Land Surfboard!? | DOPE or NOPE?
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Land Surfboard!? | DOPE or NOPE?

Kind of a cool package too. Textured Foam Non Slip Tre- Is That Like A Dead Beetle In There What Is That? Ewwww Hello, and welcome. My name is Matthias and today Brian’s also joining me. Ahh I’m sorry about that guys. I didn’t anticipate Brian showing his face today. I Quit Today, we’re looking at. A land Surfboard. Or A SurfBoard RipStick. Or A Rip Surf-SkateBoard. Ah You Know. Its Got A Bunch Of Diffrent Names. But It Is A Very Unusual Looking Item. That Allows You Supposedly Surf On Land Now Bryan, Have You Surfed Before. Yes. Have You? I’ve Attempted. Ha .Thats What I Thought , Ok But Have You Successfully Surfed? Negative. I Have. Get Outta Here. I Have Story: The First Time I Went Surfing There Was Actually A Grea- 2 Great Whites In The Water. And Thats. I’ve Never Been….So Aha Aha Your Just Too Scared To Stand No No *sudden sfx* Too Scared No , And Then The Next Day A Surfer Was Attacked By A Great White Did He Live Luckily , Sh- She Was Sitting Up On Her Board , And They Just Bit (x2) ,The Board And It Was A Chunk So What Are You Scared


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