Kelly Chavers, REALTOR Client Review – John & Francine

Kelly is our Realtor who helped us find the perfect home. My name is Francine we found the perfect home in Southwood with
Kelly’s help. It was fantastic. Actually, we were
very nervous getting into it because we haven’t bought a home in 30-some years
so we didn’t know much about it and we’re new to Florida so we knew even less. He walked us through everything. He was very patient with us. He was there whenever we called – we probably called too much. He always got
back to us quickly. It’s nice to work with somebody who
you completely trust, and we completely trusted him throughout the process. He was simply the best. He helped us find everything we needed. He answered all of our questions. He walked us
through every step of the process from the beginning of buying the house,
through closing, and helping us get our utilities set up, and everything. He was
just awesome. I think there’s a couple things – one he is extremely
knowledgeable so I felt very comfortable. He knew all the rules, all of the law. He was able to help us out with what we can do/ what we can’t do. I mean his
knowledge was incredible to us but also just the fact that we completely trusted
him – he is very honest, he is very open. And just being available 24/7, almost, so it was just like a breeze. He really helped out. We went through the
inspection and there were a couple of things that needed to be checked on and
he made sure they came in and checked out the electric and got everything set
so that everything was working in the house before we went through and
purchased it, so it was just it was just great. Kelly is always available he helped you out with any questions you had, and he follows through on

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