Land Rover vs Range Rover: What’s The Difference?
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Land Rover vs Range Rover: What’s The Difference?

what’s up guys my name is Bryce with
Dust Runners Automotive Journal and today we’re going to be talking about
the land rover vs. Range Rover. If you didn’t already know Land Rover has taken
over the luxury SUV market once the super rugged off-roading machine has now
turned into a super luxury SUV with a 4×4 badge to give you the short answer
Range Rover is a type of model under the Land Rover brand people often refer to
Range Rover as a standalone brand because saying Land Rover Range Rover
Evoque sounds kind of stupid the Land Rover brand all started with the series
one well it actually starts before that was a company by the name of Rover the
rover company was a small operation that produced mid to high end vehicles
because of its small size the rover company’s revenue was fairly limited
Rover designed the Land Rover to generate some short-term revenue while
they continued to produce high-end automobiles the Land Rover model ended
up being so popular that they kept it around the original series Land Rover
was the first model they produced then came the defender Range Rover Discovery
Freelander Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque Land Rover designed the
series one for agricultural use and they built it to survive rough usage to be
quite honest the series one is rather ugly but they had to start somewhere
series one was a pure function over form type of vehicle who cares if it’s ugly
it just needs to get the job done later down the line Land Rover released the
defender which had a lot of design cues taken from the series one a helping
factor and growing the Land Rover brand was the camel trophy event this took a
bunch of early Land Rover models and put them through absolute hell
this proved to the world that nobody built a more rugged SUV than Land Rover
Land Rover was working on creating a larger city friendly SUV ever since they
released the series one like I mentioned before Land Rover designed the original
series one for agricultural use this didn’t suit everybody so made sense to
make a more City oriented model Land Rover launched the Range Rover model in
1970 and it was an instant success the trend of leisure SUVs had emerged in the
1960s and the American market loved today the original Range Rover is not
only rare but quickly becoming a collector’s item
at some point Land Rover started to shift from extremely rugged vehicles to more
City friendly luxury SUVs arguably the biggest turning point was Land Rover
Discovery – it had all the heavy duty components of a Land Rover but with a
huge amount of luxury features the discovery 2 was the first SUV ever to
have air suspension of any kind it also featured optional hydraulically assisted
sway bars for better on-road performance combined with a heavy duty ladder frame
heavy duty axles in a super luxurious interior the discovery 2 was a perfect
balance between ruggedness and luxurious Back in the day Land Rover was one of the
few competitors for the Jeep brand which was and is wildly popular in the u.s.
Land Rover wanted to increase diversity in their customer base so they made the
Range Rover model a luxury SUV it still had Land Rovers offered prowess but with
more luxury features making a far more City friendly to this day Range Rovers
target demographic has definitely been wealthy customers even more so than any
other Land Rover model so here’s the bottom line the Land Rover brand is an
off-road oriented luxury brand the Range Rover model is the most luxurious model
of the entire Land Rover brain as time goes on the brand is focusing more and
more on City friendly SUVs because that’s where the money is
be sure to hit that thumbs up button and let us know in the comments if you think
Land Rover should be focusing on city friendly SUVs this is Bryce with Dust
Runners Automotive Journal signing off


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