Japanese Kanji Experience at Kanji House!
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Japanese Kanji Experience at Kanji House!

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!! Today I’m with my friend.. I’m not your friend I’m with the guy who’s not my friend called Chris Broad and today we’re going to Kanji House a cool place where you will have
a one hour consultation with a Japanese girl a pretty Japanese girl! And she will find out what your name is in Kanji Let’s go check it out, I’m really curious to see it!!! So could you introduce yourself first? Hum so I am French That’s it! My hobby is watching movies And I also love…. FOOD!! How about Japanese food? I love Japanese food I can eat everything Except maybe “Ika” Good Ika is good but.. …not good Ika is not good. That doesn’t mean anything I like to spend some time with some good friends Even though I don’t have any friends Make a note, make a note of that! Shi-Ya-Ru-Ru This one is Kokorozasu it represents your strong passion to Japan Ya means Arrow That attitude you do straight-forward And this Ru means doing lots of experience Ru means the friend So doing lots of things, with your friends Amazing!! What are you gonna do now? So I’m actually gonna try and writing it myself,
being a professional artist What could possibly go wrong? How amazing is this?? I did this one, you could practice a little bit more I will! Yeaaay Okay guys, this was Kanji House and it was super fun I got my little present here It’s 2000 YEN for an hour And to get your name framed it costs 1000 YEN more! So 3000 YEN The place is in Asakusa, it’s really nice if you’ve got some time and you want to know
what your name is in Japanese Definitely go check it out! And I’ll see you soon for another 2min Japan video! Bye-bye!!!!


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