JPAR House Of Blues 2 | JP and Associates REALTORS

I think everyone in here should be a team. You just cannot possibly, an individual person
is not scaleable and it relies too much on you. Create something that differentiates you. So what makes you different? I know, if you’re struggling in this business
and you’re not where you want to be, your business is managing you. That’s the power of social media. I mean how else could I have 30% of an audience
know who I am. TV ads popping up, and social media and they
do, and it’s basically free. I don’t want it in my head, and I have to
release that negativity and that worry and that fear. I mean, am I the only one that worries everyday? No, okay, we all worry everyday. It’s not just me. For instance, with clients. They always want an answer and they always
want an answer now but I found that that more that I did that and I fed into their sense
of emergency, the more that they took advantage of my time. You need to put 10% in your tax account and
ten into your savings account. This is critical. Again, 14-18 hundred transactions. The last five years we were either number one or number two in the country.

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