Land O’ Lakes Supplier Undercover Investigation

At this Land O Lakes supplier, machines
take milk from cows who are covered with urine and feces. Cows in pain who resist standing are
electro-shocked, kicked, or otherwise violently handled in an effort to force
them to stand up. Dairy cows considered spent by farmers usually go to slaughter for meat. This is cow 717, who was hauled off to slaughter two days after this footage was taken. When kicking failed to force this cow to
stand up, she was jabbed in the spine with a blade. Cows who are ill or injured
are allowed to deteriorate until they are too weak to stand or get out
their own waste. Downed cows are often left for dead. Pus from open sores drips and oozes onto the floor as cows are milked. Cows, whose pregnancies last for nine months, often suffer from postpartum complications. This is cow number 95, who died within four days of giving birth. Wet, filthy conditions, such as pens filled with waste, contribute to illnesses, injuries,
and lameness. If youre upset by the dairy industrys
cruelty to cows and the suffering that youve just seen, please, go vegan.

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