Land Value Tax animation
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Land Value Tax animation

Income tax a tax mostly on labour is the biggest source of government revenue worldwide. But in taxing your labour the government is taking what you have worked for. Perhaps what you have earned should be yours to keep? There are many forms of wealth that are unearned Why not tax these instead? Take land, for example. Nobody made the land, nature gave it to us. When you build on it, you improve it But the land itself was always there. So let us consider only the unimproved value of the land which is easy to assess. Desirable land in city centres commands an extremely high value. Remote rural land a very low value. Land has value because of the needs of the community. If you want a plot of land to be exclusively yours and you want the community to respect that title and the government to protect it Then some of the unimproved value of the land should be shared with the community. Land Value Tax should replace all other taxes. No VAT, No duties, No council or local taxes, No income tax. What you earn, you keep. What is unearned, is shared. Currently land, particularly in city centres is a luxury of the few. In the developed world over 80% of the land is owned by less than 1% of the people. If they want the sole use of that land Then share some of its unearned value. Let us redistribute the unearned wealth in the land from the few to the many. It would mean a fundamental shift in the way society works but surely a welcome shift. Hard work and endeavour are rewarded. Unearned wealth is not.


  • Oliver Bristow

    I don’t see the advantage, it doesn’t seem any less pernicious than other taxes. Also, you can bet that if a government did consolidate all tax into one tax, they would have to make up for the increased transparency with rampant inflation.

  • Rich Dobbs

    Good luck in separating out the unimproved value of the land from the improved value of the land. Any non-portable improvements you make leaves you more vulnerable to confiscation via increased assessments, hence in this regime, you don't make significant improvements of that sort.

  • Alex Plante

    Most land is owned by the government or by farmers. Assuming the government doesn't tax itself, that means that all taxes will be paid by the 2% of the population who grow our food. It does not take much intelligence to figure out that a land tax becomes essentially a food tax.

  • Glen Simister

    Great job Dominic. I'm working on an app at the moment which enables communities to buy back land and introduce an LVT. I've uploaded a video which explains how it works. It would be good to get some feedback.

  • ThePaulfullTruth

    Nice little video. But you still need to read Progress and Poverty by Henry George, and probably take a class on it, before you will get a clue about the mind-blowing implications of the Land Value Tax solution to what ails this forced work camp we call modern civilization. Here's a pre-view on the mind-blow: a single country, or the entire world, can be turned into a utopia beyond mankind's wildest dreams in a matter of months* if the LVT is rigorously applied using the modern valuation methods and other public administration methods available to almost every country today. *I'm not exaggerating.

  • TDubya811

    What are your views on the current Tsunami of automation which is in the process replacing many jobs and will likely accelerate over the next 10 to 20 years? Not sure how a land tax alone is going redistribute wealth from tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook. Most things have actually got cheaper in real terms. Housing costs and education seems to be extreme exceptions. However if peoples jobs continue to be automated away on a large scale what are they going to do?

  • SauberC10

    Would this not simply result in massive Social Cleansing of cities, meaning the poor and retired wouldn't be able to live in their own homes

  • Alex Ogle

    Well, this couldn't be more backwards. Land is finite and the concept of "improvement" is not developed in this video.
    Far better to put all tax on VAT and earn revenue on money in motion rather than a nebulous concept of what something might be worth.
    This sounds like Socialism, and that has a 100% failure rate worldwide.

  • Max Welsh

    Could this tax really replace all other taxes? Would the annual rental value of unimproved land be enough? How much could this raise in a country like the UK for example?

  • Capitalism is key

    Just get rid of tax all together. Wouldn't take much more than 10 years. Get rid of all the national debt, legalise other money like gold and silver and slowly privatise security and arbitration. write government away

  • Marley

    this is a terrible idea if only because it will mean the people at the bottom are forced are forced into smaller shoeboxes as property would suddenly cost way more meaning your rent goes up and the government will not be able to compensate and even if they could that only "works" if you assume that people who own places that rent out don't raise there prices more than the tax is taking meaning a worse state off and using rich people as a piggy bank is a dumb idea cause you'll eventually realize they've either left do to your mistreatment or they're not rich anymore cause someone kept taking there money also suppose farmers would be fucked in that scenario too so hope you like ridiculously expensive food to boot (assuming they just don't almost fall right after this is initiated) oh and you most farmers would say they modified the land and if that counts then rich people who's money you plan on having this support everyone can just loophole this into oblivion and now the goverment has no income as income isn't taxed great plan

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