Kanoa Interviews Real Estate Agents Darrell Graham & Gordon Brown In Rosarito Beach
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Kanoa Interviews Real Estate Agents Darrell Graham & Gordon Brown In Rosarito Beach

Hello Rosarito Beach it’s Kanoa here with
baja123.com in rosaritoliving.com and I’m here with Darrell and Gordon this
morning and we’re gonna talk about living in Rosarito Beach and so on some
real estate maybe yes hi everyone Darrell Graham Baja123 and
I’m here today with my friend associate and now real estate agent Gordon Brown
who was my lifelong friend of but thirty more years or so thirty years and I’m
just here to talk to everyone because I’m really excited he’s gonna start
working with me right now and hopefully have the same kind of success that I’ve
been able to have him flying down here working as a real estate agent just I
like myself he’s a retired policeman for 30 plus years 24 myself 24 for his for
him and about 30 plus years for myself and being a former police officer I’ve
actually found a lot of success in that my clients place they trust me and they
obviously based upon the fact that come from profession with integrity and pride
and they obviously very quickly are able to trust me and understand that I’m an
authority and then I’m not here to steal from anybody rip them off because with
all the horror stories of bad real estate transactions and dishonest
Realtors and shady real estate tactics and people without integrity you know
there’s everyone’s obviously very nervous about buying real estate
absolutely in I know and is the cool thing is going you just want got
certified right now so you just want got certified and you’re probably just a hop
skip and a jump away from getting your license you’ve been licensed here for
for a quite a while right now you’ve got a great reputation you’ve got a lot of
people that are very happy clients and so I’m really happy to have you in here
talking to people and bringing your set of professionalism and and and your
knowledge and everything to our cities so and with that you know it’s it’s
really fascinating and we have and you guys have law enforcement backgrounds do
so I think it’s just something that is is once again another level of
security people can feel that you know what you’re dealing with people here
that are looking out for your best interest
yeah exactly and it you know initially when I came down here I was a little bit
nervous about putting obviously that out in front of everyone and whether that
was gonna be a positive or negative thing and actually found it to be pretty
positive ultimately everyone asked where I did what I do where I come from how I
got into real estate and the conversations come up anyways and
obviously I’m honest with the my talent what happened I found that actually to
be a beneficial thing and most people because of my background it helps build
a good relationship and people understand that they can trust me that
I’m here to help them I’m not trying to steal from anybody and that I am
obviously just as myself coming down to the Baja and buying real estate found
the same sort of problems wanted to make sure that I’m here to help them and then
I’m actually here for their best interest and I’m not here for just
because I’m trying to make money I’m trying to obviously give them a good
solve real estate transaction and have them have a good positive experience and
so again having Gordon come along and start in with me I really feel like he
also has the same similar background training ideas and also be a great
teammate for people to understand they can come down here and buy real estate
and trust the fact that what they’re buying a stuff that can legally be sold
and that they’re gonna have a great experience I mean buying real estate
period even in the United States is complicated it’s complicated
nerve-racking scary that’s why they’re down here it’s even more complicated
exactly and here it’s even worse and so I think that’s really important I can oh
we found a lot of success in it and I’m excited to bring Gordon long I want to
introduce everyone to course absolutely we’re excited to have both to be
actually as part of the team I I think that it’s something to have a lot of
pride in and you know your backgrounds to be you know to be able to have that
public service of what you did and I I’m proud to have you guys working with us
so I think it’s something that people will really connect with and we get a
lot of people from all forms of service that come down here especially from the
military and from different service backgrounds that I think that you’ll be
able to really be able to identify with and communicate well with one of the
things I really like about you Darrell is that you’re not you came down here
and you you completely embraced the Rosarito Beach lifestyle and and now
that that you’ve been able to really I think fall in love with it so much that
you you’re passionate about how you express it and I think that passion gets
conveyed to the clients because you you really have so much fun living down here
I have a great time living down here and that’s exactly the reason why I really
became a real estate agent because I found so many great things down here
that I just wanted to share with all my friends and my family and I started
sharing with friends and family and and bringing them down here to live and try
and help everyone out and pretty soon I decided you know more people need to
know the about these great things and more people need to figure how to find
this lifestyle because it’s just I I just think Rosarito is such a hidden gem
absolutely and and it does take at the beginning some guidance it does take
some some somebody to help navigate especially until you get your footing
until you understand how to live down here and where everything is and stuff
like that to have somebody come down here and really give show them the ropes
it’s an advantage that I think that a lot of our clients have is that we
really work really hard to train you guys to be able to give them the
guidance to be able to have safe secure transaction to understand the lifestyle
to understand what to do and how to do it in a way that they’re gonna get the
most out of coming down here and participating in the city
oh and just like I said not Gordon’s Donnelly really my associate at this
point but in life fun friend but he’s really client too because I brought him
down here helped him find a house and showed him around so he can kind of
speak to that exact point of how it is and what how it is you need somebody to
guide you around in Rosarito Oh without doubt when my wife and I first came down
here I haven’t come to baja for about for seven years now but my logistic arrow rosarito itself Darrell’s been a huge asset obviously he
shows around found the property we like we purchased the house from Baja123 and love Rosarito but he’s also been a huge asset we’re gonna remodel on
our house help us find contractors where to go where not to go
I’ve got good experiences here I’ve heard and directing us where to find
materials were to get doors made so you definitely need somebody help you
throughout the process even once you purchase that so you got a nice house
that’s kind of close to the ocean yes yeah how’s your view there’s no way I could ever afford the
house that we have in the United States the reality of it that’s why you come
down here a gated community ocean view 24-hour security and the Nick ask for
anything nicer absolutely love it well we’re really excited to have you as part
of the team and I know that you guys have teamed up right now too so you’re
working together and and as we move forward I’m sure we’re gonna be talking
more with you as as your relationship continues with our company and as you
become part of our community and I think you’re gonna just be it’s just exciting
to have you here working with us and also being a citizen and a member of
Rosario Beach because I am a huge fan of Rosarita Beach
I want Rosario Beach to be the best and I love having people like you here
because I think it just helps raise the quality of everything that we’re gonna
be going down here so thank you very much I look forward to that one of the
things I wanted to talk to you about though if we can kind of segue into it
is I know that you’ve got a hobby that is one of them one of the most popular
things that happen down here is some off-road racing Yeah right
I’m also one of the owners of a company called expedition x off-road and for
about five years now we’ve been doing guided tours down in Baja and also the
United States and Canada we do motorcycle tours jeep tours but
primarily truck tours and we go as far down the red over-planning going all the
way down to Cabo and so is that where you first start coming down here is
through that Ridge net I started coming down at friends that had houses of San
Felipe okay don’t love a baja immediately okay I feel kind of spoiled
we’re over here in this like 70 degrees zone right you get over there and you’re
talking you’re hitting some you’re peeking out in some way came down here
from other races and was absolutely hooked and just completely immersed
myself in the lifestyle I raced the Baja 1000 for the 50th anniversary and a
class seven truck and we’re trying to race again this year but we Alex you
start talking like classism yeah yeah like oh my god I’m like wondering okay
what like right he’s talking to all those Baja
guys out there we got a lot of them out there though there so there’s a huge
community down here people company hundred just for that sport and well I
can tell you even I’ve been with them and I’ve been on his tours and then
helped run logistics for him and translate for him because I speak
English in Spanish and so I’ve been with in helping him and I can tell you from
guy who’s not into Baja off roading and racing like he is still a really good
experience I went on a Jeep tour we went all over parts of the Baja that in
places in the desert that I would have never gone on my own seeing some really
cool stuff some some really cool cactuses and formations and plants and
mountains and things that like I said you just would never go do it was a
really cool guy trip we like four-day trips right or various times in her size
for six days okay all right yeah yeah that’s the adventurous and so how many
people usually go with you on these trips uh we don’t we do private trips
for residuals individuals and we also were taking 52 people in June that’ll be
like a caravan 25 dragon trains ho come on huh so how often do you do these we
do Bob a few times a year I’m kind of tours depending on exactly
excellent and how much real estate selling cuz I’m down on these trips and
then they come back and they buy some real estate because they’re having so
much fun down here what kind of like you did that’s absolutely one of our goals I
think we’ve been talking about trying to form a team and how we can connect all
the off-road Baja lifestyle with real estate cuz all those people are also
fallen coming down and fall in love with the Baja are needing a home and place to
stay and want to come down here right yeah I mean I every time I cross over to
California right now there’s so much congestion it is so I mean even to the
point it like I I try to limit my my my crossings now to it only a few times a
year it’s just I grew up in LA in the traffic there just I spent half my life
on the 405 and in the five and the 101 and I just love the coming down here and
being in the the peacefulness except one the on the on the holiday weekends but
on those I don’t go to downtown but coming down here and just having the
tranquility and the peacefulness of living and rose-red Beach is just really
kind of decompressing and it’s very very healing you know
to be down here without a doubt yeah it’s funny you bring that up we actually
went to the cross the border on Monday and the first thing that hit us was the
traffic it’s like unbelievable I’m ready I want to go back yeah take me back
um is there anything else you guys would like to share with the people out there
today just like begin to say yeah be careful
who you pick for a real estate agent you can trust an S I’m happy to help you I’m
here for you Gordon’s here to help for you get both of us on our team we’re
saying Mike Connor sells the Baja 500 and enjoy what does great lifestyle one
of the things that I gotta tell everybody is just be careful if you’re
not looking if you don’t want to have any fun and you’re like you are
completely boring don’t go to these guys because I mean these guys are about
having a good time but we are definitely yeah the fun police not the no funny we’ll be doing more of these I can’t
wait to get you guys on camera more to come and talk to these people and we’ll
start sharing more of the lifestyle and and what’s going on so have a great day
thank you very much I appreciate it and you guys are gonna put the contact
information for both of them into the description so you get ahold of them if
you have any questions or want to set up an appointment have a great day
everybody they call us all right thank you for watching our video and if you’re
planning on buying renting or selling property in the Rosarito Beach area make
sure to give us a call you


  • Building Buildercip

    Darrell was my agent. He has been a wealth of information and provided me with great guidance. He helped me make my purchase and also set me up with contractors to help me fix the place up. I’ve also met Gordon and he’s definitely a cool guy too.

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