Honestly I'm a jikook stan as for ships, my bias is V and I love him so much. I'm so jealous for these videos, but…I love everyone that takes care of my Taetae 😚💜💜💜

  • park Stephany

    Amooooo de paixão esse casal ✓, eu sou do Brasil não conseguir entender nada do que estava escrito kkkk

  • Rain Cloud

    6:51 I still can't get over the fact that when Tae said "I purple you" eVERY FRICKIN ARMY BOMB BECAME PURPLE GHSJAGAUAFAVC I WANT ONE;;;;

  • BantanBoys Lover

    I know why bighit blocked one or two of your videos about analysis because you are close to the truth that taekook is real😍

  • Ortansa Mardar

    Guys best mode top cute sweet ai love you all no crying happy smile always Power mind the king 7 forever in my heart love all my country Romeniea take care my favored group bts love you kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss much sweet sorry guys bravo so funny beatiful family friends forever hug group much hug ok

  • Ángeles Sánchez

    Omg!! I didn't have cellphone aroun one month ago!!! I was suffering, in that time I didn't see your videos!!! Love your videos 💓 Taekook 🐰🐯

  • Elisa Jose

    Lovey-dovey overload to the Max!!!! I keep smiling as I watch these two adorable youngsters. Thanks for sharing. I really love your foreword….so encouraging and inspirational. Thank you again. More Power and Be safe .

  • daydreamer 07

    These guys are the cutest…. Thankyou for making these videos, they really help me…. I really hop that they are an item….. Again, thankyou so so so much for these. They brighten my days considerably


    is the phone that tae used to film jk and the one jk kissed is the same phone? did she already drop the video where jk kissed her phone? O_O

    anyway , Japan is indeed Taekook's land<3 ilovethem :'>

  • Raveen Redding

    I can’t stand when people say “they’re just friendly or it’s just brotherly love”. THERE IS NOOOOOO WAY!!! They’ve fallen in love with each other and I approve. Now just tell us already.lol.💜💜💜

  • Rosario cruz

    Maybe it is forbidden to record in Japan because VKook goes wild and bihit doesn't want to reveal that?.💁

    VKookers never know

  • marie

    Sorry if i am a bit slow on the uptake here. Are you saying V and JK are in love not as brothers but as lovers? I thought JK likes IU? sorry slow me 😢😢

  • DayumItzAva Mhm

    Im 1 day late T^T..
    3 words for all this..
    (added three more words for ya'll•3•)
    I PURPLE YOU~ 💜✨

  • sasa yo

    Your vids. This clarifies so many things, not over analyze just clarifies💜💜

    Even if it’s not romantical love they have so is it love, real love.

  • Ane Doerr

    I found out that concerts in Japan are really strict when in comes to recording live performances. Maybe that's the reason to why TaeKook's domain is Japan. Maybe that's the reason they're carefree and loud when it comes to their concerts in Japan. :] That's just another one of my "MAYBEs".. :]

  • Serrinity16

    Just wanted to say thank you for your positive and caring message on your videos! Sometimes, it’s just what I needed to hear!! Hope you are doing well! I purple you! Taekook💜

  • Noor Ibrahim

    I am a Muslim ARMy…. And want to meet them in fansign!!!….. I purple u kokiee🤗🤗🤗😘😘 from PAKISTAN💓

  • Yuu_Ren

    Oh my god pouty Tae and the way Jk teased him awwwwwwwwww, it's all so adorable!! I hope he didn't feel too bad about it later but I don't think so since Jk (and Jin laughed too) made it 'fun' so to speak. Also the BWL part, when Tae wrapped his arm around Jk's waist… I died.

  • Daleeah Followill

    14 months after starting to love TaeKook, today I still love this pair of lovebirds, but with much more intensity than at the beginning…

  • Micah Louise

    Who wants to join my discord server where we genuinely and support Taekook? We talk about theories, analysis and rant all about Taekook 😊 https://discord.gg/FEAyv2

  • It’syogirlangel

    Why did jungkook look so tiny and cute when tae was holding omg ❤️😭😭😍😍😍😍😍 3:57

  • ملوكه سان

    I check taekook everyday it becomes my habit that I can’t sleep without watching their moments , I can guess if they reveal they’re really together I may die happily

  • Marceaux Martinez

    I’m very scared right now because if that is a staff’s phone…. why does it have the kookie bunny thing on it? And JK kissed the phone during the video…… maybe….. omg….. maybe JK is dating a staff and Tae is taking video of JK on the staff’s phone to be supportive of their relationship??!?!?

    Before you come for me, just know I 💜 💜 💜 Taekook and want it to be real. So if what I’m saying is true…. I’m 😢 😭.

  • Lucky Missy

    Japan is more lgbt friendly than Korea + the recording ban at concerts
    That might be, no is most certainly why they are more open and free about being themselves there. Japanese fans ship them a lot and I think Tae and Jungkook know that 😂 since they even have whole articles about their ship in legit japanese magazines that are being sold officially

    So maybe they're like: fuck it they love and ship us so much anyways and can't really record us, might as well show off🌈🌈🌈

  • 녹색아보카도

    As a girl who has shipped many idols, I have never seen anything more real than this. Say that I'm delusional but even a random person can agree with me that they have something going on. That there's something special between the two. To be honest, I was a Vkook shipper before I became an ARMY. The first video I saw legit had me wondering "Are they dating? ". When I found out they weren't, I was left dumbfounded. I really thought they were. The way they look at each other is love itself. It seems as if their entire world is just there, right in front of their entire eyes. The way they show their love is no joke. Sure, they also do the same for the other members but its different when it comes just to the two of them. Yes, they hug the others (of course) but when it's them hugging, its as if they don't want to let go or something very precious is wrapped around their arms. The way they hold hands thinking that no one's looking..it just screams "LOVE". And can you really leave out the fact they get jealous when the other is with someone else? Like that time when Jungkook was texting his friends, Taehyung got extremely jealous. Its really sweet, you know. Jealousy doesn't always mean they don't trust you. It also means that they care for you…and love you. And I can clearly see they love each other…more than what they think they are. In my opinion, I think they're secretly dating

  • V

    I really love your analysis since the beginning. You provided proofs that made me believe they are real and your motivation is also a plus plus plus. Hope you won't stop making analysis despite of the trials. 💜💜

    I also wanna share to you that aside from taekook I now shipped another duo, but they're girls and it's a first for me. It happened only this month. I can share you links if you want. I really want your honest opinion on them since you're the one I trusted on this kind of analysis but I won't force you if you don't want to. 😁 They're not idols, they're two normal people who met inside big brother's house. 😊 We as fans, hope that they could end up as loveteam to be lgbtq representatives in this homophobic country.😔 Love you. 💗

  • V

    This might be out of place guys but I really really need your help right now, I can't think where to run to but to this taekook family. I know a lot of us here want some representation for the lgbtq. Please help Frankiana, this is my second ship after Taekook. They will be our voice, our hope and representative here in the Philippines, they even acknowledged themselves as loveteams. But as homophobic this country is, the mgt is trying to break us apart. I came here believing that you guys are our last hope. I purple you all fam. 💜💜 Pleace notice my plea. 😭😭😭

  • Shelamee Era Gatusani

    can someone please tell me where to find the picture of taehyung where the members should write something about him and jk wrote "JK'S"

  • Huskaya Ken

    Hello 🙂 I just wanna ask, in your ‘Someone was in Tae’s room again” video, what’s the name of the Troye song? I love Troye so I rly wanna know

  • Quỳnh Như Trương

    Taekook-lives do you intend to quit your channel? Sorry if I ask you unsubtlely because now there are very many the masters of channels decided to give up their channels and I feel so sad. Can you answer me, please ? For 3 weeks you hasn't had a new video so I verry worried T.T

  • Eli Jiménez

    I have to say I'm so surprise de all of you that make these videos don't include the part that Tae (in a concert with his blue jacked with Loved at the back), he points at his heart and then pints to JK as telling everybody JK is mine or I love him… Is so real and you can see it perfectly… quite amazing for me.

  • michelle zheng

    Hello, we are finding YouTuber to do business about theme merch. Are you interested to earn some sponsorship? Waiting for your reply.

  • i didnt do my social studies because of BTS

    I'm so happy I found your channel because I used to watch your videos but then my brother unsubscribed and I forgot what your channel name was

  • Pooja Karle

    I wish u shuld have included that moment as well.. So taehyung n jungkook did a dance with red rose flower.. N jimin n jhope danced as well. Right aftr taekook dance, jimin says to vkook, "You two" then JK goes "Who?" jimin is like "you two" to which JK replies "Are the best"

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