Hungry and angry, Another food riot breaks out in the streets…
– The world food crisis is growing. For the millions of people around the world
struggling to buy the most basic of food stuffs these are desperate times. Rich countries are racing to buy
and lease agricultural land abroad, and secure their food supplies for the future. Africa, know for its fertile land
and low priced agricultural real estate, has become the target of wealthy investors. Dear Listeners, this is Radio Jamakan,
greetings to you all. It’s no longer a rumour
that in this region we are waiting for the
Sosumar sugar cane project. 1,000 square kilometres at a time they are taking your land
and selling it off. You can take everything
from a farmer, but not his land. Because the land is the only thing he has. The question is who own Africa,
who own the land? Is it the ordinary farmers
or is it their governments? Peasants don’t own their land. They date
from a time before there was land ownership. So they are vulnerable to any force of
the state or a company that come here and literally pull the resources
out from under their feet. Any scheme for development that doesn’t ask the subjects
of development what they want, how they want to live, is not development. You are bringing the small farmer
into the value chain. We are actually creating
a new class of commercial farmers. Our harvests haven’t improved in 18 years. That’s why we agreed to stop
growing millet and do something new. Our ancestors and our parents
farmed these fields and we never asked anybody for help or food. Even if they give us lots of
money for our land, it will run out. But the land never runs out.

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