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Land Agent / Land Analyst | Olds College

Communication is the absolute key for this trade. If you can’t carry a conversation with a perfect stranger it’s going to be very difficult for you to go up to a farmer on his property and
try to talk to him about possibly lending out his land to the company. The Land Agent program that we run at
Olds College is surface focused, meaning that
we’re training up junior surface land agents to work primarily in the province of Alberta, but we’re seeing our grads work in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and even some now into the Maritimes. At Olds College, they do condense a lot of information that you need in the Land Industry, you know, a lot of information about crops, you know, a lot of information about different farming activities that the landowners that we deal with day-to-day you know, we need to learn the industry that they live in and work in daily. That little structures its looks huge when you sit here, but on paper you know it’s it’s actually
a very small square how do we impact this guys farming operation, you know, for the most part, he’s been able to farm the of way, but we did constantly pack down a trail. The reason why I chose Olds College is it is College in Western Canada that offers a
Lang Agent program instructors here, all of them, have been in the industry before and are very knowledgeable about the regulations and requirements Olds College still does give people that credibility. We employ a lot of Olds College graduates, so the College gives them a good foundation and just it makes it a little bit easier
for us to feel confident in hiring people that have gone through the program Definitely prepared me for the different challenges that I’ll face in the field. Demographic, socioeconomic issues that you’ll find. They’ve been good at engaging the industry, so that means that their curriculum is current, and they’re teaching right things to the students, and they’re really seeking input from the industry in different ways. Land Agent work used to be more
about getting a surface leased now it’s more about maintaining a
relationship in communities for ongoing development from what we call
cradle to grave so from the time we enter an area to the time we totally leave an area. Relationship building is critical to our work whether it’s with a landowner who is a
tradition agricultural land use versus a land owner who is a maybe a lawyer or a doctor in the nearby town versus a landowner who is international
owner we have students traveling to Germany and into the states to find landowners to complete deals. So you need a lot of people across a lot of cultures and it requires
a person that’s outgoing, respectful and probably a good
listener, would probably be the top skills. The people you meet, I mean you spend two years with them every day you build the lasting
relationships and if you ask me, long time into my career here, and I feel it’s a trade that’s going to keep me busy for years to come.

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