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John Solaegui | San Francisco Realtor

I’ve lived in San Francisco for over 20 years and I’ve been a realtor for about a dozen years, but I still get excited when I cross
the bridge and come into the city. I like the people, the architecture and the real estate. Every week I see 20 to 30 homes to stay up on the market, but I really do it because I love the properties. I love homes and I’ve always architecture. When I was a little kid I used to collect floor plans. But my passion for real estate was really
ignited when I bought a ramshackle old house, and transformed it into a Victorian gem. That house is across the street from me and I still see it everyday and I love it. But it’s not the homes, it’s the people that I get to work with. I work with a number of extraordinary
clients who are in the forefront of technology, medicine and the arts. I love getting them
what they want. Yea I mean I always got the sense that John really wanted to make us happy, and not necessarily make his commission. This was about finding us the right
place and finding a place we could call home. Right, for me he was just like a rock. He
was so steady, he’s so professional, so kind, so calm, we trusted him 100% he was there for us. I mean I would absolutely pick John again. I’ve heard other people describe him as it’s like cheating to have him on your team. You will benefit from him, and he will find you the house that.. I mean he found us the house that we love, we’re super psyched about this. This is my dream job – to help my extraordinary clients in San Francisco get what they want. Call me and let’s have a conversation about what you want. My number is 415-738-7232. My website is I’m John Solaegui.

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