Jonathan Bowen | Realtor | Hub Edge Realty | Virtual Office Website (VOW) | Tutorial
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Jonathan Bowen | Realtor | Hub Edge Realty | Virtual Office Website (VOW) | Tutorial

Hey folks, it’s Jonathan Bowen with Hub
Edge Realty. How are ya? Ahm, we are gonna go through my Virtual Office Website (VOW) today which is a website provided to me by Pinergy, ah, actually by, ah, MLS Property
Information Network which is the purveyor of Pinergy. So this site I’ve
had since, I don’t know, 2003? 2004? I don’t even remember when, ahm, MLS PIN, ah, activated these but they haven’t done any work on them, ah, haven’t updated them since, ahm, these sites were first introduced. So it’s a terrible lookin’ site, there’s no doubt
about that, ahm, but the good news is…, is that you literally cannot get closer to MLS
data than by using this site, I don’t care who tells you what, it’s wrong, this is
number one, this is the best, ah, if you want MLS data, it’s not gonna be the prettiest
but it’s going to come directly from the MLS. You can’t get closer, okay? So let’s
go through this, ahm, as quickly as possible and, ah, let’s take a look. So this is, excuse
me, this is my “Welcome” screen, you can read that if you’d like, okay? Ahm… What we’re gonna do here is, we’re gonna pretend that we are a client named Testy McTest and, ahm, we’re gonna click on this “Sign Up” page. Now this is what you would
do if you were a buyer and you wanted to search for some real estate and you
wanted to get real estate listings sent to you in your email, ahm, I think it’s best
to get them sent every day. So if you’re interested in working with me, I know you
are, ahm, fill out this information and I’ll get your search squared away, okay? So, we are gonna go ahead to the “Sign In” tab because we already have a, an account,
okay? And I’m gonna sign in and, ahm, what I’m gonna tell you here now is, when you sign
up for an account, you and I will be working together, ahm, or if you want to work with any other Hub Edge Realty agent, they have their own personal VOW pages and, ahm, you can work with them, ah, their VOW page will look different, that’s no big deal, okay?
But… Here’s what’s cool, we’re gonna go over to the Pinergy site and we’re gonna
see Testy McTest here, okay? And what I’ve done here is, I’ve set up three
different searches for Testy McTest. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see this map search which is the coolest search, ahm, this is a search that I did, ah, in a five-mile radius from my home, ahm, and let’s click on that, we’re in the back end of
Pinergy, un-unfortunately, you can’t see this but I can help you with this, okay? Ahm, we
have all types of criteria here, ah, single families, condominiums, I can do anything here, I, if you want to do open houses only, I can do that. Ahm… So many different options, okay? If you want me to create a custom map, maybe
you’re a builder or a developer, and you only want to buy a piece of property in
a certain subdistrict or a certain, ah, zoning area, I can help you with that, ahm,
you won’t see the map, again, but I will create it exactly to the dimensions of
those, ahm, districts or subdistricts, okay? Ahm, alright, so, we’re gonna go back to, eh, well, let’s go back to Testy McTest, and I’ve got two other searches set up for
Testy McTest, ah, a Brockton multi-family search, all multi-families in Brockton or
Stoughton single family search, all single families in Stoughton,
okay? Ahm, so all of those are all jumbled together within the “Results” page on your
personalized page, okay? So, what we’re gonna do here is…, we are going to, well,
let’s go to, ah, let’s go to the last page here and just check to see what we have,
okay? We’re gonna go to 43 Mears Lane in Stoughton, okay? We’re gonna click on that,
and you can see all 29 photos, okay? If you want to see larger photos, you click
on this button, another tab pops up and, ah, you’ll be able to see the larger photos,
okay? Ahm… Again, this is not the best looking site
in the world but it does what you need better than
any other site in the world and that is to have access to all MLS listings, okay?
Now, we’re gonna stay with 43 Mears Lane in Stoughton, there are some really cool things you can do here, you can “Request a Showing”, okay? Boom! Ah, you gotta fill out a little security code thing, you can send a message, ahm, I will get that email, ah, and we’ll set up a showing to get into that property, whatever property
it id-, ah, it is, excuse me, you can “Rate” the listing, what’s great about this is… I
can see those ratings on my side. So we’re gonna “Rate this Listing”. “I love it!”
Okay? Ah… “I think this is my dream home!” Okay? Ah… We are going to add it to our favorites,
“Your favorite has been updated.” Okay? We are going to “Submit” that feedback. “Your
feedback has been submitted.” I will get an email with your feedback, the more
information you give me, the better we can work together, I can’t read minds,
I work very hard but reading minds is not one of my gifts, alright? So, what
you can do here as well is…, you can print it up, okay? You can use this “Down Payment Resource” link. Say you have a property and you have questions about your
mortgage, ah, the ability for you, wh-, say you, say you’re worried about a mortgage. Say you
don’t make a lot of money, click on this link, ah, “Down payment money is available for…” 43 Mears Lane in Stoughton. You need to fill all this information out, okay? There
are four matched programs for this property in particular, ah, those programs
will change, ahm, depending on the location of the property, the price of the property and all that other stuff, okay? So “Down Payment Resource” is one link, okay? Now
you can do a MapQuest, you can do a Google Maps, you can do a Bing map, and
this listing has a virtual tour, Matterport, which is pretty cool. So we can
watch the virtual tour right from, ahm, right from the, ahm, that was a little freaky but, ah, right from the, ahm, the VOW page, okay? We’ll look all around the house, alright? Nice television. Alright… Going back to
the page here, ahm, you can get all of the information here, this has a homeowner’s
fee of $960 a year, okay? That’s good information, all of
this information is filled out by the listing agent directly, I have no control
over this, some listing agents are very good at about putting… (Unknown caller…) Ah… I cannot take that phone call, and I’m gonna put that on silent. So, ahm, this agent is okay. I can’t personally stand when they say: “Directions: Use
the GPS”. I think that’s very lazy, so, if you ever see stuff like that on my VOW page,
just remember that I’m not the person controlling the data that’s put into, ah,
these individual listings, okay? Alright… So what else can you do here? Ah,
this is the most important stuff, alright? Ahm… You can go back to your “Results” page, okay? Really important, you can check off individual properties if you want to
delete them, now I would only delete them if you definitely, 100%, do not want to
buy that property, okay? Do not delete them, well, you can delete them, they will
come back if there’s a price change and you can delete them again if you still
don’t like the property, okay? I think that’s how it works. Alright. So let’s
uncheck those boxes, ahm, you can see that I’ve looked at 43 Mears Lane so it’s
no longer in bold, I can see that I have, ah, favorited that property so, I,
there’s a little heart there now. You can show up to a hundred properties per page,
you can order the properties by “Price”, by “Town”, by “Favorite”, by “Status”, by “Property Type”. Now here’s a cool thing I can do, I can go in and recommend properties to
you. So I’m gonna go into Pinergy here and we’re gonna look at the matches and
I am going to, on my end, I’m gonna look just at Stoughton, okay? Now, ohp, look at that! You have favorited that, so I can see that. Now what I’m gonna do, say you
hadn’t favorited that property and I liked that property for you, I can go
ahead and recommend that property for you, okay? Now there’s an, ah, a “thumbs up”, okay? So we can work in concert to… let me look at the “Agent Recommended” page there and let’s see if it has populated, well, I don’t see that it’s
populated yet… Ahm, Page 1, let’s go to Page 1 and see if, yep, there it is, so it’s on Page 1 of 5, ah, “Agent Recommended” comes up first in this instance, ahm… Okay. “Status.” Alright? “Active (ACT)”, you might be like: “Well, they’re all Active (ACT).” No, that’s not true. Ah, let’s go to Page 4 and, ah, well, they’re still all “Active (ACT)” there, you might have,
there we go, so “New (NEW)”, “Price Change (PCG)” so you’ll be able to see what’s going on in
the market, ahm… Alright. So let’s go to “Search” here. Say you don’t want to create an
account, okay? Here’s something that’s awesome. If you just want to search my
VOW page, you’re free to do it and if you want to see, let’s type in “Stoughton”,
you’re gonna add that, I’m just gonna remove that little thing there, I am
going to look only at “Sold” properties and I want to look at all “Sold” properties
within the last five years, ahm, with the minimum sales price of $500,000 and we
are going to look at single families only, okay? So there are 139 listings that
come up, that have sold for over $500,000 in Stoughton in
the past five years, now you have this data, let’s look at 119 Esten Road in
Stoughton, ahm, you can see the photos, you can see the sale date which was August 17th, ah, just recently sold, okay? You can see who the listing agent was, the selling agent
was, I mean, there’s so much information that you can get here just by using
my VOW page, okay? Ahm… Some brokerages, like Hub Edge Realty, do
not allow third-party sites like Trulia and Zillow to get my company’s data, it’s
a long story, we’re not going to go into it on this video, ahm, but that’s why you want to use individual agents’ VOW pages, okay? This one, you can see it has a floor
plan, you can hit the “Large Photos” button and it pops up a new tab, ahm, I have all
these tabs open now. So that’s awesome, you can look at all the sold data that
you want. Ah, “Featured Listings”, if you want to look at my listings, my company’s
listings, okay? Ahm, ma-, probably not that important to you because you don’t really care about my company’s listings, you care about a property that you want
to buy, the “Your Home’s Value” tab is for people who want to reach out to me, ah, I can provide you with a valuation of your home, a very detailed valuation of your
home or, ah, commercial property, “Mortgage Calculator” is great, you can type in all
types of stuff here, then we have links to, ah, Hub Edge Realty’s Facebook page, Instagram page, LinkedIn page, Pinterest page, Twitter, ah, I guess it’s a page, Yelp profile, you can email me,
here’s my contact information here, you can “Unsubscribe” at any time, ahm, so that’s really the entire, ahm, that’s the entire VOW page, my service that I can provide to
you, this is one great reason why you want to work with one agent exclusively,
because that agent will give you, ahm, data, and service, and get to know you, and what
you like and what you don’t like, ahm, so that’s why you should work, ah, with a guy named Jonathan Bowen, that’s me. Ah, so I just want to “thank you” for watching this
video, you can go to the “Sign Up” tab at any time, right now the link is Jonathan
Bowen, it’s a masked link cuz the other VOW page link is a terrible, crazy
website link. So just remember “” or “”, there it is, ah, ju-, right now “” points to “”,
okay? So, a terrible looking site, granted, but the best site for you to use, hands
down, it’s not visual, I know you like visual, but I know you would like a house
better than being happy looking at a pretty website, okay? Thank you so much for watching. Ah, this is Jonathan Bowen with Hub Edge Realty and I’ve been meaning to make this video for a long, long time. I know
it’s a long video but I do appreciate that you’ve watched the entire, ah, thing, alright? Have a good day. Bye bye.

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