Land Kara De – with English Caption
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Land Kara De – with English Caption

Instructor: You have to run with me or you will fall and get hurt Guy: okay you have to run in the starting Guy: Okay Controller: Say ready when you are ready turn on the camera 1.. 2.. 3.. run run run Run Run More Run… Yes Yes Yes Guy: Now here I am in the sky so high It’s all fog everywhere… oooh Everywhere Fogs everywhere OOhhh *screams* We are very high Controller: Brother, Adjust the camera Guy: Brother, Idk how to do that which button Controller: Press the button Guy: I can;t see the button aaah Brother land me Controller: That’s not how we land aayye? *what?* Brother, I don’t wanna go for a long ride Brother I am not going to do a long ride Controller: Extend the camera dude Guy: I have no idea how to extend it oh Mommy… oh my god…oh father oh grandfather.. NO No No No No No No straight straight Enough Enough Enough Oh no Brother motherf#$ker, Controller: Keep your legs straight bring your legs up bro bring your legs up or they will break I did it, my legs are up.. Controller: Bring them up further It wont go any higher than this Controller: What happened brother Guy: I just want to land Bring your legs up further I have done it, brother. My legs are up. I swear in your name brother. Just land, please. *Controller kicks him and asks him to pull his legs up.* I have done it, brother. Just land me. I am a motherfucker that I came here to do this. Guy: Just get be landed please brother. Get your legs higher. Just land me Controller: We will land soon Aaah…Aargh…Sisterf%cker….Aah…Aaah…Aaaahhh… Controller: Open your eyes brother. I am still here. Guy: I just want us to land my brother. Brother take Rs. 100-200 extra but just get me landed. Brother, take Rs. 500 extra but get me landed. Bring your legs up. Don’t hold this it will brake and we both will die. Aah… Aah…Aah…Motherf23ker I am going to die. Controller: Bring your legs up. Bring your legs up. What are you doing? Guy: Jagga my brother, Jagga my brother. Bring your legs up. How much higher can I bring them, buddy? I am not able to do it. keep your legs higher idiot WHAT KIND OF MAN ARE YOU. MOTHERFUCKER. Keep them higher like this Bring your legs up, or they will break idiot Guy: Hit me some more. I am an a5s focker. Keeps your legs up, please. We are almost there. Please keep your legs up. Listen to me you will break your legs. I won’t lose anything. Bring your legs up higher. AAaaahhhhh Brother make full video now. Don’t blame me later. Guy: Fick the video. Controller: Keeps your legs up brother, keep your legs up. We are reaching the landing area. Bring your legs higher for f3ck sake *After this, the controller yells at him some more to keep his legs up and kicks him to bring his legs up.* *Finally, they land.* Controller: Focker, Sisterfjkker. Motherf12ker Guy: Yes brother I am a motherf0ker. Controller: I kept telling your keeps your legs straight. You would have broken your legs.


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