Las Vegas Real Estate | Does the Driveway Matter

Sweet, are you recording right now? okay so he was just
making an Instagram story – on the market for a few months – if you look in front of this house – because you know lots of times real-estate agents they say you know
help me out but like we really want people’s opinion on this so you probably
caught it all but just in case this is a listing we have it’s been on the market
for a little bit of time and one of the things we’re getting is because there’s
a busy road right here people have come to see the house they’ve said that
backing out can be a bit of a nightmare tad bit treacherous so something that
has been toying around with is the idea of looping the driveway around it so it’s sort of a full circle / half circle It would be a half circle, you said full circle, did I? yeah I was trying to throw you under the bus,
anyway so you could pull in and pull out so if you’re watching this on YouTube
there’s going to be a little pull up in this corner right here do you think you
should convert the driveway to a half circle so you can pull in and pul l out
yes or no please help us Let us know

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