Land of Honor | Episode125 | Telemundo English
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Land of Honor | Episode125 | Telemundo English

TWORK LAND OF HONOR Wait outside. We’ll pick this up later. Don’t go anywhere, Gallardo. I came to say good night… even though you
won’t appreciate it. I also came to tell you that
my patience is wearing thin. If you don’t do as I say… I will kill you. You won’t have to, Isadora. I’ll give you what you want. You will? Are you serious? Absolutely. I’m only human. I can’t resist your
advances anymore. I’m willing to do
anything you ask. Anything? I don’t believe you. You’re not an easy man. Why are you telling me this now? Listen… If the only way to
regain my freedom is by satisfying your needs,
why wouldn’t I do it? You’ve yet to do it. That’s because I have
to admit that I was trying to be faithful to
the woman I love. But I’ve done everything
an honest man can do. You said so yourself. Why not try some of
what you’re offering me? I don’t believe you. It’s a trap. You got my hopes up before
and you bit me like an animal. But I must admit that…
I did enjoy it. That’s what animalistic
love is like, Isadora. But if you’re afraid
of me, oh well. Do you think I’m stupid? Wasting all this time
has been stupid. I don’t get it. I’m offering you a good time,
why are you turning me down? Are you really willing
to love me? Are you willing to forget Sofia and take everything
I have to offer? It’s not like you’re asking me
to kill someone. Give me a chance and you’ll see. They say making love is as
close as you can get to dying. I’ll trust you little by little. But I’m warning you. If you lie to me… The pleasure I seek… the one called “la petite mort,” will become the
last thing you’ll do. Sweetheart, bring this
man a bottle of whiskey and get me a bottle of tequila. That’s right, Leonardo. That damn Patricia abandoned
me for good this time. I can’t believe you
let Patricia go like that. You love her too much. That’s not your style. You’re right about that. But Patricia stopped loving me. Ever gone through
something like that? She stopped loving me.
I had to let her go. Had we stayed together,
I would’ve killed her. Thank you. Nice knowing you, Ulises. Now Patricia will be mine. What happened?
How’s Pablo doing? How is he? He’s much better.
The paramedics tended to him. Montalvo won’t
get away with this. I was surprised when Irina
called to say he’d attacked him. I’ve had it.
Montalvo must be stopped. Relax. Flavio called the police.
They’ll be here soon. Arturo’s missing, and now this?
I can’t take it anymore! I can’t believe these things
will continue to happen! Easy.
Get this through your head. Arturo is strong.
He’ll pull through. We’re going to find him. We give you our word. Let’s go, Tomas.
Hurry! Where are you going? The taco place. Arturo called me and said
he wanted to eat some tacos. Okay, Mom. Let’s go already! What? Here you go, guys. Talk to all of the informants
who are on these lists. Someone must know something. I’ll be personally inspecting
each and every roadblock. Report back to me
at all times, okay? Excuse me.
Yes? Capt., Mrs. Del Junco’s here.
She’d like to see you. Send her in, please.
Thanks. Prepare all units. We’ll leave once
I see Mrs. Del Junco. Cayetana, please come in. Thanks. -Forgive me…
-Sit. It seems like you were
about to leave on an operation. I didn’t mean to interrupt. That’s right, but don’t worry. I’ve got some time. Thank you. Well, what can I do for you? You know you can
count on me for anything. It’s nice to hear that. I’ve come to turn myself in. What are you saying? I’m responsible for
Arturo’s disappearance. LAND OF HONOR


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