know it’s it’s
simple enough and what it does but I like it and it’s smooth I like how it
went together as well there is sort of a trunk back here or the cargo deck but
it’s just large enough to fit this little ATV actually like the design of
this because it’s not the standard design it’s all angled forward there’s a
lot of rake and yeah I think it just looks cool like a little little Chi ATV
whoo hi quad and that will just fit right in there and these flaps can come
up and hold it in place now you may have seen something moving on the side let’s
check that out these ninja star or shuriken pieces in
the pearl gold actually looked pretty good and they’re able to rotate freely
but each one one on either side also has a tire attached to its kind of axle
Center assembly and that tire is on the ground so as you move the entire vehicle
four and back that just drags and rotates and spins up the spinner and it
spins them on both sides this has a little bit of a little bit of give and
it’s able to adjust to to rain so you don’t need to be on
perfectly flat terrain as you drive this around and it looks pretty good
it’s too bad it’s not retractable at all you have to pull the whole thing off if
you don’t want to see it there but it’s it’s a good action feature it doesn’t
take anything away a better feature though that’s built into this is the
ability to steer and it’s not it’s not a simple one it’s much more advanced than
it even needs to be this back here this thruster is connected to a geared system
with axles that go all the way forward and steer both front axles and it steers
them at different rates so you notice that the the inside ones are not turned
as much as the outside ones that is perfect it’s what you need for multiple
axle steering at the front of something so you don’t get too much tire scrub and
this works great I love having the knob at the back because you can just push it
along you can just control it control the entire thing yourself from back here
and just rotating around it actually has a pretty decent steering radius turning
radius for its size now for its huge size and it it works it works well this
is a well done feature nicely integrated from a low angle there’s a large
inverted windscreen here which gives a large open viewing port for what could
be considered a a bridge or a control room but there are two of these one here
and then one back here now you may know by now that when you see two bridges or
two cockpits on a Lego vehicle it means you’re actually looking at two vehicles
yep it’s split function time I’m just going to bring the thrusters out again
and then lift all of this straight off it’s only attached with a couple of
studs one on either side and this is a flier what do you know kind of looks
like a like a skiff sort of thing sci-fi in a way I I don’t particularly like the
shape of it but I feel like I’m a little bit biased there I like things are a
little bit more aerodynamic myself or really blocky I know this is maybe
halfway in between it’s kind of weird that this looks like the deck of
eh-eh see going ship to me but I like the concept overall still and to get
access to the interior of this you flip up these flaps and you have just two
seats in there including a printed console at the front and that’s what the
the stud shooters are for so this is able to still give off some firepower
it’s not a lot just a couple of stud shooters these are supposed to represent
the actual cannons on it you know but yeah it it does it does a thing still
really doesn’t need this though so this is the part where I show you the
detailed interior that is exposed by removing that split off vehicle but in
this case there actually isn’t such a thing at least not here instead there’s
another weapon that can pop up turning this gear here on the side again it’s
fairly smooth and this has a turret with a couple of spring-loaded shooters and
they also include in the set one extra bolt carefully rotate that but yeah it’s
able to angle up and down it can fire at things on the ground for a little bit of
heavy point defense it’ll fire straight out and fire up just a little bit yes
it’s enough of an angle to hit some air targets at a distance but doesn’t need a
little bit more of course you could always swap that around flip the the way
that it’s hinged to make it work a little bit better and then you can just
you know put this away and it does partially block the entrance way that
already figures can’t fit through and just to mention this audibly I’m sure
you’ve seen it already but there’s a weapon rack on this side with a couple
of weapons on it you will see more weapon racks inside when I pull off the
forward upper deck this is where the actual detail of interior really is so
over there is one more weapon rack built up with golden pieces they look pretty
nice got a little pedestal for a tea kettle and also a driving position there
you also get a copilot seat and a printed console on the left and a
stickered one in the back that’s wider that is obviously an arcade console it’s
very bright with the coral-colored piece used underneath the buttons and controls
there’s just a sticker for the game that’s being played it’s a nice little
cabinet something done a little bit differently I personally don’t like the
color combination used here but yeah that’s easy to swap out it’s a nice bill
and it’s done well on the inside and then finally you just have one more
weapon rack over here and it’s just a small one
alright minifigure your time let’s look at some of the simpler ones first we got
Chi and J here and they’re exhibiting quite a bit of their base colors J does
get the dark blue for the legs but I like how colorful these are and just how
obvious they are honored they’re just really owning their their color schemes
these are the more serious faces for them and around back with more stuff
removed see the Ultron faces and also the rest of their rear torso prints on
the left here is Nia with no more dark red in her color scheme just the
gunmetal gray and dark as your finally makes more sense for the water ninja to
not have red left over in her scheme since she’s not doing that summer IX
thing anymore and on the right is Cole FS for forbidden Spinjitzu and he’s got
the dual molded cowl there which looks pretty cool it almost looks like there
are different colors of orange and yellow in it just because of the shaping
of those individual groups of a flame there kind of look like like spiky hair
almost but it just looks darker in the thicker portions and almost looks like
it’s a different hue like you’re going from orange to yellow but it’s all just
one trans orange color doesn’t look so good from the back but as soon as some
light is going through it it’s actually pretty cool there are their faces and
once again there’s a little bit more to see on the back in addition to the
alternate faces get to see the rest of the print as well for Nia on the back of
her torso woo is back to being fully old like he originally was and like he’s
supposed to man he’s got a very fuzzy cape it’s relatively smooth on one side
then especially fuzzy on the other a little bit of serration down at the base
they’ve done something different with his hair here actually tying it back at
the back of his head the new head print front and rear I think that face print
with the full facial hair built into it looks really good and I feel like it’ll
be useful for some made-up characters as well but it’s also just closer to what I
expect him to look like with the beard trimmed down you know rather than having
no facial hair or different color or anything I think it just matches very
well strange that he has a coffee mug it should be a tea cup I mean they make tea
cups so why not give him a tea cup but the game a coffee mug so technically for
him it’s a tea mug here are a couple variations of the foot soldiers of the
pyro snake villains the one on the left is technically called a pyro Slayer and
one on the right is a pyro destroyer just they have slightly different combat
roles but you can you see that they use the exact same head pieces and same
torso and hip and leg prints they just change up their weapons and accessories
and the one on the right has the additional a little bit of armour as
well got the nice modern copper color as we tend to call it these days
interesting blend of different colors together notice the eyes and you got the
dual molded heads so when the light hits it just right the eyes appear to glow
and it’s going to depend on exactly what angle you’re looking at where you will
see that glow but it’s nice when it happens I think a lot of people can
appreciate that the flames themselves going off the sides there you go are
pretty bright there’s plenty of the trans Orange there the torsos again are
the same so I’m not going to take off the armor piece of the one on the right
and yeah I think these these look pretty good if you ask me and just says you can
see the rest of this weapon that is a capeche er here’s a bigger better baddie
this is char named one with a different style of head very creepy looking again
dual moulded so you get some of the the trans orange in there you see you see a
lot more of it from the side as the flame actually goes
right through the neck and it appears just a little bit with the crest up on
the top again it’s just going to depend upon the angle that you’re looking at
and where your light source is where you’ll see most of that glow but this is
done up pretty well I’m glad that they didn’t just reuse a headpiece you know
they’re reusing the base or what would be a representation or I guess a
replacement for legs you know that’s a reused piece with just a new print on it
but the head is pretty proper I like the staff as well of course as soon as I say
that I take it off so that you can see the rest of the torso print and don’t
forget about the back the last one here is s Fira the seeker of revenge and
banner carrier for this set using the same head as the other regular pyro
snakes but with the different color scheme with a nice gold and as far as I
can tell all of the gold pieces on this and I think even in this entire set are
finally the new version of pearl gold that is more gold looking to me less
orange I like it much better than the the older pearl gold it’s a subtle
difference but a nice difference so yeah just
different colors used here and the wraithlike lower leg piece which really
looks flame like with that combination of the transfer inge and just a regular
yellow going through it marbles up very nicely
the flames stand out well I think you get a little bit more light reflecting
back and refracting through there so it just glows a bit more and the weapon
also is very interesting looking it’s partially translucent up here you know
it’s not crystal clear and then they’ve molded in a little bit of gold down
towards the bottom as well and the banner is flame and it’s made of vinyl I
like this figure feels collectible to me really nice torso underneath there it’s
a shame you don’t see a lot of that detail most of the time because a lot of
it is covered up and there’s even more around the back the set also comes with
a forbidden Spinjitzu cyclone which has some glitter in it against the trans
orange or within the trans Orange this is gunmetal grey down at the base and
obviously this is for goes with him his color scheme and
everything he just fits in there that’s why they they just gave him just a sword
and that’s it because he needs to fit into the cup and see if I can spin this
properly probably not that’s okay here’s the very generous selection of
spare or leftover pieces including also the intentional pieces that are supposed
to be part of the set with the additional bolt here for the
spring-loaded shooters and also a couple of studs for the stud shooters this
piece obviously is where I took the one banner for a sphere out and every single
set that has one of these banners is going to have all three because they
just printed one of these sheets which makes sense it just saves cost and gives
all of us get any of these heads extra parts I think this set is done well for
what it is but I personally do have some issues with it kind of it at a high
level first of all for such a large and expensive set to intentionally leave out
a couple of the the ninja from the team I think is a pretty clear marketing move
or sales movement I think that they should have been a bit more generous
with this one also I am not 100% behind the idea of the land bounty itself in
universe canonically the actual Destiny’s bounty still exists in
conjunction with this so this is it feels a bit forced a bit more force than
usual to put the ninja onto a vehicle where they aren’t able to quickly and
easily get away by hair although they will eventually find out about the air
section but it’s new they haven’t read the manuals so that they’re more easily
trapped and endangered by land-based baddies it it requires more suspension
of disbelief than usual and more than I’m personally comfortable with again
for what it is for what it’s supposed to be I think that it is designed well as a
Lego set there’s a fair amount of room to play on and around it the details are
pretty good I do wish that the side doors were a little bit more generous
and could have used more detail on the inside and I do wished
the oversized shuriken on the sides were able to retract value-wise I am okay
with the price I think the price to part ratio looks better than it needs to be
for a set of this size with a fair number of fairly large pieces but all
put together you know factoring in the small pieces also that inflate the part
count a bit just the end result the completed thing I feel with the number
of minifigures and how good they are which I do like the figures that are
here I feel like you get your money’s worth with this if you want to see the
full build for this set choose your not destiny bounty I’ve got
the real time version the pure build which has no speeding up and no music
it’s just the sounds of assembling the thing and it shows you every single step
along the way including when I made a mistake and corrected it or if you don’t
have that much time and just switch over to the speed build that more traditional
more time lapse style video which does have a little bit of music and just
takes you through the whole thing much more quickly whichever you choose thanks
for watching and I’ll talk to you again as soon as I can


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