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Kalorama DC | Living in Kalorama

hey this is Jeff Leighton your Washington DC real estate expert and in this week’s video we’re going to talk about Kalorama a historic beautiful neighborhood in DC that’s home to some of the most exclusive real estate in the city this is a smaller community in DC where numerous former presidents have lived it’s home to Embassy Row and also has some of the most grand and stately homes that you’ll see in the city so stay tuned as far as the location of Cala Rama this neighborhood is located along Connecticut and Florida avenues to the east Rock Creek Park on the west and north and P Street to the south and although this neighborhood feels like you’re miles away from the big city you are actually just right next to Adams Morgan Dupont Circle and Georgetown Kalorama was once a rural area located just outside of DC’s borders however in 1808 a poet named Joel Barlow actually bought a large house there and named the area Kalorama which in Greek means beautiful view since geographically this neighborhood actually looks down on most of TC because of Kalorama is higher altitude this neighborhood is actually several degrees cooler in the summertime than downtown DC in the late 19th century developers began expanding into Kalorama and in 1897 a streetcar brought even more attention and this neighborhood became a popular destination residents here bought up land and built dignified mansions many of which are still around to this day when the Great Depression hit the government ended up buying many of these grand estates and turned them into embassies some of which is now known as Embassy Row this neighborhood has been home to numerous ambassadors diplomats and even former presidents including Woodrow Wilson William Howard Taft FDR Warren Harding Herbert Hoover and most likely President Obama as well today Kalorama has kept its exclusive vibe and is known as where the movers and shakers of DC live Kalorama is close to restaurants and metro access while at the same time you still have a feeling of tranquility in this neighborhood residents here love the parks including Mitchell Park Kalorama Park and of course Rock Creek Park which if you live in Kalorama is basically in your backyard another great thing about these besides the recreation aspect of them is that these parks are always holding events and community get-togethers throughout the year the Embassy is located within the neighborhood are almost always throwing international festivities of some sort so in Kalorama you always have something going on this neighborhood is very diverse and towards the borders of the community you have restaurants and shops from all over the world overall calorie Emma is still going to be more residential and quieter than some of its close neighbors like Dupont Circle Adams Morgan and Georgetown although with Kalorama you still have great urban amenities as far as transportation goes here there’s a bus line as well as two metro stations located just outside of the neighborhood but still within walking distance one of the Adams Morgan Woodley Park station and one at the DuPont station along the red line if you prefer to walk Cala ramen 88 Walk Score which is pretty good and it’s also ranked as the 11th most walkable neighborhood in the entire city biking and driving are also popular forms of transportation here since this exclusive neighborhood really doesn’t get that much traffic unless there’s some type of party or embassy event going on ok so the best part of Kalorama is by far it’s real estate just picture a million dollar listing but for DC these houses are amazing Kalorama is known mostly for its grand historic restored mansions however it also has beautiful embassy homes modernized row houses condos as well as coops a lot of these large estates have undergone substantial hi hen renovations although there’s still some out there that have the historic charm as we like to call it and still need some updating either way though no matter if you’re buying a fully renovated palatial mansion or more of a fixer-upper row home prices in Kalorama are going to be the highest in the city and people pay a premium to live in this quiet yet convenient neighborhood alright so to wrap this video up overall calorie M is an exclusive neighborhood with historic architecture and beautiful homes this neighborhood is going to have much more of a suburban feel to it than some of its counterparts like U Street Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle people move here to be in the city in beautiful properties and still have a rural sanctuary to call home hey so thank you so much for watching this video in Kalorama I hope you got a lot of great information out of it and if you want to check out some more Washington DC neighborhood videos there’s actually a link to my channel below we cover eight different neighborhoods every single week so now I’m gonna go check that out please subscribe also if you want to set up a showing in Kalorama all you have to do is contact me my contact information is below and I look forward to hearing from you thanks a lot bye


  • Edward Price

    WASHINGTON — President Obama and his family plan to move to a mansion in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, a mere two miles from the White House, when he leaves office in January, according to people familiar with his plans.

  • Powerful Manifestor

    I love the mansions! How do I get a hold of you to purchase this mansion? I am ready to buy my new home 💛

  • Man City

    hey, im looking to move to kalorama… i been looking for studios or 1 bedroom apt there. cheapest i been able to find is $1400-1600….. is that the best i can get or is it some cheaper? also if not kalorama, what is the 2nd or 3rd safest areas in dc i should check out??

  • Ali @ YouTube

    I like the informative video. Yet if you'd shift your own position in the frame slightly left or right, hinting the 'rule of thirds', your image would feel more natural, less like a video mugshot.

  • Rodrigo Salas Olivares

    Hey Jeff, great video.
    I tried to help with your Spanish translation. It seems some parts were made by an automatic software. If you want some help please enable it.

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