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Many ancient cultures Shared similar beliefs in a sacred place in the north often described as a harmonious paradise the Norse would call it Agartha For Hindus, it’s referred to as Paradiso The Greeks knew it is hyperborea the Celtics called it Avalon Buddhists call it Shambhala, and in the bible. It’s referred to as the Garden of Eden That’s just a few of the names in fact this place has been dubbed the land of a thousand names At The centre of this paradise is the Axis Mundi also called the cosmic axis world axis world pillar center of the world and world tree This is said to be the connection between heaven and earth Here is the Norse depiction we have big drizzle, which is the Tree of Life? This is Mount Meru from Buddhist Jain and Hindu cosmology It’s a central world mountain that reaches high into the heavens and resting above it is the North Star In the Mayan cosmology, there is a central pyramid Same theme with the Inca cosmology and the Navajo cosmology so You get the idea and of course this is fascinating on its own, but here’s where it gets crazy In the 15 and 1600s many maps were made that depicted four large islands in the Arctic region surrounding the North Pole The most popular map with these Arctic land masses comes from 1595 by Girard assimilator Where we can see a large black mountain called the Rufus nigra, surrounded by a great whirlpool Into, which four powerful rivers flow these rivers divide a massive landmass into four distinct islands these Islands were said to have been written about in great detail in a lost book from the 14th century called the in Vinci oh Fortunato which itself also references much older and similarly lost work Suddenly in the mid 1600s all traces of the four Arctic lands the central mountain and the Whirlpool had vanished Not to be seen on any map thereafter Currently we are told that there is no land at the North Pole But instead a floating Ice Sheet that expands and contracts from season to season There’s a short clip from a documentary claiming to be going to the North Pole How cool is that So what do you think is the real North Pole being hidden from us are they hiding land at the center of the earth is? That why we are told about Santa Claus at an early age And it’s conveniently related to the North Pole so that when we inevitably find out that Santa Claus is total BS We also dismiss the North Pole Not that it doesn’t exist, but you know we just kind of forget about it along with Santa Claus sure feels that way and as usual the truth seems to show up in plain sight in Hollywood movies I Just watched the new movie The Dark Tower based on The Dark Tower book series by Stephen King and Sure enough it was all about the axis mundi you drove a good hand I just know what this is Some map my father showed me a map like this once Inside the circle is your work and my walk many others. No knows how many The dark tower stands the center of all things And it stood there from the beginning of time Dark Tower equals rupess nigra or the Blackrock And in the movie a young boy goes to another dimension called mid world and the only reason he’s able to get in is because Quotes is shine as pure That’s a prerequisite in a lot of the North Pole Paradise mythology We were discussing earlier this magical kingdom will only reveal itself to believers pure in heart what does this mean it means that you must shed all your past traditional beliefs and open your minds and Heart to the possibilities of the invisible worlds beyond our senses of reality The Western world has been conditioned to see first then believed, but in the search for Shambhala You must believe first Just like in the movie Doctor Strange You’re talking to me about healing through belief your mind looking at the world through a keyhole You spent your whole life trying to widen that keyhole to see more to know more and now on Hearing that it can be widened in ways you can’t imagine you reject the possibility I reject it because I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy Or the power of belief there is no such thing as spirit. We are made of matter nothing more It’s just another tiny Momentary speck within in a different universe you think too little of yourself In the Wonder Woman movie the guys are on the ocean It’s dark and foggy, then suddenly they poke through to see a beautiful hidden land Onk-onk Skull Island, there is a hidden land, surrounded by a perpetual storm system When the people finally get there by way of helicopter you can see the aurora borealis So there we have a hidden land in the Arctic connection On the movie The BFG Big Friendly Giant there’s a scene where they jump through a water gateway to a hidden land and Again, we see the aurora borealis in the scene On the video game uncharted 2 we get this cutscene That’s amazing Chloe I know where that is let me use your back The entrance to Shambhala must be right here Here it is Elena the secret entrance to Shambhala In the movie The Golden Compass, there is a magical dust at the north pole that connects the world to a parallel universe That movie the fountain was a weird one have you ever seen that had some domed world’s Tree of Life symbolism Here’s one that I didn’t catch until recently but during the credits The end credits of the first Thor movie it has the mountain reaching the heavens depicted in the egg drizzle Norse Tree of Life cosmology Of course that one is easy Thor is obviously full of Norse concepts My favorite part is when they are fighting on the Bifrost bridge aka, Rainbow Road If you don’t get the joke Then you need to play some Mario Kart now this next movie is by far my favorite on this list It’s called the children who chased lost voices known as journey to Agartha in the UK It is said to be a place where any kind of wish can be fulfilled even resurrecting the dead Is it guys that a real place Who knows it could just be an old legend It’s very straightforward. Where a little girl journeys to Agartha And I highly recommend this one the story and the animation are just perfect visually stunning masterpiece for sure So I’m gonna get out of here Hope you enjoyed this video and I have to say that I barely scratched the surface on this a Channel called flat earth paradise covers this topic in great detail and inspired me to make my own video I’ll have a link for his channel in the description Thanks for watching And from there, I went to the middle of the earth and saw a blast well modeled place which have branches which remained alive and sprouted from a tree, which had been cut down and There I saw a holy mountain and under the mountain to the east of it there was water and it flowed towards the south And a river went out of Eden to water the garden and from there. It was parted and became four heads Beautiful in elevation is the joy of all the earth Mount Zion in the far north the city of the great change What’s exciting about this well, they’re all 50 north right yeah, so The needles naturally drawn through the earth magnetic north pole meaning if we follow the compasses north. They should lead us to the gate

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