Kelly Clarkson Named Her 1976 Ford Bronco “Dr. Quinn”
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Kelly Clarkson Named Her 1976 Ford Bronco “Dr. Quinn”

-“The Voice” coming up.
-Yes. -Season 17.
-Yes. And my team is really good.
-Your team is really good. -Yes.
-You won 14, 15. -Yes.
-You lost 16. -Mm-hmm. -Obviously, based on that face,
this bothers you? -No, I mean, it bothers you
just ’cause your team. You want them to win, obviously.
-Right, right, right. -But, no, I’ve been working them
after the show anyway. But John is really good. He’s hard to —
-Yeah. John Legend. -He’s hard to combat —
-He won last year. -Yeah, legend’s in the name.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, exactly.
-He’s an EGOT person, so that’s hard.
-You also have — Yeah, he’s an EGOTV ’cause he
also — he won “The Voice.” -Oh, I was like, where we going? [ Laughter ] Way to go.
-He’s an EGOTV. -EGOTV, yeah. -This is amazing. For you, your talk show and
“The Voice” are on the same lot. -Yeah, like a golf cart away. -A golf cart away.
-Yeah. -So you finish one show and you just get into a golf
cart and drive to the other? -Yeah, I kind of want to go to,
like, “Pimp My Ride.” And I want them to, like,
just supe up my golf cart. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Like, with hydraulics.
Just look ridiculous. -Do you drive?
-Yes. Should I not? Probably. Have you been
talking to my husband? [ Laughter ] -Well, just over the years,
I mean, you — I’ve been on lots.
Sometimes you see stars are being driven in the back
or the shotgun. -No, usually, yeah, Lopez,
my husband — usually it’s other people.
-Gotcha. But you do think
you can handle a golf cart. -Yeah.
-[ Laughs ] I just bought myself,
actually, a ’76 Bronco. It’s completely restored
for my birthday in April. -Did you really?
-Yes. -You got it for yourself? -I also have a Tesla.
Save the planet. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I drive a Tesla more.
-Yeah. -Elon.
-Yeah. -But I like it.
It’s nostalgic for me. So, yeah. -Yeah, a ’76 Bronco.
That’s a cool car. Her name is Dr. Quinn. -Her name —
-We’re forging new paths. -Gotcha. Dr. Quinn.
-On the frontier. -And do you often buy yourself
a birthday present? Is that something — -Often.
-Yeah. -In months that aren’t
even my birthday. [ Laughter ] Just to fill the sadness. [ Audience aws ] I’m just kidding.
I’m totally kidding. -Yeah.
-I’m here for the joke. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-I do — I’m a Prime member. We have a lot of boxes at our
house from Amazon constantly. It’s an addiction.
-Oh, well, look. If anyone deserves
to be gifting themselves, I believe that it’s you.
-Thank you. -And I’m so happy
to have you here on the first night
of your talk show. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -It’s always a delight
to see you. -It is a delight.
-Kelly Clarkson, everybody.


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