Land Economy at Cambridge

(acoustic guitar music) – I think the excitement of Land Economy is this ability to go across
different social sciences, and to be taught by
experts who themselves, well-trained in one discipline, are doing interdisciplinary work. – The Land Economy
Tripos has the subtitle, Environment, Law and Economics. We try to cover a number
of concepts and theories from applied economics to planning, from policy to law, to address contemporary
issues in the economy as well as in the society at large. (rhythmic guitar music) – Initially, the appeal
to me was in economics, and I liked that the course
had different aspects to it. So, I had economics, law, and development. – So, I had existing interests
in economics and geography, as things that I’d studied in sixth form. So I wanted to carry those on, but I was also really
excited by the opportunity to study law in combination
with those two other subjects. – I couldn’t really decide
whether I want to do economics, or law, or geography, or something else. And Land Economy brings all
these different subjects together in one degree. (bright music) – A typical week will consist of lectures, so they’re typically during the mornings. But in the afternoons
we have supervisions, which kind of involves preparing some work and then discussing it with a supervisor. – And that’s where the
intense teaching takes place, the essays are written, marked, discussions take place with one of the lecturers on your course. – We also have your Director
of Studies in College, and a personal tutor who
looks after your wellbeing. You have your peers you can go
to, you have the at the Department itself, which is a really great department, and you can always ask for different advice and questions there. – The facilities and resources for Land Economy are outstanding. The teaching staff are also
a really important resource, and have been really great
in answering any questions that I’ve had about the content of lectures and supervisions. My advice for new students
starting the course, would be to really take
up all the opportunities that the Department presents to you. – In my spare time, I like to go to The Cambridge Union, in which there’s a debating society. – Mostly in my spare time
it is football and sports. – Just do stuff that
you enjoy in Cambridge, and it helps you enjoy your degree. (gentle music) – The Land Economy graduates have exceptional career prospects. Our employment statistics
is really strong. – Learning across disciplines, and the ability to talk about disciplines in a non-technical fashion, is something that’s really valued out there in the real world. – The type of jobs our graduates take on are quite diverse in nature, reflecting the diversity of
the topics and subject fields we cover during the tripos. – Our students, if they are more interested
in the real estate side, would go and become chartered surveyors. In the legal side, they would do a law conversion course and become lawyers. Increasingly in the last few decades, with the growing emphasis on the
environment and sustainability, people move into careers in green energy. – I’d really like to go into
international development, or perhaps the civil
service or public policy. – I’m really interested
in doing a Masters, preferably in the development field, or the planning area. – I think I want to continue
pursuing my interest in development and development economics, so I’m definitely looking
to work in those sectors and gain more experience in them. – I haven’t really figured
out what exactly to do yet, but the great thing about Land Economy is, you don’t need to do that yet. Since you’re an expert in many fields, you can narrow down
your expertise later on, and then decide which career to pursue. – My message to anyone
thinking about applying to Land Economy, would be to look at the course content, and look at how it aligns
with your interests. – I walked out of the interviews
feeling very fulfilled and feeling as if I’d
learned something new. So, the overall experience
was actually very fun.

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