Land of Honor | Episode119 | Telemundo English
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Land of Honor | Episode119 | Telemundo English

TWORK LAND OF HONOR Here’s to you, sweetheart,
and our future happiness. Here’s to you, babe. Because in a few days
we’ll be together forever. Cheers to that! Cheers. What happened? Oh my God! -Arturo…
-Are you okay? We need to get out of here! They’re going to kill us! We heard some gunshots.
Are you okay, bro? We’re fine. Let’s go check the fence. Don’t worry… Stay with her, Soledad. No, no…!
You can’t go! Please, honey!
Don’t go! Sofia, listen to me. I’m the man of the house.
It’s my duty to protect you. Trust me. SOFÍA: NO… Stay with her. No… please.
Arturo, don’t! Honey, don’t worry.
He’ll be okay. That bastard is over there. He’s with the girl
that saved him again. Careful, baldy. She must be armed. She could shoot a flea.
She has great aim. It might be a good idea
to take her too. She’s hot. Down, boy.
Easy. Tell me if you checked
if employee door open. Yes. Everything is
under control, man. That bastard will pay. Damn right. That’s one lucky grape. I’ll be right back, okay? Hey… wait.
Don’t be long. If not, I’ll go get you. You’re driving me crazy. Okay. Thanks. I won’t be calm until Arturo
walks through that door. I’m scared. Calm down, honey.
Please. He knows what he’s doing. Why? What’s going on with my life? Will Arturo and I never find
peace to enjoy our happiness? What’s going on? What’s going on with you? You’re a really pessimistic. You can’t let negativity
get the best of you. What just happened
may have to do with the land, ranch, money
who knows? ¿CON QUÉ SÉ YO, SOFÍA? That’s it. That’s what the police
needs to tell us. Can’t you wait till
Arturo gets back? Calm down, please. He’s taking way too long. If something happens
to Arturo, I’ll die. Calm down, honey.
Come here. Oh, honey. What happened?
Did you catch the shooter? We didn’t find anything. Some of the workers saw
a black car driving away. We must call the authorities. They came to kill us.
ESTO NO SE PUEDE QUEDAR ASÍ. Kill her. Kill her, Roger. Yes, Captain. I left my house because
I found out I’m adopted. So you found out that
you’re not the Saldivars’… Well, you’re not their
biological daughter. Do you know who your
biological parents are? No. I only know that my parents
left me at an orphanage. That’s all I know. Hey!
What’s up, boss? It seems like we all decided
to come to the same place. -Good evening, Miss Veronica.
-Good evening. Don’t worry.
Enjoy your night. -We won’t bother you again.
-Cheers! I see what the Captain
was saying. The Del Juncos’ foreman
and maid are over there. We’re all here. I’m really sorry you found out
about your past like that. But you should be very grateful
towards Miranda. After all, she’s your
adoptive mother. Yes, I know, but… I never had a good
relationship with Miranda. I never had a good
relationship with her and she was always so demanding. I think it’s because deep down
she was embarrassed of me. Could you please stop
looking at Miss Veronica? And for once in my life, could you please
stop pressuring me? Okay. Since I can’t drink
because I’m pregnant, can we dance at least? Let’s go. You make me so happy, baby. I thought I had
lost you forever. No way, babe. How could you ever think that? You know that I
can’t live without you. Then why do you make
me suffer so much? Why do you punish me like that? Well… because I needed
to be very sure about you. What about now? Are you sure? Why don’t you show me again
and I’ll let you know? Good answer. No.
Not yet. Wait till my date
gets back, please. Thanks. She’s taking way too long. Could something
have happened to her? Can you come to the bathroom? My crazy little witch. Of course I can! Honey? Honey, are you in here? Yes, come in. Don’t move or she’s dead. LAND OF HONOR


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