Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!
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Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!

[demonic Jack Black noises+he needs a shave) Felix: He’s crazy(search up Pipy Squad) Felix: BACK OFF!
Jack: What is this? Felix: BACK OFF! BACK OFF! HEY HE’S THROWING EGGS I’M NOT THROWING ANYTHING I know exactly what you mean but this time we’re just gonna have to wing it Jablinski are you connected to the server? Where are you?(stalker) No, in minecraft *Felix laughs* “Felix chuckling” yes? Good to meet you too man Here in minecraft It’s been a long time coming Yeah I’m old school gamer *felix snickers* AHA I saw.. I saw that yeah, that was great yep “Felix laughs” HEY don’t call it dumb [slightly exhales out of nose] Jack: IT’S A MASTERPIECE it’s uh It’s a little like.. (stammers) like it’s like It was like Mozart of videogames It created a world and it becomes the biggest game in the world. A game within in a game with a world within a world Felix: The only world you need – Jack: here’s a powerful shakespearean lesson in in the Notch story yeah Uhhh I need to crack it and I was thinking alot about it and uhm you know this producer who does all of the MCU, The Marvel Comics (Cinematic) Universe His name is uh, Kevin Feige Felix: Is that his real name? Jack: And look at what he’s done over the last 10 years Felix: Yeah Where he just, like, puppet-mastered all of these stories, all of these movies like, 25 movies Half of them, billion-dollar franchises Felix: Oh, really? Subscribe to BergBayColony Jack: All leading towards this one, mega thing with uh, Felix: With Minecraft Jack: No, it’s a separate thing *Felix chuckles* Jack: With “End(s)game” Felix: Oh, I see Jack: It’s a master stroke of cinema (french word) this guy i think has proven that he’s the only guy to produce Notch: The Movie so i just decided right now, Kevin Feige you’re hired *Felix laughs* Felix: alright we’re just gonna go and go pick uhh… some flowers because I need… for your shield And then we should be all set Jack: Look out! Zombie Felix: Thanks brah Jack: No problem I got you bro Heyyyyy you got an achievement! Nice Jack: yeah jack: Umm.. I dont see any chickens but if there is any chickens here dude we’d be we’d be feasting Felix : we’ll find someth… Jack: OHTHERESTHEMEATBALL!! Felix: theres the meat ball! hey lemme show you the meat ball jack Jack: dude i could see that meatball literally from a mile away Felix: that’s because it’s so beautiful and so big Jack: I don’t know if I believe that you made that meatball entirely on your own
Felix: NO! (random word) JACK Jack: I feel like maybe you left some of that work
Felix: JACK! (pause) NUH-*wheezes* Jack: to your minions
Felix: *wheezing laugh* *jack laughs, felix still laughing* Jack: That’s a lot of work there Felix: Listen, I play a lot of mineCRA-HA-FT *both laugh* so uhh, I appreciate that you’re calling me out here live, so i could defend myself YES I BUILT IT MYSELF! Thank you very much and Jack, even though you just insulted my meatball I’m gonna give you this honorary swedish shield *blop*Jack: UGGHH, alright thank you Felix: You’re wel- Jack: I know just what to do- There it is BOOM Felix: Yeeahh! Alright “Felix copying Matthew McConaughey” Alright alright alright I wish you had uh, *chuckles* different skin but this is dope Jack: if uhh, if this wasn’t live, there would definitely be a Matthew McCounaghey meme right then when you said that *Felix impersonates Matthew McCounaghey again” *Jack impersonates Matthew McCounaghey” Felix: Alright, lets check out the meatball Jack: wait, I can’t open this door Felix: uh you gotta hit the button Jack: *high pitch voice* wait, i thought i hit the button Felix: right click it Jack: OH THAT BUTTON Felix: This button It’s hidden Jack: It’s a hidden button Ohhh, that’s yeah of course duh Felix: You go ahead Jablinski Jack: Why thank you Felix: I’ll hold the door open for you Okay, and then stand- Oh wait i gotta reset it first and then stand on the thing and then you gotta stand still One sec okay? Jack: kay Felix: I don’t know if this will work in multiplayer to be honest *piston noises* OH NO!! “both laughs” Felix: NAHAAW!
Jack: What just happened? Felix: get ou–don’t know *laughing* Jack: I don’t think I’m supposed to be in here Felix: *laughing noise* yeahyeahyeah You’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine Felix: So, tell me honestly Is this the finest meatball you’ve ever seen? Jack: Well, I mean Dude Of course it is That’s the- Felix: Thank you, thank you Jack: GOOD LOR- It’s like the Death Star of meatballs *Felix laughs* Felix: I like to see it as that Jack: That meatball could destroy a planet Felix: OH, I have an idea! Follow me Okay, so this is the famous IKEA tower Jack: OOHHH! Felix: It’s beautiful this time o’ year Jack: You know I recently built an IKEA bed for my son Felix: *chuckles* Really? Jack: And and I did almost all by myself Felix: *slight laughter in voice* Almost all by yourself? Jack: I was pretty proud of it My wife had to come in on uhh Step 27 Felix: Aww, What happened on step 27? Jack: Just some screwing (Haha, get it?) Could we go up there? Felix: oh yeah, yehyeh follow me Jack: But uhh I also found it oddly satisfying It was hard work but at the end of the day it was kinda like LEGOS Felix: yeah Jack: You know what I mean? Where you just follow the directions Felix: yeah Felix: I really like building IKEA stuff Jack: Yeah! If you follow it really strictly- Felix: Unless step 27 Jack: -It works I did have to call an IKEA expert at one point at step 29 but they they knew what they we’re- they we’re right there with me Felix: Did they have a swedish accent? Jack: No, that was- Felix: WHAT!?
-just a dude That was a dude from Fresno I was talking to On the hotline Felix: Fake IKEA Okay Here we are Almost at the top Don’t push me alright? Jack: Hey! Is Swedish Accent- (stammers) Now, forgive my, my ignorance Cause I don- I haven’t studied wtih the Swedish accent yet *in swedish accent* Is it kinda of a “flurton, hurton, durton” ? ( I don’t really know what he said) *Felix laughs* Felix: See, this is why, no, this why
Jack: *continues making swedish noises* you’re perfect for the Notch role *Jack laughs* That was absolutely perfect Felix: All the way to the top Okay careful, okay careful care- Jack: OH GOSH Felix: *laughing* careful up here Jack: *inaudible sound* – get to the top Felix: Okay Jack If you look down- Don’t be scared Jack: HHNNGH *Felix laughs* Jack: Yeah? Felix: You’re fine Uhh *giggling* Jab- Jablinski, there’s something I haven’t told you Jack: *confused* what, what? Felix: *soft giggle* Uhhm soo My fiance’s very first crush *doubled voice* was you Jack: NO WAY! *faint music playing on the background* Felix: And I thi- Jack: When she was what? Felix: When she was 14 Felix: And I thin- Jack: OH MY GOD Felix: I think that means I have to kill you in minecraft *minecraft hit sound effect* Jack: NOOOOOO- O-HAHAHAAAARGH Felix: I’M SORRY!


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