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It’s God’s Fault We Lost the Game | CH Shorts

– [Narrator] Barracudas
point guard, Ricky J is fielding questions
following tonight’s game against the Bloodhounds. – [Female Reporter] How do
you feel about the outcome in tonight’s game? – Oh, it was all God. – [Male Reporter] C’mon, you don’t think you had anything to do with it? – No, no, I can’t take
any credit for this one. This was truly God’s doing. – But you lost. – Jesus is the reason for every season. – I’m sorry, are you blaming God for your team losing the game? – Hey, nothing against the guy. I mean, it’s just, you know, you gotta take the good
with the bad, right? He gets the credit for the wins, ergo, he’s gotta get the
credit for the losses. – But what about the 19 points you scored for the Bloodhounds? – I mean, we can sit here
and make excuses all day. I accidentally scored
the deciding 19 points for the other team. I accidentally gave coach the
wrong start time for the game. I spent the first half
playing the floor is lava. But ultimately, it’s up to God. – Why do you think they were
able to score so easily? – We did everything we could. We can really only blame God. – You don’t think it’s
because you quintuple-teamed one player leaving everyone else open? – Again, I’m just a vessel. I’m like a puppet. God’s running the show. – How did your 42 turnovers
affect the outcome of the game? – Only God can know for sure. – Yeah well, according to the stat sheet, it looks like the other team scored every time you turned the ball over. – And still, God, in his infinite wisdom just decided that tonight
was not our night. – Is there anything you
could’ve done differently? – Fasted? – You’re saying you might’ve won if you starved yourself before the game? – A worker’s appetite works for him for his hunger urges him on. But in the end, it doesn’t
matter, it’s all God. – How do you regroup after
such a terrible loss? – I mean, we’ll keep practicing. You know, practice makes perfect, but really, all that is worthless, it’s all up to God. Money! – Ouch! – That was God, next question. (reporters calling for attention) You. – Linda Cartwheel from God had nothing to do with
the outcome of this game. – When you ask the
other team why they won, what did they say? – God. – No more questions. – [God] (laughing) Ricky J sucks! The Bloodhounds, dude! (hollers) – Hi, I’m Raphael from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe,
click here for more fun stuff, and if you could just click here, it would really satisfy my OCD. (sighs) Thanks a lot, that really hit the spot.


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