Land of Honor | Episode133 | Telemundo English
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Land of Honor | Episode133 | Telemundo English

NETWORK LAND OF HONOR Andrea? What is the meaning of this? Andrea, you… Mom, wait.
I can explain… Not a single word, Andrea. Not a single word. Seeing this is more than enough. Ma’am, your daughter and
I are seeing each other… Shut up! Shut up! You liar! You did the same thing
to Nena Alcazar! You fill the minds
of innocent women with stupid words of love! Come on, Andrea. Try and hide your shame… if you can. You and I are going
to fix this mistake. Don’t worry. We’re in this together, okay? Isadora, how dare you…? As long as you’re still alive,
I will be your shadow. And as long as
you’re still a fugitive, I will find you,
testify before a judge, and make you pay for
everything you did to me! That won’t be easy. This call cannot be traced. You cheated death. But I’m not as stupid
as you think I am. Don’t talk to her…
Give me the phone. You’re the only one who has a
price on your head, Isadora! You’re a criminal! And you’re going to
pay for all this! No one’s going to
lay a hand on me. I won’t rest until I turn
you in to the police! You’re at a disadvantage,
Gallardo. You cannot get to me,
but I know where you are. And I’m a lot
closer than you think. Isadora? >>!SADORA, ISADORA! Give me that. Hello? Breathe. No one can stop me. Do as I say. Easy, princess. You wouldn’t want
a bullet to go off. I’m not kidding around! I’ll do anything to
get out of here! What, are you going to kill us? If you try and stop me, I will. Stay back! Go ahead and shoot. Don’t try me. Go on and shoot! If I pull the trigger,
you’re dead! Don’t come any closer! Let go! You bitch! Let go! The alarm! You bitch! Where is it? Over there! There! I never meant to upset you, Mom. No daughter wants
her mother to see her… See her what? Like some whore. Naked, and wrapped in the
arms of an animal like him! Go on and insult
me all you want. Just don’t insult your daughter. She’s a princess. That you tainted! You took her purity, her
innocent gaze… Look at her now. She looks like one of those
tramps you’d find at Palenque! Watch what you say. You might regret it. Take your hands off of her! I will not… -You tarnished…
-I love her! You tarnished what
was most sacred to me. I won’t forgive you for this. I love your daughter. Love her? If that had been true, you would’ve behaved
like a gentleman and you would’ve
asked for her hand. But no. You just had to be a Gallardo. You have to finish
consummating your revenge, and hurting what
I love the most. My little girl.
My Andrea. You don’t know anything. I’ve always respected
your daughter. No! If you had respected her, you never would’ve slept with
her as if she were some whore. Andrea might not have a
father or an older brother, but she’s got a mother. And I will defend her honor! I’m calling the doctor. No. I’m fine, Sofia. She just upset me. You never should’ve played
along or talked to her. Can you believe that
bitch threatened me? She says she’s close and
has got her eye on us, and that this is
my death sentence. She did the same thing to
me when you were missing. She called to mock my sorrow. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want you to
feel bad because of her. Our lives won’t be normal
again until she’s behind bars. Fernandez has to know. I can’t take it anymore. We knew you’d try
to escape, bitch. All set. I managed to
disconnect it in time. I hope the police
weren’t alerted. No wonder Ulises is
trying to get rid of you. Because you’re a traitor. You guys are nitwits. Hey! You cooperate. We’re fed up! Throw another tantrum and I will put a bullet
in your head. Is that clear? You understand, doll? Me too, just so I can see
what’s in that head of yours. I came right away. I was just questioning the
personnel on guard last night. What happened? Isadora Valverde called me. She threatened to kill me again. Did you hear anything
strange in the background? Anything in particular?
Any ambient noise? Anything that might
give us a clue? No. She said the call
couldn’t be traced. What if she shows up
again and attacks him? She can’t. The hospital’s well protected. And I hope she continues
to be this obsessed. She’ll end up making a mistake, and that’s how
we’re going to catch her. Is there no way we
can trace that call? I’ll call the phone company
and ask them for a report. We’ll find her. Go to the ranch. I don’t like leaving Arturito
all by himself for so long. I’ll be fine. I love you. And I love you. Calm down, Mom. If you want to get mad,
get mad at me. No, Andrea.
We’re in this together. Shut up. You don’t love anyone. God only knows the
things you’ve done to con women and
get all their money. Now what? Wooing my daughter so you
can stab me in the back again, just like your brothers did! Who do you
Gallardos think you are? I only have good intentions
with your daughter. I love her. I want to marry her. Over my dead body. Get off my ranch. Get out here!
Now! There’s nothing we can do. Let’s go. Just you and me. I have to talk to my mother. Please leave. I can’t leave you with her. She’s acting crazy. She’s my mother. Please. I’ll just tell you
one thing, ma’am. Don’t you dare mistreat Andrea. I haven’t forgotten
what you did to Irina. I swear, if you lay
one finger on her… I’m taking her with me. And you’ll never see her again. LAND OF HONOR

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