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Land of Honor | Recap (05/29/2015) | Telemundo English

CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK LAND OF HONOR Did you hear that? that specializes in
psych treatments. I think it’s called Liares
Psychiatric Center. Not that one. Why not? What’s so bad about it? I said no… Not because of the place, but because I don’t
think your condition is severe enough to attend
a psychiatric center. You’ll be fine with the
hospital psychiatrist. I think we should
tell her the truth. The truth about what? but when I found out
about what they did… You laughed! You must’ve felt like
the happiest widow. But I’m thinking I’m the one
who’s going to end up a widow. Samuel. A week? Then there’s no time to lose. I have to put my plan in
effect to stop that wedding. Wait, Isadora.
What will you do? Try to be more
efficient than you! Wait a second… we’ll lose a lot of money. You’re going to get a lot of
money for the exclusivity we just gave you for
the bank commercials. Why do you think I’m
letting you do this cruel joke? It’s the last one. You know… Sorry! You say jump and I say how high. I’ve been thinking. I need you to kill Patricia. CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK
[email protected]
(305) 887-3060 That’s Deep Abyss perfume. Awaken your deepest desires. LAND OF HONOR It’s… Andrea Del Junco. No! Samuel, you and… Cayetana! crazy enough to go into my house. But listen up. This is the last time
you set foot in this house. Are you going to
call the police? I’m here so we can patch things
up the only way we know how. HE
Okay. If that’s what you want, I’ll sign the paperwork for the
divorce tomorrow. Flavio! What? Are you going to
leave just like that? Am I supposed to wait
for a miracle to happen? Aren’t you going
to beg a bit more? >>BUENO, ¿ACASO NO& VAS A
INSISTIR NI UN POQUITO? No. -Cheers to that!
-Cheers. LAND OF HONOR They’re going to kill us! We heard some gunshots.
Are you okay, bro? We’re fine. Let’s go check the fence. Don’t worry… Stay with her, Soledad. No, no…!
You can’t go! Please, honey!
Don’t go! Sofia, listen to me. I’m the man of the house.
It’s my duty to protect you. Trust me. SOFÍA: NO… Stay with her. No… please.
Arturo, don’t! Honey, don’t worry.
He’ll be okay. And for once in my life, could you please
stop pressuring me? You make me so happy, baby. I thought I had
lost you forever. No way, babe. How could you ever think that? You know that I
can’t live without you. Then why do you make
me suffer so much? Honey, are you in here? Yes, come in. Don’t move or she’s dead. LAND OF HONOR You’re going on a trip,
but it’s no honeymoon. Are you okay? Yes, thanks to you. What happened? Two men tried to kidnap us.
They went that way! Are you okay? They shot at the house. I have no idea
who it could’ve been. I do. This wasn’t a hit on you. It was meant for me. towards all the Gallardos,NOd not just you, Samuel. I don’t know if the shooting
and the kidnapping are related. What I am sure of is that
someone wants to hurt you. You need guards around the clock I waited for them to come in shot off my entire clip
into a window. You shouldn’t
have done that. What if someone saw you? I left before anyone
could get near. But I need you to find out
if anyone was hurt or killed. Who did you shoot, Isadora? LAND OF HONOR Come on, Mom. You sound like a security
guard watching over us. It would be a great idea if
you married Capt. Fernandez. QUE TÚ TE CASES CON
EL CAPITÁN FERNÁNDEZ. You’d have a patrol partner! Mom and Capt. Fernandez. That’s not a bad idea. That’s a great idea. They’d make a great couple. We have good news for you. >>AY, QUÉ CHISTOCITOS. We’re going to do
the job on our own. We won’t charge you a cent. You know why? Because this has
become a personal problem. Leave it to us.this… because it’s too much for you. Too much. What are you talking about? You couldn’t get Arturo Gallardo
out of the way. So I’m going to do it… in my own special way. No, what are you going to do? I’m going to kill him. You could never. I love to see you
and your beautiful eyes. You’re the best thing
that’s ever happened to me. I tried with every fiber
of my being to not love you. But it’s a lost cause. One, but spread out. That’s enough. -You’re cheating!
-Don’t you love me? Are you alright? Welcome to hell,
Arturo Gallardo. LAND OF HONOR Run and tell Cayetana, princess. That way I can finally
get Irina off this ranch. You going? Watch Roger… gue. Son of a… The cops. License and registration,
please. Of course. Alright. Go ahead. Thank you. LAND OF HONOR It won’t be an accident. Fine! We’re going in! Next time it’s your forehead.
Get in! Calm down. Good thing he fired a shot
so you could be warned. give me in exchange? Are you crazy?
What’s wrong with you? Don’t be an idiot.
I won’t give you anything! ListCalm I just got back
from their house. He still hadn’t come home yet. He wasn’t back from the beach. hasn’t come home yet. Oh, no!
Something’s wrong then. Hang on. Yes. With Isadora Valverde. She just might be
behind all this. Listen, let’s go to your place.
I’ll explain there, okay? Move it. Roger! to what do I owe this honor? I’d like to talk to
your daughter Isadora. In regards to what,
if you don’t mind me asking? >>¿Y DE QUÉ SE TRATA, SI LE
PUEDO PREGUNTAR? I need to ask her
a few questions regarding Arturo Gallardo’s
disappearance. Arturo…! Arturo! Go ahead! Do it!
Kill me! The son of Satan
is here to destroy you. Where’s Arturo? OF HONOR What’s wrong, Sofia? What did you do to him? I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Then I found Alma. She was holding
Arturo’s hat. When I looked down… I saw Arturo’s tombstone. Come here. Montalvo showed up
and shot Gallardo. – He’s in real bad shape.
– I’ll be right there. I have to go. What is it? Was that phone call
about Arturo? No. Again.
Oxygen. I’m sorry, Isadora,
but he’s not doing well. PERO ESTÁ MUY MAL. You’ve got to save him
no matter what! The only way we can
save him is by calling 911. We’ve got him. Look at these tire tracks. Let’s go. This way. I knew I’d find you here.


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